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Celebrating Your Anniversary

By Jonathan Clark

Wedding anniversaries are among the most joyous celebrations in a person’s life, and unlike birthdays, you actually get to pick the date!

But, year after year, it can become difficult to think of fun, new ways to honor your marriage. So we’ve put together some tips for you to do something wonderful to celebrate your anniversary this year!

Spruce Up the Classic Date

So, your first thought is dinner at an elegant restaurant? Totally great. It’s a classic, and classic’s are classic for a reason, right? But how about sprucing it up a bit? First of all, make sure the restaurant is nice. As nice as you can. It’s your anniversary, after all. Then, instead of simply driving to the restaurant, why not have a Horse Drawn Carriage take you there? Or a Limo? Afterward, take your partner on a lovely stroll and have a Singer waiting to serenade them.  Or, if you can pull it off, a Flash Mob. These are all great ways to make a regular date-night activity turn into a beautiful memory!


The Bash

Maybe you don’t like to keep it simple. Or private. Maybe you want to throw a huge party with all your friends. Great! For a real bash, there are some essentials we strongly recommend for you. First, a Bartender. This is a must. Nothing simplifies the logistics of an event like designating someone specifically to the alcohol.  Second, a DJCover Band, or a Dance Band– music, in other words. Rent some Tables & Chairs if you’re looking for a more formal affair, and hire a Caterer if you think guests will stop dancing long enough to eat. A bash is a joyful way to celebrate the love in your marriage, as well as the life you’ve created together.


Recreate Your Wedding

Depending on how long you’ve been married, recreating your wedding can be a fun throwback to your younger lives. Hire a Cover Band to play the same songs (if you can find the original band, all the better!) and ask your guests to show up in era-appropriate attire. Decorate the party with pictures of the wedding, which should incite stories and remembrances from times gone by. Nothing shows you how much has changed (and how much hasn’t) like going back and remembering how it all began.


Anniversary Roast

This one’s for the strong couples, the ones with a serious sense of humor. Divide up the roasters by partner, so that each one gets lampooned evenly. Hire an Emcee or a Stand-up Comedian to bring some professional legitimacy to the proceedings. Consider booking a Cover Band or a DJ for some filler music. Or, better yet, have a Drummer near the stage to provide rimshots (ba-dum tish) after the really awkward jokes. A Roast works both as an anniversary celebration and a test of your marriage! Hopefully yours survives all the kidding!


Destination Anniversary

Who says an anniversary has to be celebrated with a party? Why not take your partner on a trip? Honor the adventure of a marriage by creating a new adventure. Travel anywhere– fly to Europe or take a road trip. No matter where you go, you and your partner will be a team, discovering the world.

We hoped we’ve helped you and your partner make the best of your special day. Always remember: the whole point of an anniversary is to take time to celebrate your marriage. So don’t worry too much about planning the perfect event. As long as you spend it with your partner, we have a feeling your anniversary’s going to be just wonderful.


Ready to search for something amazing for your anniversary celebration?


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