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By Destin Harrison

In August of 2000, You and Me and all other people were taken by Storm when Lifehouse released their hit single, Hanging by a Moment for the First Time. Since their very first appearance on the music scene, Lifehouse has been giving it Everything they have and hitting the entertainment industry like a Hurricane with a 100% All In attitude, proving they’ll do Whatever It Takes to keep making hits and entertaining audiences worldwide.

This summer, you can catch Lifehouse and Switchfoot on the “Looking for Summer” tour. Click here to see how far away Lifehouse will be From Where You Are!


Lifehouse Greatest Hits album

Lifehouse band members from left to right: Bryce Soderberg, Jason Wade, and Rick Woolstenhulme Jr.


What’s the craziest experience you guys have had as a band?

Bryce (Bassist): “Well it depends on which end of the spectrum you’re looking at. If you’re looking at the positive end, we played the Philippines, where we go there and it’s kind of like an overwhelming response from our fanbase. We headline arenas, we’ll go to the mall and make an appearance and they’ll have all of these police officers hold hands and keep people back. It’s kind of crazy and overwhelming having the welcoming down there and we really appreciate that. You know, we’ve had pinnacle moments like opening for Coldplay and the Rolling Stones and playing the halftime show at the Pro Bowl. Those are always the positive moments. Maybe for a negative one, the Italy story? Jason?”

Jason (Singer/Songwriter): “Oh yeah, we played this one show in Italy when we were like 21 or 22 years old, opening for this artist named Vasco Rossi, who is literally like the Bruce Springsteen of Italy. And the fans have this tradition of throwing food at the opening artists, and they basically just want to see Vasco Rossi. Alanis Morissette was on the gig, this band called Stereophonics, and we were playing three songs. We were just getting started. And as we go on stage, it’s just a sea of stuff being thrown at us, like bags of water, loaves of bread, and I think a can of tuna. So like for our whole set, we’re just dodging food being thrown at us. That’s something you never forget!”


The recent suicide of Linkin Park’s, Chester Bennington, shook a lot of people in the entertainment world. How do you combat the mental and emotional strain that you have to face as performers and as individuals?

Jason: “Yeah, we were just talking about that yesterday at rehearsals. What a loss. You know he’ll be extremely missed. It’s just tragic. You know, Chris Cornell, and now this. It’s one of those things. Depression, it can hit anybody. It doesn’t matter how much money you have, or fame, or success. It’s just an epidemic. It’s good to just reach out if you can. Or if you have a friend that is depressed, just kind of try to make that connection. Because I just feel like suicide is just something when you just feel so lost and so hopeless that there’s no turning back, you know. So I think that, people that are in your own inner circle, if you notice somebody that is dealing with depression or anxiety, the best thing to do is to try to reach out and make that connection, because that human connection can kind of bring someone back from that darkness.”

Bryce: “Our hearts go out to the Linkin Park family and everyone around Chester though… It hits the whole music industry as a whole, so our hearts go out to them.”


What does it mean to be “Hanging by a Moment”?

Bryce: “It’s presence to me. I think that’s one of the key things to us as individuals and being a part of this band and being a part of this whole journey. It’s about being present and not missing a moment: you know, ‘hanging by a moment’.”

Jason: “Yeah, for me too, when I wrote that song. I just feel like my whole life has been just a series of moments when you’re just trying to hold on and not get swept away. I grew up all over the place. I lived in Hong Kong for a couple of years. I didn’t grow up with any roots, really. I was all over the place, so in my teenage years, when I started to write songs to kind of interpret the earlier half of my life, things were just constantly in turbulence and moving and changing and shifting. And from that point on, when I wrote that song, it took us on this crazy, wild adventure. But yeah, I would say it is about just trying to stay in the moment. Stay present and enjoy the moments as they’re happening around you.”

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