Bryan Binkholder

Why book Bryan Binkholder?

Bryan Binkholder, is a syndicated radio shows host, speaker, John Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach & author of his newest release "What You See is What You Get--How to Live and Create the Life of Your Dreams" along with three books & programs in the financial field. Bryan is also a contributing author of Mastering the Art of Success with Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup Guys). Bryan will inspire your group or organization when it comes to his keynote motivational speech of ‘Attitude is Everything’ and motivate your group concerning leadership and success with his teaching on Mastering the Art of Success. Bryan also speaks on business development and marketing.




One of the best Motivational Speakers

I wanted to thank you for your incredible presentation on our recent home buying bus tour! Your presentation was extremely interactive, energetic and it left us with clear steps on how our group can immediately improve our personal life as well as our business objectives. We have had many speakers at our events and all our attendees have not stopped talking about the Financial Coach Bryan Binkholder.
You knocked it out of the park and I can't wait to have you back for our next event.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Giro K.
Organization: DPW Properties
Event: Workshop in St Louis, MO
Event Date: Nov 19, 2011
Hired As: Motivational Speaker

Engaging the crowd is an artform - and Bryan is an artist!

Bryan engages the crowd in a fun and energetic way. I recently was able to attend two of Bryan's most recent speaking events. Perhaps not back-to-back, but very close. I mention this because at each event, with similar topics, he had a different approach to reaching into the seats where we were sitting, making us perk up and pay attention; involved even. Bryan's a passionate speaker, and genuine. If he were not then I would have seen right away, his "routine" as many speakers like to have a comfort zone they can fall back on, as in a typical "ice-breaker" routine. I didnt get that from Bryan... he delivers a message that is impactful, engaging, and genuine each time.

I would highly recommend that you have Bryan at your next event. Like a magnet pulls on and lines up electrons in a magnetic field, Bryan has a way of getting everyone pointing the same direction in attitude and provides the retrospective to keep them there after he has left the room.

Reviewer: Kyle H.
Event: Convention in St Louis, MO
Event Date: Nov 12, 2011

I have known Brian for about ten years and highly respect ..

I have known Brian for about ten years and highly respect him as a successful husband, leader and business man.

Recently had the opportunity to hear Brian deliver a powerful message "Attitude Determines Your Attitude". When I attend a personal development seminar I go looking for one or two ideas that I can put in to practice.

Brian's delivery is entertaining and he kept all of us on the edge of our chairs. (his throwing a football in to the audience had something to do with keeping us alert!)

Here are some of the key points I took away from Brian's presentation. "The mind is a powerful thing. My attitude (the way I inspire and lead) is the key. Always ask questions! A lot will earn what they need but do not break through for what they can have."

Those are just a few of the many nuggets Brian delivered. I have paid thousands and thousands of dollars to attend many personal development speakers. I was able to apply as much or more of what Brian shared and that is what really matters to me.

Reviewer: Chuck W.
Event: Seminar in St Louis, MO
Event Date: Sep 17, 2011

Great Response from Bryan's Presentation

Our members and guests were left in awe of your professional, dynamic, enthusiastic, and unique presentation combining real estate, investing and personal motivation/attitude. As soon as we have our next event we plan to have you back!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Keith Y.
Organization: Coldwell Banker Gundaker
Event: Workshop in St Louis, MO
Event Date: Nov 12, 2011
Hired As: Motivational Speaker, Business Motivational Speaker, Economics Expert, Leadership/Success Speaker

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