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Grab a Prop and Smile for the Camera!

By Heather Roonan

Say cheese!  Let’s talk about photo booths!  Photo booths are more than just the strip of mini pics you used to get at the mall.  Nowadays, photo booths are a popular entertainment feature at parties, receptions, and other events. Having a photo booth at your event lets your guests have a little fun of their own instead of relying on a photographer to capture those moments. However, if your event does require a photographer—like a wedding reception—many photography companies also offer photo booth services.  Requesting a photo booth from your photographer will usually be more cost efficient than hiring both separately.


Have Fun with Props

Most photo booth companies will provide various props for you and your friends to play around with.   Props may include mustaches, funny hats, glasses, masks, etc.  Some photo booth services also provide ways for you to include a message in the photo, like a dry erase board or chalkboard thought bubbles. These are great to use as a kind of interactive guest book. Another benefit to having a photo booth at your event is that it inspires your guests to get a little silly.  It gives you some impromptu, fun, candid shots of your guests having a good time!


Take Your Memories Home

Aside from creating a fun atmosphere, photo booths provide your guests with a tangible memory of the event. For a corporate event, businesses can integrate their logo or brand in the photos as a reminder of your services. For a private event, such as a wedding, photos can be used for party favors for your guests. We all love showing the world our fun parties and events on social media, but there’s something nostalgic about having the photos in hand or hanging on the fridge.


Let Your Guests Mingle

Hiring live entertainment can take any event to the next level, but there’s also an opportunity to immerse your guests into the experience. You may already have a band, DJ, or other entertainer booked for your event, but what better way to involve the crowd than to let them provide their own entertainment? It’s also a great way for them to interact with each other if it’s their first encounter.


Photo booths are perfect for almost any type of event and for groups of all ages. You’ll cherish the photo memories for years to come!


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