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4 Reasons to Choose a Solo Acoustic Guitarist For Your Corporate Event

By GigSalad

When it comes to the success, or lack thereof, of your corporate event, few other choices will make as much of an impact on your guests than your choice of musical entertainment. Music just makes everything better. But, it’s just as important—or even more so—to find the right musician who can set the perfect tone for your corporate function. A solo instrumental musician, such as an acoustic guitarist, would be the best choice and here’s why:


Let’s be realistic. Unless you are the National Football League, most companies and organizations don’t have the nine-digit budget required to hire music acts such as Adele, Bon Jovi, or Paul McCartney. Even some of the top tribute bands that impersonate these mega artists can charge anywhere from $5000-$25,000 per performance. Conversely, you can find a great acoustic guitarist who will be able to play all the hits that everyone knows for under $500!


The main objective is to create fun in the room and to make your event a memorable one by being able to play a wide range of music, as well as all the best hits that people love to hear. Because of drastic changes in the music industry in the past 5-10 plus years, some of the top long-running cover bands and variety bands have been forced to quit or find “regular” day jobs because of limited performance opportunities. On the other hand, acoustic musicians who play a wide variety of music genres can still find full-time work as a background instrumental soloist at private and corporate events, restaurants, and hotel lounges, allowing them to steadily hone their skills and expand their repertoire over decades of continual performing experience. With that said, it’s much easier for a solo acoustic instrumental guitarist to develop and maintain a vast repertoire of hundreds, even thousands of songs, in dozens of musical genres than it is for a full-size band.


Consider your venue size and type of event. An acoustic guitarist takes up much less space at smaller venues and can easily move from room to room at larger venues, depending on when and where the music is needed. If the acoustic guitarist has a wireless sound system, they can even stroll around the venue for optimum mobility. While a full band or a DJ is fine for events that require dancing, a solo instrumental guitarist who provides upbeat background music accompaniment and a great ambiance will be more appropriate for most corporate events.


Technology has helped the solo instrumental guitarist the most to create a bigger sound palette by adding loop pedals, synths, trigger pads, and backing tracks to his arsenal of music gear. In the hands of a creative guitarist, these tools give the illusion of having more than one performer playing when such a desired effect is needed.

Article author, Alex Guillen, is an acoustic guitarist, composer, and arranger with nearly 20 years of professional playing experience in the San Diego area. Alex’s love of music has been shared in countless events such as weddings, private parties, corporate events, trade shows, and more. Book Alex Guillen for a beautiful addition to your next event.

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