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Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue

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By GigSalad

Planning a wedding is hard. No matter how many hours you’ve spent browsing through wedding ideas on Pinterest or searching the web for insider tips, it can still be difficult. However, the end result—standing at the altar—makes it all worth it, right? Now, it’s just a matter of figuring out where that altar will be.


Ask the right questions

Before you begin the venue search, try to have a rough idea of how many guests you plan to have at your wedding. This helps you answer the question of whether or not the venue accommodates your guest list. Is it big enough for everyone? Is it easily accessible for your 93-year-old grandmother?

For those of you who have pinned images of trees in twinkling lights or dreamed of the sun setting when you say “I do,” remember that Mother Nature isn’t always on the same page. Make sure that if you choose an outdoor venue, there is a backup option in case the weather doesn’t line up with your plans.

It’s also important to inquire about what services the venue has to offer. Do they have their own catering service or do you have to hire an outside catering company? If they provide their own catering, ask about menu options, how they handle beverages, and if you can sample a few of their courses. If you have to hire an outside caterer, find out if the venue has space for caterers to set up, prepare, and serve food as well as if you have to provide your own beverages. Don’t know anything about the catering industry? Check out GigSalad’s caterers who can help you create the perfect menu.


Decide between traditional or contemporary 

With each new wedding season, there’s an onslaught of new themes, venues, trends, and ideas that come about. With an estimated 7,000 weddings a day, couples are starting to pick more creative places to have their wedding ceremony. Places like boats, rooftops, art galleries, and barns are some of the trending venues in 2015.


Image of an art gallery space available for weddings.

Unusual venues like art galleries require few additional decorations and are also an easy set-up.


Photo of rooftop wedding with tables set for reception dinner.

Rooftop weddings offer an exceptional view and some great shots for your wedding photographer.


Photo of a grand ballroom in a cruise ship set up for a large wedding reception.

Cruise ships host elegant wedding celebrations and, often times, offer in-house wedding coordinators who can arrange the ceremony, menu, cake, flowers and music.


For the traditional wedding venue lovers out there, don’t worry. You haven’t been forgotten! Places like country clubs, hotels, and churches are still just as popular. And with these other great wedding tips, you can personalize any venue to be the perfect spot for your dream wedding.


Choose your ideal season

It might seem odd to consider that your chosen wedding season will affect your venue options, but it’s crucial to keep this in mind. If you live in Maine, for example, your dream outdoor wedding will be limited to the summer months. Some places are simply better-suited for certain seasons.

When looking at photos of potential venues online, make sure to ask what time of year the photo was taken. You might love the way the landscape looks in a photo captured in June, but if you’re planning for a wedding in September, odds are, the views will be different. Make sure to check out pictures during fall months, so you can have a more accurate depiction of what the venue will offer.


Image of a newlywed couple in a remote spot for wedding ceremony.

Outdoor weddings in remote spots can be classic and romantic. Just make sure the season and accessibility are practical for you and your guests.


Regardless of how much or how little you’ve thought about your ideal wedding venue, being able to choose one is not always an easy task. Using these few tips will help you narrow down your options and make sure you get the most out of your experience. Also…congratulations! We wish you the happiest of marriages.


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