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How to Throw a Glamorous Kids Spa Party

By Megan Price

Seems like the little ones are growing up so fast these days! And little girls love nothing more than acting like grown-ups. Rather than packing up all the kiddos and carting them to the salon, bring the pampering to them! We have tons of fun ideas for throwing a glamorous kids spa party.

Plan the spa party decorations

Before you begin planning your decor, choose a color palette as the base. You can go with your little one’s favorite colors or choose a nice color combination on your own. For a tropical vibe, try teal, green, or hot pink. A palette with soft colors like mint, light pink, or lavender can work well for older girls!

Set up a relaxing space

Every good spa day needs lots of tools. Be sure each guest is equipped with a setup that includes items like mirrors, nail-soaking bowls, towels, headbands, files, and more. Turn your dining table into a sophisticated spa space! You can also include a pedicure area with foot-soaking tubs for an authentic experience.

Share your spa services

Your guests will be excited to see what will be going on during the spa party! You can easily design a cute sign with a design tool like Canva or just get out some posterboard and markers. Personalize them based on what activities will be available such as face masks, manicures, or DIY scrubs!

Create your spa party menu

Getting beautified takes the energy out of a lady! Have some tasty treats for the girls to munch on while the face masks are working or the pedicures are drying. (Might want to save the manicures for last!) Fresh fruit, finger sandwiches, and bubbly drinks are perfect for spa birthday parties.

Themed treats

Tap into the kids spa party theme with your refreshments! Try using marshmallows for “cotton” balls or sugar wafers as “nail files.” Marshmallows are also great for cute “edible nail polish” party snacks. You’ll just need some melted white chocolate (tinted to your favorite shade of nail polish, of course) and some Tootsie Rolls to finish them off!

Easy snacks

Sweet treats are tasty, but add in some savory choices, too. Cookie cutters and a bit of creativity can result in adorable spa-themed snacks. Fresh fruit, vegetable sticks and dip, or pinwheels are simple snacks that everyone will love.

Sweet sips

There’s nothing cuter or easier than a good punch at a party! Most drink recipes only have a few ingredients, so you’ll have it whipped up in no time. Pour it into a fancy glass with a cute straw, and you’re all set.

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Organize the spa party activities

You likely won’t need too many activities at a spa party for kids since they’ll be too busy getting pampered! But it can be a little boring just waiting for nails to dry. Creating DIY spa products is a fun activity to keep the party going and send your guests home with their own unique party favors.

Flip-flop decorating

Don’t smudge those pedicures! Let the guests make their own flip-flops with pre-cut pieces of colorful ribbon. This activity is the perfect way to kick off the party experience!

Decorate flip flops for a spa party
Photo credit: TomKatStudio

Get your facial on

Spa day facials are a must, and using natural ingredients is a bonus. Luckily it’s easy to make a nourishing mask from avocado, coconut oil, and honey! (Just make sure none of the kiddos have allergies.) Check out this simple recipe from PureFiji. Making an organic sugar scrub is another fun and easy option.

DIY spa products

Every gal loves a sweet and colorful lip gloss! Made with coconut oil and Kool-Aid, this may be the easiest craft ever. Just be sure to buy a pack of lip gloss pots beforehand. For another option, kid-friendly bath bombs are an adorable craft that sends your guests home with a party favor for later.

Book a mobile spa party

If you don’t feel like doing all the work for your spa party for kids, check out the local mobile spa parties in your area! They bring the supplies so you can sit back and relax. Local spa parties usually offer manicures, pedicures, facials, and more. Some even provide fluffy robes, headbands, and party decor. Whether you have five or fifteen girls, a mobile spa party is a great alternative to doing everything yourself.

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