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Jaci Velasquez | GigSalad Greenroom Interviews

By Destin Harrison

On March 31st, Jaci Velasquez released her first English record in 5 years (and her first Spanish record in 14 years!) Although she hasn’t been as active on the music scene in recent years, Jaci has hardly taken a day off. Prior to the release of her latest album, Trust, Jaci has been busy co-hosting the “Family Friendly Morning Show” with Doug Griffin which airs on over 100 radio stations nationwide, advocating for autism awareness on behalf of her son Zealand, and she even tried her hand at farming.

Jaci Velasquez -Trust cover

Jaci Velasquez’s latest album, Trust

Since Jaci and I both have some experience on air, I thought a little bit of friendly competition would be fitting for this episode, so we decided to compete in an interview-off. No spoilers. Check out “Two Truths & a Lie with Jaci Velasquez” to find out who won!

Show Highlights:

  • Destin has a challenge for our listeners (0:00)
  • Jaci’s back on the music scene! (2:20)
  • How Jaci handles early mornings (3:14)
  • Jaci and Destin compete in an interview-off (7:12)
  • How the tattoo wager got started (13:48)
  • What it’s like on the Velasquez farm (14:14)
  • How Jaci’s kids have grown up without knowing they’re hispanic (15:47)


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