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Plan a Superhero Party in 3 Easy Steps

By Megan Price

Superheroes have taken over the planet! From comic books to the big screen, these larger-than-life characters are everywhere. If you have a little one begging for a caped celebration, you’re probably surfing Pinterest for superhero party ideas. Let us help! Planning a superhero party is easier than you think with these 3 simple steps! 

Step 1: Plan Your Superhero Party Decor

The first step to any party is choosing the theme! We already know you want a superhero, but who is your kiddo’s favorite? We put together this easy guide to help you choose theme colors based on the hero of the hour! Once you have your color scheme, you can easily pick up tableware at any local party store.


Superheroes are all about showing how strong they are! Let the party guests get into the spirit with some interactive decor. Building a “brick wall” for Hulk to smash or Superman to break through is perfect! It doubles as decor, too.


superhero party

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To complete the cityscape decor, try cutting large (2-4 feet) rectangles in varying sizes out of black craft paper and taping them to the wall. Next, cut out (or paint on) several smaller rectangles to represent lit windows in the city buildings. Bring Gotham City to your living room!


superhero party

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Step 2: Plan Your Superhero Party Food

With all the running around and saving the world and such, there’s no time for a big meal! Finger foods are key for a superhero party. That doesn’t mean they can’t be on-theme! Take normal party foods, add a creative label, and you’re set. Don’t worry, no need to come up with creative titles. We did it for you! Use the printable below and save a little time.

superhero party

Click each printable to download!

Step 3: Plan Your Superhero Activities

Before the games start, get your guests into character. Have some inexpensive masks and capes ready! Let your little heroes show off their superpowers with some games of skill! Try building an obstacle course in the backyard with hula hoops to jump through, balancing boards, or “laser fields” of string to crawl under. Another simple idea is a “training station” to test their “powers.” This can be something like throwing bean bags at a pyramid of plastic cups or cans. Set up games to help them “save the world” and have them destroy a villain’s plans! Have your heroes stomp on filled water balloons (bombs) or shoot silly string at print-outs of a villain’s face! You could also appoint a willing adult to play the villain, and let the little ones capture and wrap them in streamers.


superhero party

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But what’s better than all of these? A visit from a real-life superhero! Book a superhero party company or costumed character to make a special appearance. These characters can help lead the superhero training, pose for photos, and more. We guarantee your tiny caped crusader will love it!


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