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New England Family Entertainer..Like to laugh & be amused? This warm/friendly Comedy Magician,Clown,Balloon Twister w/a dynamic,energetic personality is the One for You! Serv.family audiences in NewEngland 24 yrs-2014. Fairs,festivals,promotions,tradeshows,fundraisers,co.parties,kids birthdays,more! Fun & silly balloon twister-comedy magician,with no makeup kids/adults still call me a clown.Makeup doesnt make a clown,it comes from Within. Family friendly rates. EXPERIENCE,TRUST YOUR EVENT to a seasoned pro. Avail.Mon-Sun. Book Now! JIM THE MAGIC GUY*JIM THE BALLOON GUY*EASTER BUNNY(painted face type)*
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Enthusiastic Magic Show for Summer Camp

Jim, the Magic Guy, presented our Summer Camp with a very entertaining magic show today, July 17, 2013. We thoroughly enjoyed his upbeat attitude and quick moving tricks. He kept our kids (aged 4-10) engaged and wanting more! Jim the Magic Guy's pricing for a 45 minute show was the best in the area and I would definitely hire him again! Thank you, Jim! :)

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Michelle D.
Organization: School's Out Summer Program
Event: Other in Andover, MA
Event Date: Jul 17, 2013
Hired As: Children's Party Magician

Response from JZK Family Shows:

What a great time I had @ this event!! the kids and adults were so happy and helpful.
I also do balloon twisting shows and lines and it sounds like they may be interested
in seeing that the next time! Thank You Michelle and staff! :)

Birthday Magic with Balloons and a smile.

We could not be happier with the event. Jim put on a terrific show for 30 plus kids of mixed ages at our three year old daughters Princess Party. From start to finish he was great. He captured the undivided attention of the kids (as well as a good number of the adults) with his humor and showmanship. Jim was funny and engaging throughout the act and beyond. He continued with his jokes an bag of tricks with the kids as he was cleaning up. We look forward to having him return for our 5 year olds birthday this winter ( as she has already made the request). We highly recommend Jim for his creative and engaging act and his professionalism from the very first phone call.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Bill &. T. D.
Event: Birthday Party in Exeter, NH
Event Date: Nov 10, 2012
Hired As: Balloon Twister, Children's Party Entertainment, Children's Party Magician, Comedy Magician, Magician

Response from JZK Family Shows:

These people were awesome and WOW did these people show it! Feb 2013 was hired again & had a 2nd wonderful time! The kids were excited, I got hugs and I love yous from some of them. The hosts treat you like family and were extremely happy/complimentative having obtained my services again. I will entertain for them a third time in October 2013. Wonderful folks....The Dales!

Jim the Balloon Guy was a huge hit at our Block Party!

We hired Jim the Balloon Guy to come twist balloons for the Neighborhood Block Party at our church last Saturday. He was a great entertainer and brought many smiles and giggles as he told little stories and jokes to the kids while he made balloon animals. The children (and adults) really responded to him and he drew a crowd throughout the day! He was more reasonably priced than anyone else I contacted. I would definitely recommend him to others!
~Sharlene Peterson
Ministry Coordinator, Grace Lutheran Church, Nashua, NH

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Sharlene P.
Organization: Grace Lutheran Church
Event: Festival in Nashua, NH
Event Date: Jun 15, 2013
Hired As: Balloon Twister

Response from JZK Family Shows:

Thanks so much Sharlene! I really like this client, the people were so warm and friendly
They said they want me for future events.....sooo cool!

Great fun had by all!

JZK Family Shows helped make our event special! The kids all loved all the different balloon twists, and even the adults too. Jim was just what we needed to make the day a hit!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Bri D.
Organization: Great Works Chiropractic & Wellness
Event: Grand Opening in South Berwick, ME
Event Date: Apr 20, 2013
Hired As: Balloon Twister

Wonderful Time!

We want to thank you for entertaining us at our annual Blue and Gold banquet. Everyone had a wonderful time and laughed until they couldnt laugh any more. Even the adults and older children were impressed with your show. I personally was amazed at how enthralled the kids were during the show.The most skeptical little girl couldn't get all the answers or figure out all your tricks.
We are currently planning next years events and want you for our entertainment. Jim, you have a wonderful raport with the kids and you should do well in your business.We will be in touch!
Diane Casey Secretary/Treasurer

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Diane C.
Organization: St. Augustines Cub Scout Pack 4
Event: Awards Night in Lawrence, MA
Event Date: Oct 19, 2000
Hired As: Clown, Comedy Magician

Response from JZK Family Shows:

Thanks for the review. your event was a blast.

Everyone enjoyed you

We at Penacook Place had a wonderful time, everyone enjoyed your entertainment.We will pass the word to everyone about JZK Family Shows.
Thanks again for your service.
Activities Dept.at Penacook Place

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Rosa R.
Organization: Penacook Place
Event: Fair in Haverhill, MA
Event Date: Aug 19, 2011
Hired As: Balloon Twister

Response from JZK Family Shows:

I had a great time with many seniors as well as
a number of grandchildren who came to the event.
Many were laughing and enjoying balloon twisting
by Jim The Balloon Guy

not good

we hired this guy for my kids 4th bday and this jim guy was awful. gave my wife crap when arrived, very short attitude with the kids. when parents at the party get insulted by the attitude then thats pretty bad. almost told him to leave. will not recommend the guy at all

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Ron M.
Event: Birthday Party in Methuen, MA
Event Date: May 18, 2013
Hired As: Balloon Twister, Children's Party Entertainment

Response from JZK Family Shows:

I'm very surprised by this review. Please understand that at no time did anyone from the party share the above with me. If someone feels the need for further details please call me. A review is an opinion. I was at this party and the above is very inaccurate in my opinion. I direct those looking for fun family services to my many other reviews and testimonials from happy/delighted clients.

Great Entertainment!

Jim the magic guy was very funny! The whole family enjoyed him from the children to the adults. He was great entertainment. We'll be calling Jim again in the future!! Thanks Jim!!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Marissa S.
Event: Birthday Party in Walpole, MA
Event Date: Apr 10, 2011
Hired As: Balloon Twister, Comedy Magician

What A Great Performance!

The children were very excited and Jim was able to keep them all intrigued.
All of the kids were happy with their balloons. I definately recommend
Jim The Balloon Guy! Thank You Jim!
Christine M. Sorensen

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Christine M. S.
Event: Birthday Party in Farmington, NH
Event Date: Mar 9, 2013
Hired As: Balloon Twister, Children's Party Entertainment

A very good time with Jim the Balloon Guy!

We had Jim come out to help us with our Grand Opening this past weekend in Portsmouth, and we had a lot of fun! He made fantastic balloons, and was good with the kids and the adults. Would be great for birthday parties or kids nights! Wish we had seen some of his other talents!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Colby
Event: Grand Opening in Portsmouth, NH
Event Date: Dec 15, 2012
Hired As: Balloon Twister

Response from JZK Family Shows:

Colby Baker is the manager at O.L. Frozen Yogurt in beautiful
Portsmouth,NH. The staff were so happy and the patrons were very
complimentary! I had a great time.

Jim makes the shows entertaining and interactive.

We hired Jim for the first year birthday party of my daughter. He did really nice magic show and kept all the kids involved equally.

The kids went crazy went the ballon art. It was a great experience to work with Jim.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Aliasgar J.
Event: Birthday Party in Dover, NH
Event Date: Dec 8, 2012
Hired As: Balloon Twister, Comedy Magician

Response from JZK Family Shows:

This event was actually held in an Indian restaurant in Kittery,Maine. It was a pleasure
to have been of service. I'm glad they enjoyed it as much as I did..Thank you Alli!

Thank You Jim!

Thank you very much Jim.We greatly appreciate your coming to our event.
The children really enjoyed your magic show.
Dave Foreslind

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Dave F.
Organization: Cub Scouts Pack 188 Farmington,NH
Event: Awards Night in Farmington, NH
Event Date: Oct 17, 2012
Hired As: Comedy Magician

JZK Family Shows was fantastic.

Jim was wonderful, the children were laughing, giggling, and jumping up and down, he involved the kids especially the birthday girl in many of the magic tricks. He has an instant rapport with the audience, and the adults loved it as well as the kids. Highly recommended.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: sheri h.
Event: Birthday Party in Hanover, NH
Event Date: Oct 21, 2012
Hired As: Balloon Twister, Magician

Response from JZK Family Shows:

Thanks Sheri Hanock, this is one party I wont forget anytime soon.

Thank You for coming to Chester,NH

I recently attended the Chester Fair. I lived in this town for 14 years and like to visit/attend the events.There was a very energetic,funny and personable man walking around the ball field. He was really encouraging interaction from the kids and adults while he performed many silly magic tricks. Jim the magic guy had most of us laughing along with him!
He captivated and amused those in the audience and later brought many smiles to the faces of people waiting in line when he twisted balloon creations at his tent.Jim made alot of funny comments about the balloons he was making. He was well received by everyone.Hats off to whoever hired this fun entertainer for the fair. Great job!

Reviewer: Mary M.
Event: Fair in Chester, NH
Event Date: Sep 8, 2012

Response from JZK Family Shows:

Thank you Mary Marcotte for emailing me the above review & also
coming here and posting it for all to see.Folks like you make my
"job" so much fun!

Funny and enjoyable entertainment!

I was going to leave halfway through the show and leave someone else in charge but I was enjoying your magic presentation so I stayed till the end.
It was really a funny program.Good luck to you and Thanks for a great show!
Todd Jakubec
activities coordinator
Totem Pole Park (Ossipee Lake,NH)

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Todd J.
Organization: Totem Pole Park
Event: Corporate Event in Ossipee, NH
Event Date: Aug 23, 2012
Hired As: Comedy Magician

Response from JZK Family Shows:

This show featured Jim The Magic Guy and included
balloon sculptures for the magic assistants during
the show.

Fun, Fun, Fun,

My kids attended at birthday party with Jim the Balloon Guy. They had so much fun and came home with a lot of balloons.

Reviewer: Rhonda G.
Event: Birthday Party in Beverly, MA
Event Date: Aug 26, 2012

Great Performance

I am a commander of a V.F.W and we hired Jim to perform his magic show as well as ballon twisting for our commanders/community appreciation day BBQ His interaction with the kids as well as the adults was great, everyone enjoyed the show, then after the magic show he amazed the kids with his ballon twisting, making hats, animals, just about anything the kids asked for, he had the kids laughing and the adults too. Great Show
Commander V.F.W Post 8546

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Bob V. P. C.
Organization: V.F.W Post 8546
Event: Fundraiser in Salem, NH
Event Date: Jul 22, 2012
Hired As: Balloon Twister, Children's Party Magician

Response from JZK Family Shows:

Have done lots of American legions,Amvets and VFWS over 22 years. I have a great time at these events. These men have given their time & even lives to protect those back in USA. God Bless Our Vets!! Thank You Bob, it was an Honor to have been of service to VFW post 8546!

Grand Opening Event - Rite Aid Pharmacy

I hired Jim to do the balloon twisting at my grand reopening event. Jim did an AWESOME job. He was great with the kids and adults, and they enjoyed him a great deal. There were lots of smiles when people were with him and after they left him. He made some amazing animals and hats. Jim was professional and polite when handling the business side of the booking. I would recommend Jim to everyone. If you have a personal or corporate booking he is the balloon twister to hire.

Thank you again Jim for the great day, and the special last minute balloon you made as you were leaving for the boy, who's brother popped his balloon.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Paula C. m.
Organization: Rite Aid Pharmacy #10278
Event: Corporate Event in Manchester, NH
Event Date: Jun 23, 2012
Hired As: Balloon Twister

Response from JZK Family Shows:

Paula, Thank you so much for your nice review.
It was a true pleasure servicing your Rite Aid store!

Kids love Jim

I have seen Jim perform at several events. He does great kids' magic and also several balloon creations, animals, hats, etc. The kids always seem engaged. He uses kids as assistants in his magic and they all appear to enjoy being chosen. His lines for animals are long but patient.
(I had to choose a city, state and date but have seen him many times and he has been consistently funny and patient)

Reviewer: Beth B.
Event: Other in Rochester, NH
Event Date: Apr 7, 2012

Open house

Jim helped us entertain 40+ kids during our open house this past week. He was professional, courteous and the kids enjoyed the show.

We would recommend him without any hesitation.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Costa S.
Organization: Ferro-Ceramic Grinding Inc.
Event: Corporate Event in Wilmington, MA
Event Date: May 5, 2012
Hired As: Balloon Twister, Children's Party Magician

Thank You For Attending Our Open House!

I was the coordinator of our annual Open House. Jim was busy with a long line during the time he was with us. I noticed that the children were excited and appeared very happy with their balloon creations received from Jim The Balloon Guy.
He was professional and handled both the children and adults
kindly at all times. The one thing Jim did not do was to take time out say 20 minutes to eat and drink which I've since suggested he do the next time he joins us.
I would definately hire Jim again for another Open House.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: D. S.
Organization: Salem NH Fire Dept.
Event: Festival in Salem, NH
Event Date: Oct 8, 2011
Hired As: Balloon Twister

Fun & Silly Kid Show Entertainer

Jim performed for the first time at the Acton Fair (ME) in 2007.
He was invited to perform at the Fair as he was our opening act
performing balloon shows with The Locke Family at events in Newengland. I recommend his comedy magic show as well.
He is also a fun walkaround and meet and greet performer.
I knew Jim would be a great addition to the entertainment line
up at Acton Fair.

We ask back the acts that have been requested again & again.
Jim continues to be brought back yearly due to popular demand.

This talented kid show entertainer engages our crowds and his sillyness & love for his audience comes across through fun, interactive Balloon Shows.
We just finished up the 2011 edition of the Acton Fair and once again Jim The Balloon Guy delighted and brought lots of laughs to his Audience. The younger kids are crazy about him for his sillyness / cool balloons and funny patter.
Invite Jim's balloon, comedy magic shows or strolling entertainment and watch your attendees be amused!

Make your next event .....memorable..... Hire JZK Family Shows.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: James L.
Organization: Entertainment Coordinator
Event: Fair in Acton, ME
Event Date: Aug 25, 2011
Hired As: Balloon Twister

Response from JZK Family Shows:

Once again Jim The Balloon Guy has been hired to perform at the Acton Fair.
For the first time we will appear for 2 days instead of all 4 days,due to budget cuts.
SEE YOU the last weekend of August 2013.

Jim did a wonderful job at our church festival.

St Theresa's Festival Committee has hired Jim two years in a row. We found him to be reliable, fun and very good with the children. We would hire him again. The kids love the balloon animals and he fits in with all the other activities going on around him.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Mary C.
Organization: St. Theresa Festival Committee
Event: Festival in Billerica, MA
Event Date: Aug 20, 2011
Hired As: Balloon Twister

The right choice for us is jzk shows

I have had jzk family shows come to my house a total of 3 times in the last two years. Jim did a great job each time he was with us and has got compliments from my guests. He always arrives early and is both professional and a pleasure to work with.
The kids are crazy about this funny guy. Every time he comes my kids keep looking out the front windows for him and when he is
done they dont want him to leave.
Before I go any further I want to mention that the pricing was the most affordable I found after receiving many quotes from others.
With this company I got both a good rate and great service.

After Jim did my daughter Angel's 5th and 6th birthday there was no doubt as to who I wanted for my younger daughters 4th birthday party! I had Jim come for the 3rd time this past weekend.
He made sure all the children got balloons and even made
balloon hats for some of the adults. We really enjoyed ourselves.
I highly recommend this talented entertainer!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Destiny S.
Event: Birthday Party in Hampstead, NH
Event Date: Jul 9, 2011
Hired As: Balloon Twister

Jim was a huge hit with the crowd!

I brought my 2 grand children to an event open house at Target Plaza in Salem,NH. The program featured live baby chicks, the easter bunny and balloon sculptures.
The entertainment that got the most reaction from the crowd was Jim the balloon guy.
This man engaged both the children / adults and got alot of laughs from everyone!!
His balloon sculptures & funny banter was a huge hit with the crowd that filled the store. I noticed alot of people asking for his card.
With the summer already here I bet Jim is going to be really busy!

Reviewer: Dan M.
Event: Corporate Event in Salem, OR
Event Date: Apr 9, 2011

Response from JZK Family Shows:

this event was in salem, nh as this person
mentioned.Not salem, oregon.......hahaha
looks like a computer messed up somewhere.

Amazing Balloon Shapes

I recently had a birthday party for my 10 year old son, and I hired Jim to do balloon twisting. He showed up promptly, set up his equipment, and began his show. It was a different type of balloon twisting experience because he made a guessing game out of the shapes. He was telling jokes and really got the kids interested. As a special touch, he brought my son a birthday card and two mylar "Happy Birthday" balloons. I would highly recommend to hire him for an event.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Michele S.
Event: Birthday Party in North Reading, MA
Event Date: Jun 25, 2011
Hired As: Balloon Twister, Children's Party Entertainment

the kids loved Jim & adults had fun also

I attended a party recently where Jim performed. The young children were glued to their seats and Jim had everyone laughing, he is very funny. I would highly recommend Jim thr balloon guy!!!!

Reviewer: Cheryl T.
Event: Birthday Party in Lowell, MA
Event Date: Jun 12, 2011



Priced Fairly
Reviewer: MICHELLE N.
Event: Birthday Party in Lowell, MA
Event Date: Jun 12, 2011
Hired As: Balloon Twister

Response from JZK Family Shows:

This party was Jim The Magic Guy, w/ a comedy magic show & balloon twisting. The birthday girl soon wanted to do magic after seeing the other kids do it. She was funny & adorable & had us all laughing. She tied a shoe magically without touching it.
The look on her face was amazing! I truly appreciate all events I do but some stand out above others.

Review by Jenn B.

We hired Jim for our son's 4 yr old bday party. Jim did a great job of adapting the majic tricks specifically for the 4 yr olds. He got everyone involved with his tricks and his silly ways were loved by the kids. He also took his time to be sure all the children had a ballon animal before he left. The 30 min majic act was just enough not too long and not too short for the kids' attention spans. He was prompt and organized.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Jenn B.
Event: Birthday Party in Pelham, NH
Event Date: May 22, 2011
Hired As: Balloon Twister, Magician

Review by Mary H.

The Billerica Yankee Doodle Homecoming is a yearly community event.It would not be possible without volunteers and sponsors.There is always a large crowd of attendees and lots of food and a variety of offerings.
Entertainment included Bands, Magic shows,Balloon Sculpturing & more.

New this year was Jim The Balloon Guy / Jim The Magic Guy who
entertained the crowds on Saturday and Sunday. He was recommended by another Billerica group. Jim got lots of laughs from both kids and adults including myself. Everyone loved the balloons he created.
The magic shows were lots of fun! I noticed he was having as much
fun as his audience.

People definately talk and I heard many compliments on the magic
shows and balloons.
I recommend JZK Family Shows for any family friendly event!
Mary Hamlett

Reviewer: Mary H.
Event: Festival in Billerica, MA
Event Date: Sep 18, 2010

Review by marie c.

JZK family shows was on time, very professional and the kids loved him! I would hire him for any event I may have in the future because I know I can depend on him and we really had a great time!! He is great to the kids and makes even the adults laugh. Thank you! Marie Comeau

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: marie c.
Event: Birthday Party in Hampstead, NH
Event Date: Sep 10, 2010
Hired As: Balloon Twister, Children's Party Entertainment

Response from JZK Family Shows:

this party was hired by a woman from
Hampstead but actually took place in
Danville,NH. It included magic/balloons

Booking Info

  • Fee: Contact for rates
  • Languages: English


"WANTED"... Yes These Family Entertainers Are..."WANTED IN NEW ENGLAND"...
for squishing defenseless Balloons As Jim The Balloon Guy or Jimbo Z. Klown into animals, Awesome Hats & more!, For Bringing Smiles,Laughs & Giggles Galore To Thousands Of Folks & Silly Comedy Magic Shows Featuring JIM THE BALLOON GUY, JZK, Jimmy D. Elff
Holiday Characters are WANTED too for the fun and sillyness they create everywhere they go! HIRE Jimmy D. Elff in NOV./DEC. ...SANTA'S #1 ELF!!
IMPORTANT NOTICE: As of 2009, I no longer use live animals (formerly used a bunny) in comedy magic shows.unfortunately I now live in a place that does not allow animals.

The above entertainers are to be considered extemely silly & all measures to protect your funny bones should be adheared to.. Unless You Love To Laugh!! Compare my rates to other quality performers in New England--you will be pleasently surprised!

Additional Booking Notes


More info:
Past clients have included: Anheuser Busch, IORM, Modell's Sports, Police Depts (2),
Stop & Shop, Shop & Save, Kmart, Leechmere, Levitz Furniture, Bright Horizons,
Libraries, Small World Daycare, Atlantic Supermarkets, Burger King (3 locations),
Schools, Pizza Hut (2 locations), Rec. Depts., Marshalls, Churches, Festivals,
Birthdays, Mcdonalds, American Legions, Brighams Ice Cream, Topsfield Fair
Trader Joe's, Bobs Furniture, VFW's, Fire depts, Fairs, Block Buster Video,
Deerfield Fair, TD Bank, H.M. Circus, Mcdonald's, Several First Night Celebrations
Many Company Parties, Camp Grounds, Country Clubs & Much More!

See pics on profile of Jim The Balloon Guy or Jim The Magic Guy
(guy with balloon hat is the balloon guy and the magic guys wardrobe
is usually the same or very similiar with only a different vest if there is
any change at all..) same entertainer.

Have a restaurant that does a kids night once a month
or even every week?
I have awesome rates(especially if held weekly)on this
kind of entertainment and have much experience doing
Many of our clients are on going or repeat customers and
We Love those customers!
In the case of repeat customers we often hold the same
price for as long as we can.

Need another kind of family entertainment?
Some things available are puppet shows,Dj's,impressionists,
clowns,mimes,arialists,knife throwers,illusionists,fireaters,
escape artists,circus acts,jugglers and much more!
Some of these acts can not be found on the internet for example.
Only people we know & have seen their acts or have been
recommended by people we know & trust are recommended or
ever suggested by us.

Past Booked Events

08/25/13 Festival in Acton Maine
08/24/13 Festival in Acton Maine
08/17/13 kids event - Marlborough,MA
06/22/13 Grand Opening Concord,NH
05/18/13 Lillac Mall Rochester, NH
05/03/13 Ribbon Cutting Rochester,NH
04/13/13 Grand Opening Berwick, ME
02/28/13 School Assembly Merrimack,NH
12/15/12 Grandopening Portsmouth,NH
12/03/12 Festival in Methuen,MA
08/25/12 50th anniversary Icecream shop Rochester,NH
08/10/12 kids daycare Manchester,NH
08/08/12 Library in MA
08/07/12 kids day care Londonderry,NH
07/22/12 VFW Salem, NH
06/23/12 Rite Aid Pharmacy....Manchester,NH

JZK Family Shows

Jim is a multiple Award Winning performer. winning many first places over the years. Some of his awards include makeup, paradeability, stage presentation, Best Auguste Clown and Clowns Clown Award (Salem Alley COAI 54)
He is one of 3 original founding members Of HAPS ALLEY (WCA) Haverhill, MA. Jim is a past secretary of pounds of clowns alley of NH.
A Graduate of P.O.T.M. Clown School and M.C.A.T. University (performance art schools) Memberships include: World Clown Assoc, Clowns Of America Internat'l, International Magicians Society, Fellowship Of Christian Magicians and the "International Association Of Family Entertainment Professionals"
In addition to the many types of events Jim performs at annually, He does alot of Children's Birthdays and you can be sure that the birthday child is the "Star of the Day" especially if they help physically with the magic show which is always encouraged. jim does however let them choose if they wish to participate as all kids are different and some may wish to paticipate from their seats and allow the other kids to help in the performance area which is entirely up to them.
Some venue types include schools,libraries,trade shows,co.parties,corporate events,fairs,family reunions,floor shows,ceiling shows,festivals,recreation depts,alien abductions,IRS audits and most any events where families congregate!

Private Life: Jim served in the USAF. He is widowed from his wife, and also from his fiancee Mary. They both died in the 1990's.
Jim has 3 children. Two boys and a girl and several grand kids, the oldest a girl is in her teen years. The kids live in different states.

The following are some quotes from famous people ................. Love these!!

"Always do right, This will gratify some people, and astonish the rest" ..... Mark Twain
"No man stands so tall as when he stoops to help a child" ................... Abraham Lincoln
"Today you are you, That is truer than true.There is no one alive who is youer than you." .......... DR. SEUSS
"Just because you are grown up, dont mean you have to be an adult" ......... Fat Albert (As quoted by Bill Cosby)

Thank You for coming to this site. Let me leave you with something to ponder! "Each day is new. This day has never been & will never be again. Make each day as special as you can for you and your loved ones. Fill your days with alot of life and living! Soon all the treasures that were meant to be yours, Will Be" Have a truly magical and exciting life. You deserve it!! God Bless You ......... Jim


Jim The Balloon Guy entertained at my 75th Birthday Party in Hampstead,NH.
Everyone enjoyed his balloon twisting show. (the crowd was all adults with 1
child attending) My 4 yr. old grandaughter really Loved her balloons and took
them home with her. Thanks again for the great job you did Jim!

– Sheldon Porter

The self posted testimonials are in deed REAL. They come from notes,emails,facebook postings and newspaper stories.
This site chooses to seperate these "testimonials" from the reveiws that clients leave on my profile. Frankly, it doesnt make
sense to me as if these testimonials have less credibility than my reviews. The point is " I DO HAVE PROOF of the authentecity
of those posted / listed here.

– Jim for JZK SHOWS

Jim, We all had a blast! Thank you so much. The kids thought you were a hoot.
We will definitely hire you again in the summer for something more elaborate. :)
Warm regards, Lisa

regarding Jim The Balloon Guy at 2/1/14 Birthday Party

– Lisa Turner

Thanks so much for the wonderful show yesterday. The children and adults alike loved it!
Hope you have a wonderful rest of the summer.

– Jill Graham

Jim, Ariana loved every part of your show (her 7th birthday) and loved the hat and card you gave to her. All her friends
enjoyed themselves as well and so did the parents. We will definitely have you for another party and will recommend you to other people.

– Krystle Thomson

Thanks again jim! The kids had a great time.
Best, Deb

– Deb Olson for Renaissance

Thank you so much jim.Everyone enjoyed you and all the balloons.My daughter Cadence loved it!
She had her crown and wand for days. I will definitely recommend you to all and keep you in mind
for the future.Again,thanks so much Jim the balloon guy!!

– Jessica Lorman

Thank you, you were a great addition to the grand opening. I will keep you in mind for our other store openings.
You did a great job, and everyone enjoyed your balloon art! Thank you and enjoy the summer!
Best, Kristina (Hathaway)
Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt Concord,NH

– Kristina Hathaway

Thanks jim for everything you did at our party.I really had a great time and so did the kids.
I most certainly will pass on your number to anyone looking for kids entertainment.
Take care and have a great summer!
Brenda M.Miniscalco

– Brenda Miniscalco

Great job on Saturday (August 25, 2012 at Lone Oak Icecream)
We had an awesome turnout.The kids loved it! (Jim's participation)
Thank you Jim!

– Ken Veil

Thank you Jim! the kids had a great time at Camden's
5th birthday. Have a great day!

– Miranda Flanders

Great to deal with

Jim has been great to deal with over the past few years. He follows through with all of his commitments
and is very puctual.His price is very reasonable for the great work that he does.
(posted in 2013)

– Gary Donelan

The Amvets Post sponsored a balloon man who could make all kinds of different animals with balloons.
I know personally what he can do, because my granddaughter had a poodle dog balloon made, and my
grandson had a balloon cat! They had a lot of fun with Jim The Balloon Guy!

(concerning event of May 18th 2013)

– Earl Adams / Rochester Veterans Council

Thanks for being at our Armed Forces Day event,
The kids loved all the great things you made out
of balloons!

(May 2013)

– Lillac Mall (management office) Rochester,NH

Your a great entertainer!

– Marie Mitchell

Jim was great with the kids and adults.
He made awesome balloons for all that wanted them!
Linda Manchester, NH June 23, 2012

(this was posted by Linda on JZK Shows profile
but she never verified it in a email sent to her so
it cant show up under reviews)

– Linda C.

"Jim the magic guy really puts excitement in his show!
He works his magic in engaging the young and older
for a wonderful performance"

– Jean Cote from Dracut,MA

Great Party with the help of you! Thanks again Jim! Would recommend you to everyone.
The kids love the magician and balloon twister. Cant wait to have you at our halloween party(2013) .

– Tina Dale

Thank you Jim, for making the party (Sophie's Birthday)
a screaming success.

– Nicole Ling Bedford,NH

Funny Man......Jim The Balloon Guy
The kids loved the show and there was non stop laughing and screaming.

( This show included a kids comedy magic show and a balloon twisting show.
As mentioned above, the kids were extremely excited and several parents
came up to me afterwards and thanked me for coming to the show.....Jim )

– C. williams

Jim, You helped to make this special day a very special memory.
Thank you!
(2012 ... adult birthday / kids baptismal)

– Heidi Leveille

Jimbo The Wonderful Clown! Your Magical, Funny & Full Of Love"

– Tami Hayes from Raymond,NH

"Rapport with the children was excellent"

– M.Duchemin, Head Start Program Bradford,MA

Dear Jim, enclosed is a review for your website. Have a great summer!

I've seen Jim appear at least 5-6 times at different events in MA & NH.
I am on his email mailing list and get notified when he does family events
in my area.I've seen him as the magic guy,the balloon guy and a magic elf.

At each of these shows he really put 110% into them and the audiences couldnt get enough of this funny guy!! There was plenty of laughing
going on.
The kids and even the adults thoroughly enjoy this gifted entertainer.
My grand kids really get a kick out of him. I've passed his card to family members.
I recommend that if you want to make your event memorable and stand
out you owe it to yourself to hire JZK FAMILY SHOWS.

– Sheila Brace of Haverhill, MA

Thank You for your shows & balloon sculpture. Everyone
(adults included) enjoyed Jimbo Z. Klown and Jimmy D. Elff.
We will be contacting you for more entertainment (in future).

– Karen Matey of Matey's Martial Arts in Derry, NH

JIMBO surprises his audience, encourages interaction and definately
leaves them laughing!
It is clear he is having alot of fun while entertaining children and adults.

– Bill Browning .... Haverhill Tobbacco Prevention Coalition. Haverhill, MA

Dear Jim, Thank you for your entertainment at our son,Shawn's birthday.
The kids had so much fun! Please accept this tip from us. I meant to give it to you,but got busy with cake and gifts. Also thank you for the card, (for shawns birthday) that was thoughtful.

(Jim The Magic Guy did this event)

– The Bodenrader's

Hi Jim, Thank you for the entertainment you provided (at Needham Memorial Park on Sat. june 4, 2011.) The kids seemed to enjoy it very much. I will get back to you soon as I can (regarding possible additional booking in 2011)

(Jim The Balloon Guy appeared courtesy of NBA at the above event)

– Gary Donelan.....for nba

I saw Jim The Balloon Guy's Balloon Show at the Acton Fair
(Jim has perfomed at this event a number of times)
I felt he did a great show. Jim has a very good repore with
the kids, especially the younger ones. He was very professional.
For the above reasons Ive added him to my roster of entertainment
acts available in MA,NH,ME.

– Dick Coffin...Entertainment Agent & Performer

Thank you for coming to Brady Lukes 2 year birthday. Good Job!
The kids really liked you and we were very happy with your services.
We are delighted to give you great references.

phone number is available upon request

– Mr./Mrs. Robinson from North Andover,MA

The Best Clowns in the North East....
This was the best service ever.
It helped me out alot,searching for what I needed.

– YFD From Lawrence,MA

Below is a condensed review,read it entirely at NH.com

Awesome customer service!
When I called this Co. I wasn't sure what I wanted.The man on the phone was very patient with me,spending a good amt of time & giving me a # of options & answering my questions. At no time did I feel pressured to make a decision. They were so helpful. The pricing was the best I found after calling many other places,most of which tried to rush me into a decision.
The deposit to secure the party was small(everyone else wanted 1/2 the money up front)I got a call upon receipt of deposit and another call the day before the party(made me feel less stressed. Birthdays are a Big deal...lol)The day of the party all the kids had such a great time
(I know myself,friends & family really enjoyed it)and have said they want the clown to come back soon. Jim was not wearing makeup yet the kids & some of us adults were laughing & calling him a clown.He was so silly!
Jim did a fun magic show & also made balloon animals & these giant hats which were so cool! Most of the adults were asking for his card which really says it all. I whole heartedly recommend JZK & magic for any kind of family event!

– MRC... from New Hampshire

We believe this is one party Christina will never forget!

– Al & Mary Mazonie, Haverhill,MA

A thank you from Owen and a big thank you from me
as well for making what I think was a pretty good party!
(of all the things that went into the party) the magic show
was at the top.
I have some great pics of the boys wearing great big smiles
with twinkling eyes full of wonder. Fun was written all over
their faces!

We all agree the whole show was lots of fun! I'll be happy to
given you A-1 references for perspective clients. Til next time,
take care and bunches of thanks again, Nina Mechta

(phone number omitted but available) Birthday with Jim The Magic Guy

– Nina Mechta from Amesbury,MA

Influences & Inspiration

Best Friend-Ken Sherburne world renowned Juggler/Unicyclist/Clown 50 yrs performer.. You are missed ALOT Ken!
CHEEZO & RIE...THANKS FOR YOUR FRIENDSHIP! Veteran Clown "Grego" Who Clowned Over 40 Yrs He planted a
seed back in the 80's which led to entertaining all these yrs. Thank you Don for seeing what was apparent to you, but not
me at that time. Lucille Ball and Jerry Lewis the king and queen of comedy you were the greatest!!
Thanks to anyone that shared their knowledge w/me!

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