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By Destin Harrison

When Danielle Bradbery won season 4 of NBC’s The Voice and started her career in country music, she was still just a teenager. Now, she’s 21 years old and has expanded her skillset well beyond where she started. In fact, she’s come so far, her new material is almost a reintroduction to her audience — hence the title of her new album, I Don’t Believe We’ve Met. The album features songs like, “Sway”, and “Worth It”, and lots more material which Danielle personally had a hand in writing, which gives the album an honest, personal feel while still maintaining Danielle’s light-hearted, get-up-and-dance sound.

Danielle Bradbery

Check out Danielle’s new album, I Don’t Believe We’ve Met

I Don’t Believe We’ve Met is a very appropriate title for your new album, considering how much honest material you personally wrote into it. What do you hope your listeners learn about you from this album?

Danielle: I hope that with this album they get to know the real me. I took a lot of time between my first record and now to grow as an artist and as a woman. I started the writing process and really found myself in it.


What’s one thing in particular that you think your fans would be surprised to learn about you?

Danielle: Oh gosh, I feel like a lot of people are surprised to know how much I love sports. I’m a huge Astros fan. Love LSU football. I even love UFC and Conor McGregor.


“Sway” has what is arguably one of the catchiest hooks in country music. Wow. What are the necessary ingredients to a song that sticks in your head?

Danielle: Well thank you!! That song was really fun to write and came together so fast. I think when things are repetitive and “sing-songy” they stick in your head.


Sometimes people forget that country artists listen to different kinds of music. What else do you like to listen to in your free time?

Danielle: Oh I listen to EVERYTHING. If you go through my phone you’ll have Carrie Underwood and then it will go straight into Post Malone. Haha!


You’ve said before that it wasn’t always easy singing in front of other people. What’s your favorite antidote for pre-show nerves?

Danielle: I like to do pre-show dance parties with my band and then we say a prayer right before we go on to calm our nerves and get focused!


We heard you originally got mad at your mom for signing you up to audition on The Voice. Where did you end up finding the inspiration to pursue music on your own?

Danielle: I have always loved singing and it was basically my therapy. I was just too shy to do it in front of other people. So I was mad at my mom for making me sing outside of my room more than anything. Once I learned I could do it in front of other people, it fueled me!


There are all kinds of talented people out there who write and record amazing material, but struggle to grow their fan base or find good representation. What would you recommend artists do to get more recognition for their craft?

Danielle: Practice and commitment to your craft is key. I’d also say take time and build the right team around you. Follow the passion and surround yourself with people you enjoy being around.


What’s one piece of advice that you would give to someone who is trying to get where you are in your career right now?

Danielle: Stay true to yourself. It’s so easy to listen to other people’s opinions and think you need to change, but stay true to who you are or it won’t work.


How can our followers keep up with you?

Danielle: Instagram: @daniellebradbery Twitter: @dbradbery


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