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Throw a Rad ’80s Party!

By GigSalad

The ’80s may be long gone, but the memories remain! A theme party makes for a fun time, if for no other reason than to get in character. But it certainly doesn’t hurt that the music was great. Here are a few tips to make your ’80s party totally gnarly!


Dress the Part

It’s time to dig out the ol’ leg warmers! Dressing up like it’s the 1980s is super easy. It’s all about standing out. The ’80s were not a time of subtle anything. So don’t be shy with the makeup, hair product, or accessories. Some popular styles in the ’80s include brightly colored tights and leg warmers, acid washed jeans, converse sneakers, denim or leather jackets, off-the-shoulder baggy shirts or sweatshirts, crimped or feathered hair (volume is your friend!), and lots and lots of neon-colored jewelry. When it comes to your makeup, this is your chance to wear that crazy-colored eye shadow you thought you’d never use. Use it! And use lots of it.

You can even encourage your guests to come dressed as their favorite ’80s celebrity! Good luck telling all of the Madonnas apart, though.


Dance Party!

What’s a party without music? Ask your DJ to play all of your favorite hits from the ’80s. If you’d prefer live music, consider hiring a 1980s Cover Band or Tribute Band to entertain your guests. Popular ’80s Party Tribute Acts include Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, Madonna, Prince, and Aerosmith, amongst many others. No matter which route you take, the music is sure to take your guests back to the good old days. Plus, it turns out that it’s physically impossible to hear Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” and not sing along. Play it at your party and tell us we’re wrong.


Games and Contests

Want to throw in a little extra fun? Add some competition to your party. Offer ’80s themed prizes (like Rubik’s cubes, Wayfarer sunglasses, CDs, Members Only jackets, ’80s themed trivia games, ’80s movies, or other ’80s mementos) to the winners! Not sure what kinds of games or competitions to host? Here are a few ideas: ’80s charades or trivia, Twister (did you know that Inflatable Twister exists?), moon walking contest, or air guitar competition. You could also have fun activities like Pin the Glove on Michael Jackson, a Pac Man piñata, or a contest to guess how many Sixlets, Now and Laters, or other popular ’80s candies are in a jar.



Send your guests home with some ’80s swag! Rubik’s cube keychains, wayfarer sunglasses, glow in the dark or slap bracelets, CDs, and candy. You could also opt for customized swag, to remind your friends of the great time they had at your party (and the great time they had in the ’80s).


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