The Rivers Rockabilly Trio

Why book The Rivers Rockabilly Trio?

Selected as a BEST FIND by the Philadelphia Inquirer, The Rivers play the first hits of rock'n'roll, music of the 1950s: Bill Haley, Buddy Holly, The Everly Brothers, Eddie Cochran, the young Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry and more, in respectful tribute to the original recordings. Outstanding musicianship with great harmonies and vocals by all members of the band. A Rivers concert is a sing-along, get-up-and-dance, time travel celebration of historic American music!

"Rockabilly is fun; The Rivers Rockabilly Trio Proves it!" ~ Allentown Morning Call





Review by Tracey D.

AMAZING....Kept the crowd of over 6000 people up, moving and dancing. Sound was great. Band was very easy to work with - very professional! Will bring them back to Wildwood anytime.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Tracey D.
Organization: Greater Wildwood Chamber of Commerce
Event: Festival in Wildwood, NJ
Event Date: Oct 16, 2010
Hired As: Rockabilly Band, 1950s Era Entertainment

Response from The Rivers Rockabilly Trio:

Tracey D. is the Executive Director of the Greater Wildwood Chamber of Commerce. The festival was the annual Fabulous 50s Weekend, one of the most recognized "retro-fests" in the country.

A perfect choice

I have always wanted to have a band at my wedding, but not the Adam Sandler cover-band variety nor the $3000 over-produced (and over-priced) stage show. We went to see The Rivers play at a retirement home event and were sold on their talent and energy within minutes. We had an intimate Sunday afternoon wedding. Stu provided the outdoor ceremony music (and luckily he thought of everything- even a mike for our pastor so that our guests could hear everything). During the reception the band kept the atmosphere festive with tunes that appealed to all ages. I have never seen children have so much fun on a dance floor and the older guests were thrilled that they could both enjoy the band and interact with each other without shouting over the music. Also, dealing with Stu was such a pleasure. He is a mind-reader and worked tirelessly to make sure that we had the wedding of our dreams. We couldn't be happier with this talented trio!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Amy M.
Event: Wedding Reception in Phoenixville, PA
Event Date: Sep 15, 2013
Hired As: Rockabilly Band, 1950s Era Entertainment, Americana Band, Arts/Entertainment Speaker, Emcee, Wedding Band

We'd book The Rivers again in a heartbeat!

Our daughter was married this past October. Before the wedding, we took her and her fiance to see The Rivers. When her fiance initiated hitting the dance floor, without any coaxing from our daughter, we knew we had found the band for their wedding. We had the most fun! Our guests loved the music and the dance floor was rocking. Our guests stayed til the end of the reception because of this band. Stu introduced the wedding party and emceed all the special events with down-to earth grace and good humor. The Rivers are personable and real gentlemen. If we had to do it all over again, we'd book Stu and the Rivers in a heartbeat!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Lynda H.
Event: Wedding Reception in Malvern, PA
Event Date: Oct 13, 2012
Hired As: Rockabilly Band

Rocking, Fun, Courteous, and Professional

The Rivers Rockabilly Trio played at our wedding and they were an absolute dream! Easygoing, professional, adaptable, and more than happy to make our special day EXTRA special. They rocked the tent, and our guests still haven't stopped talking about how great the band was, over three months later. The biggest "THANKS!" in the world to you guys!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Daniel F.
Event: Wedding Reception in Dover Plains, NY
Event Date: Sep 17, 2011
Hired As: Rockabilly Band, Wedding Band

Thank you again!

I just wanted to send say thank you again! You made our Jubilee absolutely unforgettable! We still get compliments about your music!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Anika F.
Event: Wedding Reception in Philadelphia, PA
Event Date: May 4, 2011
Hired As: Rockabilly Band, 1950s Era Entertainment, Americana Band, Classic Rock Band, Cover Band, Dance Band, Emcee, Oldies Music, Party Band, Rock Band, Wedding Band

Corporate Event made fun!

Just had a corporate event under a tent in the rain. The Rivers Rockabilly Trio was probably what brought a smile to most attendees faces. They were fun and engaging and the music was great. I got a lot of feedback from people telling me the band was really great. Thanks guys!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Amy K.
Organization: Liberty Property Trust
Event: Corporate Event in Carlisle, PA
Event Date: Sep 8, 2011
Hired As: Rockabilly Band

Review by Karla G.

The Rivers Rockabilly Trio played an AMAZING set at my best friend's wedding this weekend! All the guests had a blast dancing to every song they played as we fed off of their relentless, rockin energy. They deserve special thanks for working with me on two special songs we surprised the bride and groom with and for playing the Hora as a last minute nod to the groom's heritage. They put so much effort and care into the performance and it made the evening unique and memorable. They are keeping the classics alive for those who are hearing them for the first time and making them accessible to audiences who love them as old favorites. They are such professional, fun, genuinely nice fellas. I'm grateful we got to rock with them and I highly recommend them!

Reviewer: Karla G.
Event: Wedding Reception in Philadelphia, PA
Event Date: Jun 4, 2011

Review by Chad T.

Thanks for the wonderful set that you put on for us on Saturday. All our guests agreed that you made the party. We look forward to having you back again, as you seriously Rockin'. Even my 19 year old son (who is hard to impress) was blown away.....not to mention those 10 to 70 years older!!! If you get down in the area sometime (don't know if you are familiar with these parts of the Jersey Shore) we would all love to buy you and the band multiple refreshments.

If you have a website or other contact please let me know.....You have our highest recommendation!

Chad Taylor......

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Chad T.
Organization: Children of the Sand
Event: Private Party in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ
Event Date: Feb 12, 2011
Hired As: Rockabilly Band

Response from The Rivers Rockabilly Trio:

This was a neighborhood St. Valentine's Day party with approximately 150 in attendance.

Review by SLFH

I know that 2010 was the first time we used your band and when people ask me what band I enjoyed the most this summer it would be “The Rivers Rockabilly Trio”. I can remember watching one of my campers, grandmother during the concert, she couldn’t keep still in her chair, and at the end of the concert she came to me and said you guys were the best!!! Even at the end of the camp season she told me that her favorite concert that she attended this year was yours.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: SLFH
Event: Concert Venue in North Wales, PA
Event Date: Jul 21, 2010
Hired As: Rockabilly Band

Response from The Rivers Rockabilly Trio:

SLFH is the Director of Parks and Recreation for the North Wales, PA area. The Rivers Rockabilly has been re-booked for their 2011 concert series.

Review by Jeff T.

The Rivers Rockabilly Trio provided a play by play soundtrack to our roller derby game. Their were professional, prompt, and very good performers. We would love to have them play again at our games.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Jeff T.
Organization: Chesapeake Roller derby
Event: Competition in Westminster, MD
Event Date: Jun 5, 2010
Hired As: Rockabilly Band

Response from The Rivers Rockabilly Trio:

Jeff Tomhave, Esq. is the President of the Chesapeake Roller Derby League. He offered us a chance to do something really unique. We worked with the rhythm of the match, playing instrumental clips when the action started and stopping on the whistle. We played songs for the audience at halftime and at the end of the game. They gave us lots of feedback and it was all very favorable. We're looking forward to the next match!

Review by Terry S.

Absolutely a tremendous addition to our Memorial Day Parade. Very professional and easy to work with. Would recommend The Rivers Rockabilly
will add a spark to any event.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Terry S.
Organization: Show Stoppers Unlimited
Event: Parade in Marcus Hook, PA
Event Date: Jun 29, 2010
Hired As: Rockabilly Band

Response from The Rivers Rockabilly Trio:

Terry Smith is an event organizer who works for several large municipalities in Southeast Pennsylvania and New Jersey. This is the second of three bookings she has given us. We devised a way to rig the back of a flatbed truck so as to perform and provide sound to both sides of the street along the full length of the parade route while the truck is moving. It went very well and we were really pleased to see lots of singing and dancing on both sides of the truck!

Review by Anne S.

Really enjoyed the band. Lively, well balanced and fun!

Reviewer: Anne S.
Event: Restaurant in Fort Washington, PA
Event Date: Mar 14, 2010

Review by Carol K. K.

The Rivers Rockabilly band played to a full house at the Sellersville Theater -- about 300 seats. They rocked the joint. People were dancing in the aisles!

Reviewer: Carol K. K.
Event: Private Party in Sellersville, PA
Event Date: Feb 27, 2010

Review by Honey S.

My friends and I were there from the start to the end. Rivers were entertaining and intelegent. We recieved some history and really great music. They are very professional.You can tell that they love what they are doing and they really care if the people are enjoying them. I will come to see them again.

Reviewer: Honey S.
Event: Restaurant in Fort Washington, PA
Event Date: Mar 14, 2010

Review by Donna S.

The Rivers Rockabilly Trio are a fantastic band! They play the old stuff with such enthusiasm it's hard to stay seated! Whenever I hear they are playing I try to get out to see them, even if it means an hour drive. Great band, great energy! Thanks so much, guys for keeping this type of music alive!

Reviewer: Donna S.
Event: Concert Venue in Phoenixville, PA
Event Date: Oct 24, 2009

Review by Chuck F.

Good, solid Rock-n-Roll entertainment that has something for everybody. The music will have you moving from the first note!

Reviewer: Chuck F.
Event: Bar/Lounge in Fort Washington, PA
Event Date: Mar 10, 2010

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 30 - 180 minutes
  • Fee: $600 and up


Those of the "baby boomer" set will experience a journey back to a happier, simpler time when you could gas up your car for 3 or 4 bucks!

Everyone else, right down to the kids, will experience the magic of this music that is part of the heart and soul of America. They sing along with words they didn't realize they knew. They bop and dance and smile and have a better understanding of those songs they've heard about from their parents and grandparents.

ADDED NOTE: Event planners and hosts find that The Rivers are extremely accomodating, courteous, and helpful in maintaining the "flow."

Additional Booking Notes

TECH PROVIDED - Except where air travel is involved, we come completely self-contained, carrying our own PA system, instrumental amps, and drums. We also carry our own lighting.
ELECTRICITY - Our minimum electrical needs are 1-15amp circuit, preferably dedicated.
A NOTE REGARDING LAWNS - For safety reasons, we cannot set up on grass. Platform risers will be required (4 - 4'x8' minimum).

Past Booked Events

09/05/10 Rollin' Rods of South Jersey Car Show
08/17/10 Silly Rockabilly kids show at the Colonial Theatre
08/06/10 Chaddsford Winery Summer Concert Series
07/21/10 Lower Gwynedd Summer Concert Series
07/16/10 Crossing Vineyards Summer Concert Series
07/09/10 Third Annual BLOB BALL - Phoenixville, PA
07/07/10 White Clay Creek State Park (DE) Summer Concert Series
07/03/10 Rosemont-Garrett Hill (PA) Independence Day Parade
07/03/10 Good Neighbor Day Carnival (GOODNEIGHBORDAY.COM)
07/02/10 B'ville Diner 60th Anniversary - Baldwinsville, NY
06/05/10 Chesapeake Mutiny Roller Derby - Westminster, MD
05/29/10 Memorial Day Parade - Marcus Hook, PA
05/21/10 Rockabilly Swing Dance at the Ballroom on High
02/27/10 TWO SHOWS at Sellersville Theater (ST94.COM)
01/23/10 Philadelphia Swing Dance Society (SWINGDANCE.ORG)
10/09/09 OH BOY! Buddy Holly tribute at the Colonial Theatre
09/19/09 Delaware County Riverfront Ramble Festival
09/17/09 NBC10 Philadelphia LIVE on "The 10! Show"
08/07/09 Chaddsford Winery Summer Concert Series
08/05/09 White Clay Creek State Park (DE) Summer Concert Series
07/10/09 Second Annual BLOB BALL
07/04/09 Good Neighbor Day Carnival (GOODNEIGHBORDAY.COM)
06/28/09 Bellevue State Park Arts Center (DE) Summer Concert Series
06/20/09 Jamfest 3 Rock Tribute Festival (Jackson NJ)
05/30/09 Rehobeth Beach Convention Center (DE)
05/02/09 Aetna Fire Hall (DE)
04/18/09 Mediamericana Roots Ramble Festival (Media PA)

The Rivers Rockabilly Trio


In 2005, Philadelphia area singer-guitarist Stu Frederick noticed that a certain kind of music made people from every generation really happy whenever it was played. As a teacher, he had already learned that every school child knows "Blue Suede Shoes" and "Hound Dog!" How?

"To heck with 'How?'!" reasoned Stu. "Why not put together a band that will play this music that makes people of all ages bounce and smile?" And so, The Rivers Rockabilly Trio was born.

The Rivers are now in their 8th year. Having made scores of appearances in public and private events and venues throughout the Delaware Valley (including "The 10! Show" on NBC10), they have also enjoyed being part of many private family events; birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc. You'll find The Rivers will be flexible to your needs, willing and able to help emcee your special event and provide technical resources wherever needed.

There's not another style of music out there that uniquely appeals to multiple generations the way that The Rivers' historic repertoire does. It gives them great pleasure to represent music that means so much to so many and yet is rarely heard live or even on the radio right here in the country where it was born!

What's more, The Rivers take great pleasure in assuring the following:

Their shows are always "FAMILY SAFE" and fun for all!

The team providing the talent:

Stu "Grand Daddy" Frederick

guitar, vocal

JB "Memphis" Smith

percussion, vocal, acoustic guitar, Elvis

Bradley "The Mushrat" Keough

doghouse bass, vocal


Everyone liked you guys, so let's shake right now on you coming back next year. Plus, the fire company wants you to play for their fair!

– George Ramos, President, Lehigh Valley Legends Car Club

The Rivers were great! And when the weather started turning bad, they cut their set to allow a group of young dancers to do their show. Definitely a class act.

– Gary O. Schmidt, Parks Director

The Rivers hold the attendance record for our concert series on one of the hottest nights of the year. The heat didn't matter, there were people dancing everywhere!

– Barbara Pollili, Manager, Chaddsford Winery

The Rivers were a big hit! This is the seventh Forget-Me-Not Gala I have attended but the first where I saw people get up and dance.

– Chuck McDevitt, PR Manager, Chester County SPCA

Saw your show at the Colonial Theatre. It was great. Renewed my interest in Rockabilly!

– Sid Datskow

BEST FIND: Rockabilly Days (the Rivers' tribute show) in Phoenixville!

– Philadelphia Inquirer

We look forward to working with The Rivers again. Last summer we debuted their tribute show, ROCKABILLY DAYS. It was a great success and ended with a standing ovation.

– Mary Foote, Executive Director, The Colonial Theatre

Set List


Including the following selections (and MANY more):

Wake Up Little Susie
Bye Bye Love
Bird Dog

Oh Boy!
Peggy Sue
That'll be the Day

Everybody's Tryin' to be My Baby
Honey Don't
Blue Suede Shoes

Summertime Blues
Nervous Breakdown
Twenty Flight Rock

Folsom Prison Blues
Big River
I Walk the Line

That's All Right Mama
Heartbreak Hotel
All Shook Up

Brown-Eyed Handsome Man
Johnny B. Goode

White Sport Coat (Marty Robbins)
Black Slacks (Joe Bennett & the Sparkletones)
Rock Billy Boogie (Johnny Burnett & the Rock'n'Roll Trio)
Susie Q (Dale Hawkins)
Sunglasses After Dark (Dwight Pullen)

Influences & Inspiration

The great rockabilly and rockabilly-influenced recording artists of the years 1952-1960 including Carl Perkins, Bill Haley, Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran, The Everly Brothers, Johnny Cash, Chuck Berry, and more. These are the artists whose music we do, and we play close attention to the authenticity of the sound that represents the original recordings in the best way possible.

Setup Requirements

From a simple chair to full-blown stage and lighting, there are certain configurations and needs that many performers and service providers require in order to provide the best possible experience at your event. Get a free quote request to check with The Rivers Rockabilly Trio to find out what their setup requirements are.

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