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Tony Quest

Tony Quest

0 reviews

About Tony Quest

Professional Singer/Entertainer





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Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 30 - 45 minutes
  • Fee: Contact Us
  • Insurance: $1,000,000 - WC/GL
  • Languages: English
  • Unions: AFM


Melly 'I got chills and yup...goose bumpies ...those!

Your voice is like velvet! This is super!

Great job. My hubby and I don't really have a special song but after listening to this I think could be it. Your emotion and heart and soul you put into this is just amazing. Again you have done a wonderful job!!
I think everyone has a special song when they are dating, and this happens to be mine and my hubbys special song..He still sings it to me after all this years..No, not like you sing, but it is special to me

Hey- when you have talent you have talent-- and YOU have it.

Your singing never lacks emotion.

Your charming voice.. now i understand why you won that national contest,being the firsts from so many singers.. a voice like yours is have my admiration Sir

You have a fantastic voice, very spectacular..

A great variety and all done by someone who you can tell loves music and singing

Additional Booking Notes

Full DMX intellegent lighting /Lasers etc
Big Screen Display Artist, Trivia, effects


A versatile entertainer and singer
Tony Quest has been a fixture of New Orleans music scene for over 30 years. The New Orleans Oldie King now brings us his Oldie Tribute Shows.
The tunes are fabulous and the history lesson is something of a wonder.
If you ever wanted to know what New Orleans Rock and Roll past was like or A Roy OrbisonTribute, attending a TQ Show is the next best thing to having lived it....
Too bad more people dont make music like this anymore
With nearly 35 years of stage experience,Tony Quest has created these remarkable musical shows high lighting a wide variety of vocal impersonations.

With a focus on popular artists and their hit songs from the 1950s through the 1980s, every show will delight music lovers of all ages.
Sporting a song list of 0ver 800
His sound-alike renditions of popular hits always leave audiences wondering,
How does he do that?
Each show can be customized to create exactly the mood that you are envisioning.
This is the music we all live for; the kind that moves you and makes you feel it.

The team providing the talent:

Chad / Julie

Tech Support

Set List

Set List used only on Tribute Shows
Our set list vary from show and venue. Set list not used on request hour
Over 800 songs to choose .

Influences & Inspiration


Setup Requirements

1- 110 volt outlet

Canopy if Outdoors


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