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By Destin Harrison

“I talked with my team at the beginning of 2017 and told them I’m not going to do another record unless I can write some stuff that really excites me,” Michael W. Smith said. After the passing of his father, Michael wasn’t sure if he would record anymore material at all. He said it would be at least two or three years before he would be willing to start on a new record.

Much to the delight of his fans, however, Michael’s hesitation lasted closer to two weeks than two years. In fact, Michael has two separate albums slated for release in 2018: a full length studio album titled A Million Lights, and a live worship album called Surrounded.

Michael W. Smith | GigSalad Greenroom Interviews

Check out Michael’s new album, A Million Lights

Based on Michael’s track record—including 3 Grammy Awards, 45 Dove Awards, an American Music Award and more than 15 million record sales—I think it’s safe to say that A Million Lights and Surrounded will both be worth a listen. And if Michael’s professional achievements aren’t enough to make you want to listen to his new material, one woman testified that one of Michael W. Smith’s earlier records quite literally saved her life (more on that in the interview).

Show Highlights:

  • What Michael’s been doing for the past three decades (0:57)
  • What inspired the change in Michael W. Smith’s sound with the release of A Million Lights (1:43)
  • How to make connections that will help further your career (5:28)
  • How to write a hit song (7:40)
  • Michael’s thoughts on how music and Christianity mix (11:11)
  • How Michael’s music saved someone’s life (14:47)
  • Michael’s advice for aspiring performers (16:10)


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