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How to Plan a Delightful (and Socially-Distant) Birthday Party for Your Kiddo

By Megan Price

We’re happy to see that most of the country is reopening and life is getting (somewhat) back to normal! If your little one has a birthday coming up, you may be considering having a get-together like we used to in the good ol’ days. With just a few modifications, you can party like it’s 2019!

Safety first

The latest information from the CDC tells us that if you can’t properly practice social-distance, wearing a mask is the best way to protect yourself and others from COVID-19. Since it may be tough to keep little ones six feet apart at all times, it may be a good idea to pass out cute masks at the party! We like these adorable (and fairly affordable) choices:

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You can also set up hand sanitizers in a couple of spots to encourage kiddos to keep their hands germ-free before eating, after playing, and after using the bathroom. While we’d like to think that kids always wash their hands, it never hurts to have a back-up plan!

Help keep the little ones socially-distant when waiting in line for an activity or snacks with brightly colored X’s or circles on the floor. If activities are outside, try using some neon spray paint to mark the grass. (Don’t worry, after a mow or two, it’ll be gone.)

Serving refreshments

Every party needs some tasty treats! Reduce the risk of lots of little hands in the food by taking charge of the snack stations.

  • Channel your inner lunch lady and wear gloves to serve.
  • Consider prepackaged treats when possible, or assembling bowls or cups of snacks ahead of time.
  • Write the party guests’ names on their cups to avoid confusion and the possibility of drinking out of someone else’s cup.

Blowing out the candles on a birthday cake is definitely a necessary tradition, but try changing it a bit to be safer! Give the birthday kiddo a smaller personal cake or cupcake with candles instead.

Choosing the right entertainment

Many children’s party entertainers have taken precautions to modify their act to be safer right now, so there are still lots of amazing options for your kiddo’s party. After you’ve considered what’s best for your family and guests, decide which type of entertainment fits your event!

Even though a more interactive entertainer has to be a bit closer than six-feet, they can still offer safe practices for your party! By wearing face masks and/or gloves, these performers can offer fun services for your kiddos:

If your guest list is smaller, you might be able to feel okay with just a bit of distance during the party activities. With the following choices, you can still limit the number of children participating if needed, and allow some space to spread out:

To ensure that you’re meeting the six-foot rule, the best option is a stage show or something where the little ones can sit and watch. Set up chairs or floor cushions that are six feet apart so everyone knows where to sit. These performers can offer a safe and engaging show for your kiddo:

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If you’re not quite ready for gatherings, almost any entertainer has a virtual option! Princesses can read a story via Zoom or a superhero can make a personal Facetime call. Magicians or children’s musicians can captivate your guests through the screen. Check out virtual visit or virtual party entertainment options in your area for a great alternative to in-person performances!

With a bit of modification, you can still host an amazing celebration for that special kiddo in your life! Be sure to follow your local guidelines regarding social gatherings to ensure both your family and the entertainer are safe. And then, it’s time to party!

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