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A Frozen Themed Party on a Budget

Budget-friendly ideas from Bird's Party

By GigSalad

Here at GigSalad, we often speak with party planners requesting costumed characters for their child’s birthday. This is a great addition to kids’ parties as they can incorporate games, face painting, stories, songs, dancing, crafts—all with their very favorite character come to life! These days, our most popular costumed character request is for the “Frozen” Princesses. Here are a few ideas to help you plan a “Frozen” themed party for your little princess.

frozen themed party

Costumed characters from Princess Party Entertainment were a hit at this birthday party! Click the photo to check out their GigSalad profile!

​As a one-stop shop for party planners and event hosts, we want to provide even more ideas so you can throw the “Frozen” themed party your child will never forget!

To get the best and most budget-friendly ideas, we spoke to the party planning expert herself—Bird, founder and creative director of Bird’s Party. So, here she gives us simple, creative “Frozen” themed projects for the DIY party planners!

“When it comes to budget-friendly party decor, party printables are my go-to! You can really help pull together a party theme and decorate the entire venue with a polished look without breaking the bank.

Tissue paper pompoms, honeycomb balls and paper rosettes also offer a great cost-effective solution to decorating any space. They pack the wow factor without much effort or cost.

Image of party decorations using tissue paper pompoms.

For DIY party decor, a few tissue paper pompoms can help bring life to any table or theme.

When it comes to budget-friendly favors, I believe a party activity where guests create something to take home is ideal! It’s not only practical, but it’s also a lot less work for the hostess. And the kids will love something they actually made as opposed to something store-bought. A jewelry or snow globe creation station would be a great way to incorporate the theme into your activities.

​Another cool idea is to use white Christmas lights you may already have at home to create the “Frozen” atmosphere. And don’t forget the cute goodie bags or packaging to match your theme!”

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