Why book Follower?

Hi, We're FOLLOWER Christian Rock Band. WE are blessed that you're here!
MODERN classic rock. Is that a genre? IS NOW !!!
As a group of saved Christians we are constantly yearning to be obedient to the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ: to love God, love others and witness to All about Him, then speak if we have to.
Our sole mission is to plant and water seeds of discovery/growth for any listener of the music that God is delivering through us.
Our concerts are 1 hour of original music or 1.5 if including well-known cover songs.
JAN 2012 our debut CD titled "Cold World Disturbance" was released! Check out the tunes: and give us a FaceBook"like" if you like them



Inspiring and Professional

I have seen this band a few times and they keep getting better! They sound so professional and well seasoned even though they have been together a short time. They are exceptionally talented with an awesome testimony. You can see their passion for their music and their message. They are stand up guys with huge hearts. They never disappoint!

Reviewer: Kyndall K.
Event: Concert Venue in Indianapolis, IN
Event Date: Sep 17, 2011

Review by Kimberly G.

As a fan of music for many years I have seen many concerts in the gospel and secular arenas. Follower although newly founded show great potential. They are a talented team of musicians who were able to make a connection with the audience. I brought several non-believers with me and they were truly touched by the music. They have already asked me when Follower is performing again and are they invited? They have also told several co-workers that if Follower has another concert that they need to come hear them play.

Follower combines contemporary gospel with some secular artists such as Kansas and U2. Their rendition of "Dust In The Wind" was the highlight of the concert. I've been going to concerts for 34 years and think their performance was as superior as any I've ever heard. Truly outstanding.

If you are looking for a great band for your next party/event then I highly recommend Follower. They won't disappoint you or your guests.

Reviewer: Kimberly G.
Event: Festival in Carmel, IN
Event Date: Jun 4, 2010

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 60 - 90 minutes
  • Fee: $300-2000 Please contact for details
  • Languages: English


In our 1-1.5 hour concert performance the audience will experience all-original ORIGINAL music. There are many "Pop" bands on Christian radio right now, and on what seems to be 40 minute rotation. We are an album-oriented Christian ROCK band. If you don't know the term album-oriented then we feel empathy for you! lol. Our music strives to be different, new, and unique while yet drawing from our influences of vintage vibe/'mojo' at the same time.
We do NOT perform alter calls as we do want to take 'advantage' in any way of the concert emotion that sometimes occurs from that type of venue experience. We'd love God's calling of you to to not ever be in question as to it just being an emotional time. Humbling ourselves, submitting our entire rest of life to God should always involve our minds as well as hearts. Will our audiences be spiritually filled and witnessed to during the concert ? Absolutely.
In addition to almost exclusively our original music, we will cover a couple of spiritual-meaning songs such as "Dust in the Wind" by Kansas and "Pride (In the Name of Love)" by U2 and some surprises by others as well.

Please know that we are a Group of professional, saved Christian musicians and are truly family-friendly in character.

Thank you for your interest in Follower; We'd love to share Jesus Christ through our music with you.

May God bless you and family abundantly,

Additional Booking Notes

If performing a local (Indiana) show we can provide lighting (moderate, limited amount) for indoor/evening outdoor bookings. We do not have portable staging, this should be included (if necessary) by the purchaser of our services, thank you. If traveling outside the Indiana area we would expect you to have GOOD P.A. system, staging, and lighting along with crucial/appropriate electrical capacity. Any outside venues need shelter for electronics and instruments from water or other potential issues (very strong winds, lightening, tornado, hail, etc.

Past Booked Events

03/30/12 Zionsville Presbyterian Church WinterJam OVERTIME
03/03/12 SIX4SIX Showcase @ Birdys
11/04/11 C.T. PEPPER'S Broad Ripple 10:30pm
10/15/11 Cincinnati - The UNDERGROUND
09/24/11 Nat'l Iron Sharpen's Iron Conference
09/17/11 The 2:10 Sharpsville, IN (just s of Kokomo)
08/27/11 Clinton, IN BLOCK PARTY festival
08/14/11 BIRDY'S
07/15/11 Beech Grove UMC ROCK the BARN Festival


Whether it be 100 people at a time or 1 million, Follower would be falling short of Christ’s words to have any other focus.
Hoping to play music that is non-categorized, it is unavoidable that musical influences come through artists songs. You will undoubtedly hear hints of secular bands Styx, Dream Theater , Bryan Adams,Kansas,and even Kiss (yes, that Kiss). However, you’ll
hear something you probably never heard from them inside Follower’s music: Discipleship.
Hence the band name “Follower” which indicates a path, a road - movement and action.
Lord, let our walk, our movement and action, and our path be of the narrow and bless the seeds planted in Your name to bear fruit for Your Kingdom. Amen.

Please know that we are a Team of professional, truly-saved Christian musicians and our shows are truly family-friendly.

Thank you for your interest and we'd love to share Jesus Christ through music for you. Currently an Indie, non-labeled group, we are potentially open to recording labels should the offer be feasible.

As f.y.i.: Regarding long travel for shows outside of the Indiana area, if travel fees up front are included we'll fly anywhere to spread the Word of God through music.

May God bless you and family abundantly,

The team providing the talent:


Vocals, guitar


bass, keys, vocals


lead guitar

John Mark

drums, percussion

Set List

Our original songs, a few popular/appropriate secular hits.

Influences & Inspiration

Past musical influences that come through our music: Styx, Dream Theater, Bryan Adams, Kiss, U2, and Kansas.

Present-day influences include: Todd Agnew, Mercy Me, Casting Crowns, Jeremy Camp, Red.

Setup Requirements

Electrical power availability

Good or better PA system preferred (required if outside Indiana venue)

Shelter from inclement weather


Travel compensation (in advance of show)


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