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Tips for Refreshing Your GigSalad PromoKit

By Brian Jenkins

One of the most frequent concerns brought to our Customer Happiness team is an event planner looking for talent or services and seeing out of date or incomplete PromoKits. We’ve developed a few key areas every GigSalad member needs to pay attention to in order to keep their PromoKit fresh.

Relevant Media

One of the most critical elements of your PromoKit is the media you use to display your talent, skills, and product offerings. Media is the quickest way for a prospective client or planner to connect with you and to feel comfortable about the decision they’re making. Never forget that many of the events you’re booked for on GigSalad are significant life moments, and planners want to trust that moment to you. They will need to know that what they see is what they are paying for. Yet videos and photos are often overlooked and neglected.

  • Broken, missing, or private YouTube or Vimeo links: Video is the most effective media you can place on your PromoKit. It allows event planners to see the context of your service or act and imagine it in their event. Make sure all of your links are working properly and that they convey the message you are trying to send. Here are a few tips for capturing quality video for your PromoKit.
  • Outdated or unflattering photos: Your PromoKit is often your first introduction to prospective clients, so you need to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward. Have a trusted friend or colleague review your photos and make sure that they represent your best and current self. That band photo from 1992 may be truly awesome, but your client wants to see who will show up today. Unflattering images can be just as detrimental to your PromoKit as outdated ones. Take a look through all your media and make sure your photos are high quality and flattering. No bathroom selfies! Selfies in general rarely paint you in a positive and professional light. Event planners are looking for polished, organized, and competent resources and your photos impact that perception.


GigSalad member Tyler Varnell is a great example of having awesome pictures on his profile!


Accurate Contact Info

Another critical ingredient of your PromoKit to maintain is your contact information. Once clients are ready to reach out to you, you’ll want to ensure the details you provide are relevant.

  • Website: If you have your website linked on your PromoKit, make sure the link is working. Things like domain subscriptions can run out, so keep an eye on those details.
  • Phone number: While your phone number may not have changed, a common mistake many people make is having a full mailbox for their voicemail. Keep it empty, with an efficient system for follow-up, and future clients will always be able to reach you.


Recent Reviews

Janet Jackson said it best, “What have you done for me lately?” Out-of-date reviews will cause your PromoKit to look stale and could send potential clients away. Event planners are looking for people who are doing great work now. Keep your reviews to within 6 months if possible. Make sure the reviews speak to your professionalism and the quality of your service. If you haven’t had a recent review, reach out to previous clients with the “Request a Review” feature in your PromoKit’s dashboard.

Overviews and Bios

In the same way, your bio and the overview of your services need to be current. Make sure you still perform those songs, make those balloon animals, or provide that service. Highlight any new additions or enhancements to your act! Pro tip: You can edit your bio anytime you want, so feel free to add information as the seasons change. For example, if you know some holiday tunes, make sure people know about it so they can consider you for Christmas parties. If you do singing telegrams, change it up around Valentine’s Day! 

Keeping your PromoKit current lets event planners know you are serious about your craft and the business side of things. Take time every few months to look through your PromoKit and keep it sparkling fresh!


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