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Marilyn Monroe Come to Life

By GigSalad

When GigSalad event hosts book a performer from our site, they’re able to give the performer their feedback by leaving a review on their PromoKit. This is a great way for other event hosts and planners to hear from the performer’s happy past clients! Sometimes we stumble upon a particularly moving review that makes us proud to connect hosts with extraordinary entertainers. Here’s what Susan and Grace did to liven up a party!

“I was searching for some kind of fun and unexpected entertainment for a birthday party for my husband. We were having live music after dinner but I wanted something to kick off the party with a spark of fun after everyone arrived.

Prior to hiring Grace, I was glad for the opportunity to talk to her to find out a little about her. She told me she was rehearsing for “Miracle on 34th Street” playing at the Dallas Children’s Theater November 21 through December 21. I told her that my 16 year old granddaughter aspired to be an actress and was in theater in her high school.

Just before Grace left our party she asked me about my granddaughter. I introduced my granddaughter to her and Grace took a few moments to talk to her and to tell her to follow her dreams. I thought that was very sweet of her.

It was my husband’s 70th birthday. He was shocked when Grace walked in. She flirted with him, sang “Happy Birthday” and kissed him on his forehead. He blushed but loved every minute of it.

Image of Grace, a Marilyn Monroe impersonator posing with man for birthday.

Image of Grace, Marilyn Monroe impersonator, singing for man's birthday.

A group picture was taken with Grace surrounded by all our male guests. She asked one friend in her breathy voice, ‘Are you married?’ And he responded, ‘Not now!’

One of our guests, who is 84 years old, came up to Grace to tell her he had met the real Marilyn Monroe. Grace was gracious and listened to his story all the while keeping in character. Our friend was delighted with Grace and said she was just as beautiful. He talked about her all night long.

I knew I found someone special in Grace. She was not only beautiful, young and talented; she was charming and a delight to work with.” -Susan

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