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Product Update: January 2020

Calendar updates, saved decline messages, and a letter from our Product Manager

By Heather Roonan

Happy New Year, everyone! 2019 was quite a year. We launched a lot of long-awaited features – saved quotes, calendar syncing, lead blocking, and more – and made countless other improvements both on the site and behind the scenes. We’re working on our roadmap for 2020 as we speak, and can’t wait to get started. In the meantime, here’s a quick update on what’s going on right now.

In this product update:

Get up to “date” on the calendar

As you know from many of our updates in recent months, the calendar is still an ongoing project for our development team. We’re slowly rolling it out feature by feature and want to keep you updated along the way.


We mentioned last month that we were working on the ability to add events to multiple days at once, and we launched that feature just before the holidays!

Now, when adding a new event to your calendar, you’ll input all the details for the first date of the event, but then you’ll click “add to multiple dates” at the bottom and choose all the dates the event recurs on.

Coming soon…

General availability: Our developers are currently working on a feature that will allow you to select specific days/times of the week that you are always unavailable. Never work Tuesdays? (Understandable, they are the worst!) You’ll be able to save that preference so you don’t get leads for events on Tuesdays.

New calendar location: We’re going to be moving the calendar to its very own section in your control panel. Once this is in place, you’ll have a new menu item that will let you jump straight to your calendar without having to go through the Edit PromoKit section.

As always, if you have any feedback or suggestions for the calendar or any other features, let us know.

Save messages for declining leads

When you decline a lead, there’s an option to send the client a message explaining why you can’t accept their request. We had many users request the ability to use a saved message for that response.

So now you can! When declining a lead, there will be a dropdown above the text box so you can choose one of your saved messages. If you haven’t already, you can create custom saved messages for various decline scenarios.

A few words from Mr. Bacon

Our awesome Product Manager, John Bacon, is passionate about making GigSalad the best it can be. And he knows that begins and ends with you, the user. So we asked him to write a letter to kick off 2020 and give you all a little insight into where we’re headed.

Hi everyone!

What an end to the decade, right? It was a big one for us and our members. We rolled out a lot of features you’ve requested over the years and ended up getting our members over 12% more bookings than in 2018. Since getting you work is our #1 priority, we mark that as a successful year.

Over the past year, I’ve focused on shifting our approach to how we choose projects. We’ve always accepted user feedback to some degree, but the GigSalad of the past was driven by gut reactions or what would drive the most revenue. Yes, revenue must play a part, because we are a business, but our users should drive our product. When you are successful, we are successful too.

I’ve personally spent the last several months researching, surveying, and talking with our members and event planners. I’ve logged pretty much every bit of feedback we’ve received in recent years into a new process that will allow us to discuss each item of feedback in more detail. We can’t do every single thing requested, but we’ll be evaluating each and every suggestion to determine the amount of work involved and the value it will bring to you, our members. In short: your feedback matters. We are in the business of solving your problems.

That brings me to the #1 thing we hear from you, and one of our major themes for 2020: lead quality. I know it’s frustrating to receive leads that go nowhere. While we are never going to be able to hit a 100% response rate (I wish we could force clients to respond!), there are many things we can do to increase lead quality, and you can expect to see them in 2020.

I can’t even tell you how excited I am about where GigSalad is going. I’ve never felt more connected to our users and I want to keep that going in 2020 and beyond. So please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’ve compiled a few of the specific ideas we’re considering and would love to know what you do and don’t want. Just take this 2-question survey to share your feedback. That’s right, just two questions!

Thank you for reading my letter and for your continued support of GigSalad. I hope I get to talk to some of you a bit more this year!

– John

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