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7 Tips to Get More Gigs on GigSalad

An interview with Sandi Joy

By GigSalad

With a PromoKit on GigSalad, potential clients come to you directly looking for entertainment and services. Although you’re not actively searching for clients, being successful takes more than sitting back and waiting. The GigSalad members with the most success are those who put in the work to get there.

Sandi Joy is a full-time comedian from Downingtown, PA and a Featured Member on GigSalad. We found Sandi’s positivity and drive inspiring. As a successful member who has secured a number of bookings of all different kinds, we asked her to share with us how exactly she uses the tools on GigSalad to land more gigs!

Here are 7 awesome tips from Sandi Joy to maximize your PromoKit and get bigger and better bookings!

1. Respond as soon as possible.

Responding as soon as you can shows the potential client that you’re interested and quick to communicate. If I’m in the middle of something, I’ll send a simple message to say hello and let them know that as soon as I am available, I’d love to hear more about their event. I never send a quote without communicating first!

2. Send photos and clips.

If I receive a request that’s not specifically addressed to me, I always attach my best promo photos which display some of my credentials, as well as a screenshot of at least one of my reviews. I don’t assume that the client has viewed my profile if the booking request doesn’t come specifically to me.

3. Ask the right questions.

When I receive a lead, I’ll ask questions about the audience, the venue, their organization, and what they’re hoping to accomplish through the event. If the client has provided their phone number, I’ll call them right away. In my experience, this is key to closing on an event. Even if the client does not include a phone number, I’ll send a message asking to hear more about what they’re looking for. The important thing is to start the conversation however possible. After communicating with them or receiving more information, I take the time to evaluate what was said to make sure I’m a good fit for their event.

4. Know your target audience.

I don’t take every lead that comes my way, even if I am available. It’s important to me that the client gets the outcome he/she is looking for. I’m not always the best fit and that’s okay! I don’t ignore those leads when they come in, but if after a conversation I realize that I’m not really what they’re looking for, I have a network of friends I am happy to recommend.

Work with integrity and the rewards will come. Think long term and not short term. Clients appreciate your honesty. That client will remember you later when they (or a friend) have a gig that is more appropriate for you.

5. Stay connected.

After booking an event, stay connected. I set calendar alerts on my phone to remind me to reach out to the client a month, a week, and a day prior to the event. My clients know that I want their event to be a huge success so that they look good! Keeping the communication flowing is part of building a relationship of trust so that the client knows they are being heard and they can count on you.

6. Say thank you.

Make sure you say thank you – whether you book the gig or not. When a client has taken the time to reach out to you and engage with you, say thank you. If it’s a gig you wanted but didn’t get, keep the door open by appreciating the fact that they even reached out to you in the first place. Be sure they know that you would love to partner with them or their organization and you hope they’ll consider you for future events. Again, keep thinking long term!

7. Don’t be afraid to contact GigSalad for help.

There were opportunities on the site I didn’t even know about until I called and spoke to a Customer Happiness Agent at GigSalad. They helped me narrow my focus to eliminate requests that weren’t really a good fit. They want to see you succeed because then they succeed as well. Having my site reviewed by a staff member showed me some things I could do that could help me book more gigs, and it was all through a simple phone call!

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