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Product Update: December 2019

User feedback, calendar updates, and more

By Heather Roonan

We can’t believe 2019 is already coming to an end. Oh, how the time flies! It’s been an incredible year for GigSalad and we hope the same is true for you. We can’t wait to bring you an even better product in 2020, and hopefully a lot more work. In the meantime, here’s a quick update on what we have going on as we close out the year.

In this product update:

First things first…

Say hello to our newest team member! Josh has joined our East Coast office as a full-time engineer. This is really exciting because as our engineering team grows, the more features and improvements we’re able to roll out for our users.

We hear you!

User feedback has always been important to us. Each email you send and every call you make to report a bug or request a feature is passed on to our product and development teams. However, as the suggestions pile up, sometimes they fall through the cracks. That just won’t do!

Our product team is putting a new process in place to track suggestions. This process will allow us to better evaluate your feedback, determine the most valuable projects, and turn ideas into actionable items for our development team.

So keep those suggestions coming!

More calendar features? You got it!

As you know, we’ve been slowly rolling out a lot of exciting improvements to the GigSalad calendar over the last few months, and we aren’t done yet. Here’s the latest:

Add GigSalad bookings to external calendars

You can now integrate your GigSalad calendar with external calendars so that your GigSalad bookings will be automatically added to any other calendar apps you use.

All you have to do is go into your control panel and turn on your calendar feed to get the URL. Add that URL to any external calendars on which you want to include your GigSalad bookings. Learn more.

Add events to multiple days at once

This is soooo close to launching. Like, very close. So sit tight! Once launched, when you add new events or unavailability, there will be a new “add to multiple” button that will allow you to select additional dates on which the event should appear.

After this, we’ll begin expanding the feature to include the ability to add events to recurring weekdays, in addition to specific dates.

Educating event planners

We mentioned last month that we’d soon be testing an additional step in the quote request form. Well, that test is now live!

When an event planner is submitting a general quote request, we ask them where they’re at in the booking process. In this test, if they choose a wishy-washy answer like “looking for pricing” or “just researching” we insert some average cost information for the category and location they’re interested in.

The goal behind this test is to provide additional information to help set and manage expectations. Only those who feel the price is doable will hopefully continue with their request. Thus, cutting out the price shoppers that are uninterested and less likely to book.

We haven’t reached statistically significant numbers so we won’t share the results just yet. But, we’ll be sure to include them in a future product update after the test is complete. So keep your eye out!

Ok Google, show me GigSalad

In addition to all of these development features, we’re also fine-tuning our digital advertising strategy. We’ve been slowly pushing more sponsored ads to the top of search results for our biggest categories and cities. Now we’re taking what we learned from that and increasing our reach, as well as making improvements to the ads themselves. All this with the same goal as any other feature we spend time on: getting you more leads.

As the holidays approach, we’ll be winding down a little bit so our team can rest and enjoy some much-deserved time off with family and friends. But then we’ll be back and ready to make 2020 the biggest year yet for getting you booked!

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