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Spill the Tea with These Unique Bridgerton-themed Party Ideas

By Heather Roonan

Dearest readers, word is spreading through the ton that the party of the season is right around the corner. Could it be yours? From tea parties to balls, this author finds herself compelled to share the most unique of ideas so that you may throw the perfect Bridgerton-themed party!

What type of Bridgerton party do you want to throw?

Bridgerton is filled with social engagements of all kinds, from the casual to the extravagant. Choose an event that best fits your special occasion. We have a few ideas to get you started.

Host a fabulous tea party

You can choose a casual afternoon tea with light snacks or go for a more formal high tea with a full meal. Either way, your guests will love an elegant Bridgerton tea party. Break out some beautiful tea sets, set the mood with classical music, and enjoy quali-tea time with your fellow Bridgerton fans.

πŸŽ‰ Perfect for: Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, Mother’s Day Brunches, Birthday Parties

Plan a perfect promenade

A promenade is more than a stroll in the park. It’s all about being seen! Invite your guests to dress to impress and come ready to discuss hot gossip or their favorite Bridgerton plots. If you want to make things more exciting, hire a murder mystery company to set a scene for everyone to play along with.

πŸŽ‰ Perfect for: Proposals, Engagements, Grand Openings or Product Launches, Anniversaries

Throw a beautiful ball

Of course, the most Bridgerton-y thing you could do is throw a fabulous ball and invite all the members of your personal ton. Go all out with fancy gowns and tuxedos and a live orchestra. Your guests will have a blast stepping back in time to Regency-era London and partying all night long!

πŸŽ‰ Perfect for Wedding Receptions, Proms or High School Dances, Corporate Events, Fundraisers

Whistledown-worthy invitations

Once you know the type of Bridgerton-themed party you are throwing, it’s time to break out that feather quill and get started on the invites.

We recommend channeling your inner Lady Whistledown with your very own Society Papers. Put all of your event details into a story that offers an exciting preview of your upcoming soiree. You can use our template or write your own. Have fun with it!

Download Bridgerton-themed invitations that look like Lady Whistledown's society papers.
Download a printable template for your Bridgerton party invitations

πŸ‘— What to wear

Be sure to set expectations for attire. Encourage your guests to embrace the Bridgerton fashion with their own take on empire waist dresses and fancy tuxedos or tailcoats. Or go full-on Queen Charlotte with extravagant gowns and tall wigs.

For those without a modisteβ€”or well-stocked thrift storeβ€”on hand, a fun alternative to formal wear could be Bridgerton-inspired graphic tees. Especially for a more casual event, like afternoon tea or a promenade.

Decorations fit for a Bridgerton

The key to pulling off an authentic Bridgerton-themed party is the right decor. To achieve a classy Bridgerton aesthetic, use flowing drapery and vintage furniture throughout your venue where possible.

🎨 Color Schemes

There are lots of colors to choose from for a Bridgerton party. If you want to match the Bridgerton house decor, stick with shades of blues and tans with subtle floral patterns. For a brighter scheme like the Featherington household, try citrus hues of pink, orange, and yellow.

πŸ’ Table Decor

Use vintage tablecloths and floral arrangements in your chosen color scheme to dress up your tables. Search your local thrift stores for old candlesticks and candelabras to accent your table dressings. For an extra unique touchβ€”perfect for a Bridgerton tea partyβ€”use teacups, teapots, and saucers as centerpieces to hold flowers, condiments, and desserts.

Teapot floral centerpiece
Photo credit: The Cottage Market

Ring the servants – it’s tea time!

No Bridgerton party would be complete without the proper food and drink. Your selections may vary depending on the type of event, but there are a few classics you’ll want to make sure you have on hand.

πŸ₯ Finger Foods and Desserts

If you’re hosting a Bridgerton-inspired tea party, tea sandwiches and scones would be perfect for your menu. Classics like cheese trays or charcuterie boards also work for both casual and formal affairs. And you can’t forget the sweets! Serve an assortment of mini cakes, cookies, and colorful macarons.

πŸ₯‚ Tea and Cocktails

When it comes to drinks for your Bridgerton-themed party, tea is obviously a must. You can serve an assortment of hot teas, iced teas, or even spiked teas for the adults. Speaking of adult beverages, you can’t go wrong with champagne at any type of event. You can also hire a bartender to mix up some Bridgerton-inspired cocktails.

Add some fun to your Bridgerton party

While eating, drinking, and dressing up are generally the focus when throwing a Bridgerton-inspired party, you still need entertainment! Here are a few ideas for turning your Bridgerton bash up a notch with music and games.

πŸ€“ Trivia and/or Costume Contest

Put everyone’s Bridgerton knowledge to the test with a round of trivia, or have all your guests vote on who captured the Bridgerton-style fashion the best. Then crown the winner as Diamond of the Season with a fun prize pack!

πŸ“Έ Photo Booth

Everyone will be camera-ready in their best Bridgerton attire, so make sure they have a way to immortalize the occasion. A photo booth is a perfect chance to pose with fun Bridgerton-themed props like wigs, tiaras, pearls, and fans.

🎻 Live Music

The soundtrack is what sets Bridgerton apart from other period shows, so live music is a must for any Bridgerton-themed event. Consider a string quartet for bigger occasions or a solo violinist for more intimate engagements. Most string musicians will be able to do classical takes on modern songs, just like the show!

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Bridgerton is one of the most-watched Netflix series for a reason. The gorgeous settings, fabulous gowns, and catchy music are captivating. That’s why it’s the perfect party theme for any occasion. So dust off those white gloves and get to planning the best Bridgerton event of the season!

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