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5 Creative Tween Birthday Party Ideas

By Megan Price

Poor little tweens. They’re stuck between being a kid and being a teenager. When it’s time to throw them a birthday party, it can be a little tricky! They’re too old for puppet shows but too young for a dance party. What to do? Well, never fear!  Here are 5 fabulous tween birthday party ideas. 

Arts and Crafts Party

Getting creative is a great start to thinking of tween birthday party ideas! Arts and Crafts Parties have endless possibilities. Break out some canvases, paint, glitter, pompoms, felt, glue, scissors… just raid your local craft store and stock up. You can make everything from puff-paint T-shirts to shellacked picture frames to homemade candles. You can find some inspiration on Pinterest or search some of the awesome craft blogs out there. The party guests will have a blast making their own creations, and leave with a unique party favor that you know won’t end up in the trash. (Sorry, bouncy balls and yo-yo’s.) You may even want to take it a step further and let the creativity continue into dessert with cupcake-decorating stations or build-your-own-sundae bars.


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Celebrity Impersonators

We’ve all been subjected to screaming hordes of tweens at a boy band concert. We’ve all seen the uncontrollable giggling while a tween tears posters out of the latest Teen Beat magazine or as they sing along to their favorite pop song on the radio. Think outside the box for your tween birthday party ideas: Be the hero and bring an experience! Whoever your tween worships, there’s probably an impersonator out there who is dedicated to completely embodying that celebrity. Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, or Katy Perry look-alikes could all make an appearance at your tween’s birthday party. Shrieks of excitement guaranteed!


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Mobile Games

Want tween birthday party ideas that are a little more interactive? We’ve got you covered. Mobile games are a way to get the party outside and get everyone moving. Inflatable obstacle courses, giant hamster balls, portable paintball or laser tag games, and rock climbing walls are all exciting alternatives to the usual “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” parties. And the best part is, they can all come to your backyard. All the comforts of home, with a twist. If your tween is more of a game show fan, bring the show to life at their party. Complete with a host and prizes, that’s sure to be a party they never forget.


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Movie Night

Everyone’s been to a slumber party, and tweens definitely love them. Take yours to the next level with a backyard movie night, complete with a giant inflatable movie screen. Throw down some sleeping bags, blankets, or lawn chairs and get comfortable. Snacks are essential to a good movie-watching experience, so stock up on fun-size candy bars or for an extra special touch, set up popcorn concessions. Then sit back and settle in for a Hunger Games marathon (or whatever beloved tween movie is chosen). Put finishing touches on the theme with movie ticket invitations, personalized popcorn buckets, and an intermission for refills on snacks.


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Spa Party

Want to make your tween feel all grown up for a day? Nothing says “adult” like “I need a day at the spa.” Spa parties are becoming more popular, and tweens are the perfect audience. Book a mobile spa and you don’t even have to leave the house! Treat your tween to some pampering for their party with colorful manicures and pedicures, tingly facials, and fluffy robe party favors. You could really step up the glam with sparkling grape juice in plastic champagne glasses and mini gourmet cupcakes. There are also some great recipes out there for homemade lotion and spa products, so let the party-goers have a hand in creating their signature concoctions.


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With a little creativity, you can think of tween birthday party ideas that make your kiddo the talk of the town! So throw away those cheesy decorations and get some great family-friendly entertainmentYour tween will love it!


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