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15 Creative Anniversary Ideas for Celebrating Your Love

By Heather Roonan

You’ve made another trip around the sun with the love of your life, and now it’s time to celebrate. Thinking of fun, new ways to honor your marriage can become difficult as more years go by. These creative anniversary ideas will bring back that spark and excitement from your wedding day.

Spruce up the classic date

Getting all dressed up for a date night at your favorite restaurant is a classic wedding anniversary idea. But there are a lot of fun ways to turn the simple date up a notch to show your boo they’re still the one for you.

🚘 Arrive in style

Turn your anniversary dinner into a romantic fairytale with a horse drawn carriage. Get cozy under a blanket as they take you on a ride through a scenic area or make your way to your dinner reservation. For something more lavish, rent a limo so you can pop some champagne and let someone else take the wheel for the evening.

💌 Exchange love letters

Expressing your love through the written word is always a romantic gesture. You should each take the time to pen a love letter telling the other all the ways they’ve made you happy, everything you love about them, and the things you can’t wait to still learn. Then exchange them during dinner or after you get home.

🎶 Serenade your sweetheart

Surprise your partner with a private serenade. If the restaurant can’t accommodate a live performance, take a stroll after dinner to a nearby park or scenic spot. Hire a singing guitarist or violinist to show up at a designated time and place to play as you approach. If you want to get a little sillier, have an Elvis impersonator drop by for an impromptu performance of “Love Me Tender.”

Elvis impersonator
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Couples who learn together stay together

Learning a new skill or just getting silly together can be a really fun anniversary idea for you and your significant other. You can keep it just the two of you or grab a few of your couple friends and make a thing of it.

🧑‍🍳 Try a cooking class

They say the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, so brush up on your culinary skills to keep the love alive with this anniversary idea. Find a local cooking class to attend, or hire a personal chef to teach you how to make your favorite fancy dish for a sweet at-home date night.

💃 Learn to dance

There’s nothing quite as romantic as wrapping yourself in the arms of the one you love, swaying to beautiful music. Reignite the passion from your wedding reception by reconnecting through dance. Find a group class or hire a dance instructor to teach you a new salsa, tango, or other ballroom routine.

🎨 Have a painting party

Express your love through art with a painting party. Many local classes or instructors do themed nights specifically designed for couples. The chosen art pieces might have designs that join together. Or, our favorite, Picasso-inspired classes where you paint abstract portraits of each other.

Picasso portraits
Photo credit: Studio Vino

Throwback to your big day

Whether you’ve spent one year together or you’re celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary, reminiscing about your wedding never gets old. Use all that time and effort spent planning back then to help you throw another amazing anniversary celebration today.

💕 Wedding date for two

Think back on your special day – the colors, the flowers, the food, the cake, and the music. Get anniversary date ideas by incorporating as much as you can from that first day of your life together. Don’t forget to look at all the pictures or watch the wedding video together!

🍾 Hold a re-reception

Even if your wedding seemed perfect, there may still be things you wish you could have done differently. Or perhaps you didn’t get to have a big reception because you got married at the courthouse. Now’s your chance to try again! Re-do your reception with the colors, decor, food, cake, and wedding band of your dreams.

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💍 Renew your vows

If you’ve been married so long you can barely remember what you said on that special day, it might be time to renew those vows. You can plan a private ceremony for just the two of you or invite friends and family to witness your recommitment to one other.

Give the gift of an experience

While thoughtful presents are always appreciated, they often result in more things you just don’t need cluttering up the house. Or you end up going with “practical” gifts, which are no fun at all. Skip the traditional anniversary gift in favor of an unforgettable experience!

🎸 Attend a concert

Music is the language of love, so celebrating with it is a great anniversary idea. Find out when your favorite artist is going on tour and buy some tickets! If they aren’t coming near you around your anniversary, make it into a weekend getaway and travel to where they are. Bonus points if it’s an artist from one of your wedding songs!

🏔️ Go on an adventure

Marriage in and of itself is an adventure, so why not celebrate your anniversary with that same spirit? There are so many ways to have an adventure without even leaving your hometown. Find a tourist attraction you’ve never done. Pack a picnic and hike a scenic trail. Or recreate your first date and other special moments in your relationship by doing a scavenger hunt around town that hits all of your favorite spots.

Couple riding a scooter

✈️ Take a trip

For many people, travel is one of the greatest experiences of all. You can go anywhere! Choose a destination you’ve always wanted to visit or revisit your honeymoon locale or a favorite vacation spot. Whether you fly off to Europe or take a road trip across state lines, it’s sure to be memorable as long as you’re with your main squeeze.

Have a fun party

No one ever said anniversary ideas only had to include the two of you. You have lots of friends and family that would love to celebrate your love with you. If you’re a social couple, then your anniversary is the perfect reason to throw a party.

🏡 Host a house party

You already did the whole venue thing at the reception, so for your wedding anniversary, stay closer to home. You can keep it low-key with a potluck-style dinner, games, and music on a Bluetooth speaker. 

Or, go all out with live entertainment. Book a cover band to play all of your favorite songs, maybe even some from your wedding. Or an acoustic group for a more relaxing vibe. Give it a true party feel by hiring a professional bartender to sling drinks all night long.

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😂 Share a few laughs

For couples with a great sense of humor, live comedy is a really fun anniversary party idea. Gather up your closest friends and head to a comedy club. Or, host a comedy night yourself and hire a stand-up comedian to perform for everyone. 

For thick-skinned couples feeling extra daring, let a roast master have some fun at your expense. Give them some dirt on your invited guests, too, so they don’t feel left out. 😏

🎩 Add a little magic

Bring some magic back into your relationship with an actual magic show. Whether you’re hosting a small gathering with friends or a huge shindig with everyone you know in attendance, a strolling magician will have you and your guests dropping your jaws in amazement. They can even throw a few love-themed tricks and illusions into the act!

We hope some of these anniversary ideas have inspired you to plan an extra special celebration this year. The most important thing is that you spend quality time together and remember all the reasons you chose to say “I do” however many years ago. 🥰

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