The Gate Keeper - Motivational Keynote Speaker Trainer

Why book The Gate Keeper - Motivational Keynote Speaker Trainer?

Tired of watching your team struggle and remain STUCK? I teach 2 very simple strategies to empower your team. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over - - - expecting a different result.

It's time to take a new, PROVEN approach. Schedule a workshop now and watch the change happen. Knowledge = empowerment. Don't fool yourself. Reaching out to LEVERAGE someone who has the experience is key.

I am a professional pianist by training, have a sales background and have seen it all! Ask for a free, no obligation quote TODAY! If you prefer to discuss live, call me. I WORK FOR YOU!





Review by Jason S.

Really enjoyed Elaine's presentation. She was energetic, passionate and professional. We had a great experience both from her presentation and working with her.

Reviewer: Jason S.
Event: Workshop in Cleveland, TN
Event Date: Jun 23, 2010

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 60 - 240 minutes
  • Fee: $500-$3000
  • Languages: English
  • Unions: Other


I speak to groups about a change or attitude, a change of paradigm to allow them to break through barriers that have held them back. My presentations are interactive so they can reap more benefit from my information. I am a firm believer in "discovery". When we participate and discover information, it increases the learning curve and we move faster to our goals and dreams. My goal is to be as effective as possible so that the "investment" in me is seen quickly in the R.O.I.

Additional Booking Notes

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The Gate Keeper - Motivational Keynote Speaker Trainer

I do Keynote Speaking, Motivational Speaking. As a professional pianist by training, I always incorporate music and humor and make the workshops FUN and upbeat. I do lots of interactive things so that people are not merely listening to a lecture! They participate!

Whether I come to present a MOTIVATIONAL or INSPIRATIONAL talk to your group, I have learned dealing with STRESS is key. People are tired, beat up and worn out. As the EMPLOYER - hear me - - - you MUST get the most from your team - - - you have investing in them daily ($$$).

You cannot lose when you offer a workshop to help them help themselves. I have 2 unique targets because they are THE most requested. STRESS MGMT and MOTIVATION.

Stress Management is a key focus & educating. If we can empower your team with just 2 - yes 2 simple strategies, you'll be amazed. Talk about empowerment...learn to harness the power within. I can work with any theme or point of focus - - - and if you don't have one, I'm ready as well!

I have dedicated my life to serve as a Business Consultant, A Sales Trainer, A Motivational/Keynote Speaker.

Let's face it, life is complex. Leverage me to break through barriers holding your team back. Ask for a quick quote to know what it costs to educate your team….it's THE BEST investment your company can make! There is NO obligation to inquire. I keep my rates as low as possible - economy is tough. I want to work with your budget.

My career in SALES allows me to understand more clearly the absolute need to train and educate. I walk my talk! I have personally experienced how to "motivate" myself and keep momentum going. THE BODY DOES FOLLOW THE MIND. What are you doing to help your team?

Take a moment submit an inquiry. Again, there is NO COST to inquire. And should you decide I am a good fit, I PAY THE CLIENT BOOKING FEE.

If you have questions, asl. Don't let your team continue to struggle. Leverage new!

I teach 2 simple strategies that will change your life - no hype - real powerful concepts. After years of speaking, here are just a sample of THE HOTTEST TOPICS taht produce RESULTS:

1. "Where The Boat Leaves From..." - Stress Mgmt Strategies - Motivational
2. "On The Edge" - Stress Mgmt/Inspirational
3. "The DOUBT WHISPERER" - Create Courage, Confidence
4. "Your Life On The Big Screen" - Self Assessment - Where Am I - Where Am I Going?
5. "Sometimes You're The Windshield...Sometimes You're The Bug!" – Stress Mgmt/Motivational
6. "What's In Your Suitcase?" - Teach Yourself To Win/Motivational
7. "Paddle Faster" ... hilarious and educational!
8. "Run For The Roses" - Discovering your inner "champion" ALREADY IN YOU!
9. "Twinkle Twinkle We Are STARS!" Affirmation, Motivational
10. "Do You Have The Fire?" Attitude Check, Motivational/Great For Sales and High Stress Jobs
11. "If You Want To Shine, You Have To Polish" - Self Improvement, Motivatioanl
12. "Where's YOUR Hamburger Happy Meal?" Strategies to THRIVE in Tough Times
13. "Prioritizing a Successful Life" - Great For People Who Are Spinning Their Wheels Going No Where!
14. "Maximizing Your Ride!" - Getting THE Most Fr Job and Home Life - Inspirational
15. "When All Else Is Gone, I Have A Song" - Confidence/Leadership
16. "Why Did I Do That" - Learn To Move Forward and Temper Failures
17. "Ladies: Start Your Engines" - Great For Ladies - Energizing/Motivational
18. "Guys Tear It Up!" - Men Love This! Can Be Tailored to BOTH Genders
19. "Sales Training 101" - great to re-ignite the talent you have. Learning to conquer fears/objections/creating trust in sales
20. "What's Your Story?" - what adjectives best decribe you? Is this who you really want to be or do we need new words?
21. "Unleash YOUR Power" - stuck? struggling? get yourself going
22. "Can't or WON'T?" One single change CHANGES everything!
23. "Flip A Coin - You're A Winner Either Way!" Creates Confidence, Leadership, Motivational
24. "What Will You Gain When You Lose?" - Dumping silly things that HOLD US BACK!

For more info, visit me also at gigmasters

You may call too if you don't want to submit a bid. 765.412.2052

The team providing the talent:

Elaine D Clark

Motivational Speaker Trainer Coach

Set List

Projector for Powerpoint presentation, easel and paper, markers.

Influences & Inspiration

Outside, cold calling sales has had the biggest impact on me. I learned to teach myself the power of positive thinking, to believe in ME. I also learned that business is built on relationships and creating an environment of trust and listening allows me to win. Being a people magnet allows us to create more dynamic relationships and experiences. We all just need a refresher course every now and then to remind oursevles we are truly on the edge...of greatness.

Setup Requirements

Whiteboard and Marker