Yildiz Bellydance

Why book Yildiz Bellydance?

Yildiz delights in entertaining audiences with her engaging, interactive style. Although she specializes in restaurant shows and corporate promotional events, Yildiz also enjoys creating special performances for private parties.

Birthdays, anniversaries, Ladies Night Out, grand openings - you name it! Yildiz will bring excitement and grace to your next event!



Yildiz Performs at Cabaret

Yildiz absolutely delighted the crowd at Cabaret this year. We can't wait to have her back for next years annual Cabaret performance. Yildiz is a seasoned performer, who moves gracefully and demonstrates a mastery of bellydancing. We felt so very fortunate to have her perform for cabaret. She captured the audience with an absolutely wonderful performance.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Rebecca R.
Organization: Winnsboro Center for the Arts
Event: Concert Venue in Winnsboro, TX
Event Date: Aug 13, 2011
Hired As: Belly Dancer

Yildiz at our event

Yildiz was a pleasure. The audience actually stopped drinking and talking to watch her dance. They are a tough crowd so we were delighted that she was so captivating. She was also prompt, friendly and easy to work with.I noticed a lot of the women trying to figure out how she managed to move the way she was. The act following her, who is a well known entertainer, said this was a tough act to follow. That was a very big compliment for Yildiz. We are very glad we had her at our event and would not hesitate to ask her to return.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Mattea H.
Organization: Plaza Pub
Event: Bar/Lounge in Arlington, TX
Event Date: Oct 16, 2011
Hired As: Belly Dancer

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 10 - 30 minutes
  • Fee: $150 and up
  • Languages: English, Spanish


Proficient with veil, finger cymbals, sword, cane, candle tray, Wings of Isis. Experience in Khalegee, Baladi, Saidi, Bandaree, Baba Karam, and more.

Past Booked Events

07/27/12 At Villa Mediterranean Grill
07/20/12 At Villa Mediterranean Grill
07/13/12 At Villa Mediterranean Grill
07/06/12 At Villa Mediterranean Grill
06/29/12 At Villa Mediterranean Grill
06/22/12 At Villa Mediterranean Grill
06/15/12 At Villa Mediterranean Grill
06/08/12 At Villa Mediterranean Grill
06/01/12 At Villa Mediterranean Grill
05/25/12 At Villa Mediterranean Grill
05/18/12 At Villa Mediterranean Grill
05/11/12 At Villa Mediterranean Grill
05/04/12 At Villa Mediterranean Grill
04/27/12 At Villa Mediterranean Grill
04/20/12 At Villa Mediterranean Grill
04/13/12 At Villa Mediterranean Grill
04/06/12 At Villa Mediterranean Grill
03/31/12 Private Event
03/30/12 At Villa Mediterranean Grill
03/23/12 At Villa Mediterranean Grill
03/16/12 At Villa Mediterranean Grill
12/31/11 Chamak Challo - Hilton at Lincoln Center
12/17/11 At Villa Mediterranean Grill
12/16/11 At Villa Mediterranean Grill
12/11/11 Sa'diyya's Holiday Hafla at Giovanni's Dallas
10/26/11 Weekday Soiree at The Peace Pipe
10/16/11 Plaza Pub in Arlington

Set List

Choose a set anywhere from 10 minutes, to 30 minutes, to multiple sets.

Setup Requirements

From a simple chair to full-blown stage and lighting, there are certain configurations and needs that many performers and service providers require in order to provide the best possible experience at your event. Get a free quote request to check with Yildiz Bellydance to find out what their setup requirements are.

Free Quote Request


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