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Tips and Tricks to Plan an Unforgettable Sorority Party

By GigSalad

From theme parties to formals, organizing an event with your sisters is tons of fun. But it still takes a great deal of planning and hard work to pull off a spectacular event. As the social chair or a committee member, it’s your job to create a unique event that’s fun for everyone involved and stays within the budget. No matter what type of sorority party your chapter is planning to throw, you’ll want it to be a night to remember. So, here are a few tips to help make that happen…

Getting Started

Sometimes the toughest part of planning a sorority party is simply picking the theme. We get it, you can’t use the same tired old themes from years past and wouldn’t dream of copying another sorority’s theme. We hear you. Sounds like it’s time to get creative! Work with your committee to come up with a few options that you believe the rest of your chapter would like and email a poll of the best 2-3 options. This way, every sister will feel that they’ve had a say in the event and you can guarantee the majority will love your theme (win-win!).

With a theme in the works, check your calendars and set the date! To choose a date that’s convenient for the majority of chapter members, you’ll want to avoid exam weeks, fraternity formals, or other major events that might conflict with your event. The length of the event may also effect your date. So, if you’re planning on partying the night away, you may want to aim for a weekend to give everyone a little ahem recovery time.


Location, Location, Location

If your chapter has a large enough house to accommodate this epic event, that can be a fantastic option. However, if that’s not the case, or you just need a fresh venue, the first step is to determine the number of guests you’ll be hosting. An average size room accommodates approximately 30 people, so consider your guest list and evaluate accordingly as you visit potential venues.

When choosing your venue, remember to also take into account entertainment and refreshments, as you may need to allot a certain amount of space for things like a stage or seating. The goal when choosing your location is to find the perfect balance between functionality and fun! So make sure to find a place that works with your theme and your amazing sorority party plans.


Food and Drink

Now that you’ve found a perfect venue, it’s time to move on to food. First, decide whether your party calls for cocktails or a sit-down dinner. Both require extra equipment, so it’s important to remember your budget when you make this decision. Whether you opt for a cocktail party or a formal dinner, you’ll want plenty of places for partygoers to sit. If this isn’t offered with your venue, consider renting tables and chairs from an Event Rental Company.

For those 21-and-up sisters, having a cash or open bar is a fun addition to any event, and you can often book a bartender from the same company you hired to cater! For other college entertainment options, visit GigSalad!



Now that you’ve got the perfect venue and worked out the food and drinks, let’s talk entertainment. Having a band or DJ play can really amp up your sorority party! Think about your theme and seek matching entertainment, or opt for a crowd-pleasing cover band.

Since this is going to be one of the greatest events your chapter has ever seen, you’ll want to remember it all! You may have a sister who is your designated photographer, but if not, hiring a Photographer to capture those amazing memories adds a special touch.


Take Aways

We don’t know about you, but we’re never too old for party favors! Consider ordering personalized cups or koozies with your Greek letters and the event info, or maybe even custom t-shirts. There are plenty of options when it comes to keepsakes that people will love to use. Whatever you decide, giving your guests something special to take home is a great way to help them remember all of the fun they had and keep them excited for the next event!

Now that you’ve got the tools, it’s time to get to work organizing that sorority party your chapter will always remember! We have full faith in your party planning powers but, just in case, GigSalad is always here to help make it a bit easier so you can enjoy your amazing event!


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