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the Noer-Puppets Eclectic Cabaret

the Noer-Puppets Eclectic Cabaret

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About the Noer-Puppets Eclectic Cabaret

Puppeteer & Ventriloquist with over 20 years of experience. Offering live puppet shows for children of all ages. We travel to your location and set up a portable stage for birthday parties, festivals, library programs, and Church Programs.
Sometimes a customized show can be made to fit whatever your Church, Party or School is doing. I perform most Puppet types including Hand, Rod, & Marionettes.


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Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 30 - 40 minutes
  • Fee: Contact for rates
  • Languages: English


Fifteen Min. before the Show, I come out to one or 2 audience members with Puppet & introduce Myself and one of the Puppets. Three min. to go, they hear the prologue music, followed by a voice that introduces Me and Puppets. A different voice introduces each Puppet and something about the song it will be singing. They'll see and hear a Puppet singing a song they know well and find themselves singing along. When the Parents find themselves getting into the fun as well as their Kids, then That is the best compliment. Many Kids nowadays have never seen a live Puppet show and that is always an exciting thing for them.

Additional Booking Notes

It is a Low-Tech Show. Old -fashioned.


I am Peter Noer. I am a first Generation Master- Puppeteer. I have been Performing Puppets in Public as far back as 1984. I am a Ventrioquist as well. My puppet act theme is a musical variety type. For younger audiences the pre-recored songs are familiar and geared towards them. My shows are what i call, Low- tech/ old school. I never follow current Puppet design or up-scale music in order to attract more people. YOU the Event Planner can expect 100% satisfaction by hiring me. The group you gather to watch will have great fun and will look forward to future shows from Us. I have performed for Day Cares', Elementary Schools, Shopping Malls, Birthday Parties and Cultural Events.

The team providing the talent:

Robert Noer

Set Up

Dennis Noer

Set UP

Bonnie Gardner

assistant Puppeteer

Set List

A variety of music/songs by various artists.

Influences & Inspiration

Jim Henson and his Muppet performers, Shari Lewis, Jimmy Nelson [the Ventriloquist.

Setup Requirements

Adequate Lighting

an 6'x6' area required.

Chairs or Benches

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