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Planning a Bookworm Party for Your Little Nerds (With Lots of Printables!)

By Megan Price

Before I start getting angry comments on the word “nerd,” let me be clear. I would’ve been the first kid to request a Bookworm party (had I thought of such a theme at the age of 8). I absolutely love reading, and nothing warms my heart more than seeing a little person cuddled up with a book! While the rest of my family was piling onto roller coasters at amusement parks during summer vacations, I opted to sit on the bench with my Goosebumps collection. To this day, I love nothing more than walking into a warm Barnes and Noble and being surrounded by piles of words. If your kiddo sounds like me, do them a favor and indulge their nerdiness! Plan a Bookworm party with these cute ideas.


Bookworm Party Decor

One of the easiest things to use for decor is already in your house! Just pile some of your favorite books around and use to add height and dimension to your dessert or gift table. If you’d like a “cleaner” look, try wrapping some of the hardback books in some plain paper or fabric that matches your theme colors. Or add some patterns and make it even more fun!


bookworm party

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Banners are always a great solution when you want simple decorations. While I could personally never desecrate a book, you could purchase a book from a dollar store to cut out your triangles! For scaredy-cats like me, just make a copy or buy printed scrapbook paper instead.


bookworm party

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A table runner made out of book pages is another great touch! If you have a younger bookworm, children’s book pages will be even more colorful and adorable. (The photo shown is a Harry Potter theme party, which is another awesome idea! Try choosing a favorite book and building your theme around it.)


bookworm party

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Last but not least, glue your book pages to some streamers or ribbon! You can hang them behind the dessert table for a cute backdrop, or above the table for gifts to add a little more bookish ambiance.


bookworm party

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I’m always a sucker for heartwarming quotes, so we’ve put together some printable decor for your Bookworm party! Frame them and put them on a table or nestle in a centerpiece for a little pop of literature.


bookworm party

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bookworm party

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Bookworm Party Games

Keep the Story Going

Let’s get their little brains working! The game “Keep the Story Going” can be fun for kids of all ages. Have the kids sit around in a circle, and give them the start of the story. On each player’s turn, they have to say a few words to continue the story. For example, you say “Once upon a time, there was a very grouchy elephant named Dwight. Instead of playing with his friends, he liked to…” and then it’s the kids’ turn! They might say “leave scathing Yelp reviews all day.” (Okay, they probably won’t say that, but you get the idea.) Here are some story starters:

  • There was once a confident weightlifter who found a strange package by his front door…
  • One day, a homesick dentist decided to take tightrope walking lessons…
  • A long time ago, there lived a scatterbrained gardener who got caught in quicksand…

*These story starters were courtesy of a fun online tool by! Make your own here.

Bookworm Scavenger Hunt

Make your birthday kiddo work for their gifts this year! Find passages in their favorite books that lead them from clue to clue (or gift to gift). Each passage should have some sort of clue as to where they can find the next one. A passage in The Babysitter’s Club might say “Kristy was so excited that she landed her first babysitting gig! She hung up the phone and ran into the kitchen to tell her mom what had happened.” And then you’d hide the clue in the kitchen. You can get the whole party involved by hiding party favors instead! Our printable makes it easy to fill in the passages for them to find. For example:


bookworm party


Just print, cut out, and fill in! Voila, instant Bookworm party game that your little nerds will love.


bookworm party

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Book Swap

If your little bookworm’s friends love reading just as much, try organizing a book swap at your Bookworm party! Have everyone bring a gently used book that they’d love to share with someone else. You can either set up a time to let your guests describe why they liked it, or simply have a table set up to facilitate the swaps.



Story Time

Want to bring your kiddo’s love of stories to life? Hire a professional storyteller! They can regale the party guests with original stories or even help retell old favorites. Some can even accommodate costume requests and dress up like the character they’re portraying!


bookworm party

Find Storyteller Casey on!


Bookworm Party Favors

It’s time to get crafty! Set up a “Make Your Own Bookmark” station and let guests create their own Bookworm party favors. You can put out things like cardstock, washi tape, markers, and stickers. When they’re done, punch a hole in the top and tie in a piece of yarn. Easy!



Here I go again, incorporating book pages into the Bookworm party! But this idea is so simple and cute; I just couldn’t resist. Simply cut out your pages, fold, and glue the edges. The tutorial below suggests sewing them, so you can do that, too! Make sure you choose pages that are pretty sturdy for this craft. Then fill with candy for a cute favor!


bookworm party

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Hey, here’s another printable for you! For an adorable Bookworm party favor, fill some small plastic bags with gummy worms, then staple them shut with the tags. Couldn’t be easier!


bookworm party

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