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Why book Sylvan Productions?

Sylvan Productions is San Francisco's premiere up-and-coming comedy productions company. They are a comedy collective of the Bay's strongest stand up comedians, improv comedians, technicians, writers, producers, technicians, artists, generally funny people, and whoever else we like enough to stay in our SF Comedy Mansion. And they're ridiculously nice and warm-hearted to boot. Unless you need angry comics, cause we have those too.

Don't believe our incredibly boastful rant? Come check out any of our regular shows, we produce over 4 shows a week in the Bay. You never know who you'll see, we've worked with comedians such as Hannibal Burress, Rory Scovel, Moshe Kaser and Kyle Kinane.



This was a tough 80 person crowd. Half of them were Italian.

David Studebaker sized up the crowd and the key members of the family. This was not an easy event and David got the jucies flowing and kept it all moving. While some things can not be wriiten here, I think that David enjoyed it so much hislf that he will never forget the event and all the fun that was unleashed!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Roy P.
Event: Birthday Party in Petaluma, CA
Event Date: Oct 26, 2013
Hired As: Comedian

Professional and fun

The "gang" from Sylvan are professional and easy to work with. They have consistently proven themselves to be funny and fun to work with, They have demonstrated not only excellent planning, but when plans go amiss (as they often do in our business), they have been able to flawlessly fly by the seat of their pants and deliver a terrific show with ease and grace.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Lee M. P.
Organization: Dirty Trix Saloon
Event: Club/Nightclub in San Francisco, CA
Event Date: Mar 24, 2012
Hired As: Comedian, Comedian, Comedy Improv Show, Comedy Show, Emcee, Interactive Performer, Stand-Up Comedian


I saw six or seven of these guys perform for about an hour at a bar in the mission district, and was thoroughly impressed with their material. Each comedian had a unique style and sense of humor, as well as a strong stage presence that bled confidence and generally improved their delivery. I am not one that attends many comedy shows, but each routine had the entire room laughing and it seemed like this group held a winning recipe to create a fun (and funny) night of comedy.

Reviewer: Charles K.
Event: Bar/Lounge in San Francisco, CA
Event Date: Mar 2, 2012

Response from Sylvan Productions:

Thanks Charles! You must have seen us at the Il Pirata takeover show, the shows producer invited all of our main producers to perform the entire line-up at one of SF's longest running stand-up nights, it was an unprecedented event and also unprecedentedly hilarious!

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 30 - 600 minutes
  • Fee: Contact for rates
  • Languages: English


We are a collective of the best up-and-coming stand up comics, improv comedians, writers, film producers, and musicians.
Being as such, the variety of our performances is as expansive as you, our client, could imagine it to be.
Our shows are, with no exaggeration, almost never the same.
We're up to any challenge, and we're well connected to the San Francisco comedy scene.
Tell us what you want and we'll make it happen.

Or, if you're not feeling creative, we could write a brand new show, pitch it to you, edit according to your suggestions, and deliver a product guaranteed to entertain you and your guests.

Additional Booking Notes

We have our own sound equipment, and connections to borrow/rent any sort of equipment we'd need as far as staging, lighting, props, etc go. (As long as it's in the Bay Area)

Sylvan Productions

Sylvan Productions is a comedy power house based out of San Francisco, California. It’s members are a collection of some of the best comedians, writers, filmmakers, musicians, and artists in the area. Together they produce some of the best comedy to come of of San Francisco in years.

The group technically was born in late 2005, as a small group of high school funny guys who liked to make sketch comedy. But that's ancient history...

In 2009, founding members Andrew Moore and Justin Gomes began the Open Improv, an improv jam with a strict no-rules-rule, in their backyard in SF’s Outer Sunset District. Eventually the show was moved the Dark Room Theatre in early 2010. During this time, local stand up comic team Andrew Holmgren, David Gborie, and Keith D’Souza joined the crew a long with local favorite Luke Lockfeld.

Always eager to keep the comedy torch burning, Sylvan opened their weekly stand up open mic at 408 Clement St. Dirty Trix, a.k.a. the location of the old Holy City Zoo.

The Open Improv eventually spawned a series of classes and workshops. The Dirty Trix eventually gobbled up Holmgren and Gborie’s successful showcase Get Yucked Up!, which is currently a Saturday Night favorite in the Richmond District.

In 2011, The Sylvan Production team expanded, adding hilarious comedians OJ Patterson and Amy Miller to the team. They also added a fairly large house to their retinue, which currently houses most of the Sylvan Production team, and on most nights it’s couches house a good number of San Francisco’s (and sometimes the country’s… hell, sometimes the world’s) up-and-coming comedians crashed out after a late night show.

In 2012 Sylvan braved the cold waters of the Bay and established the weekly Sylvan Show at Vitus in Oakland’s Jack London Square, where the hosted feature sets of local comedians, improv, and sketch groups paired with national favorites.

They’ve worked with talent from all over the world, from homeless entertainers to television favorites.

They’ve produced stand-up, improv, debate, music, sketch, and variety comedy shows. They’re trying to make San Francisco the comedy capital of the country. And they’re really, really funny.

The team providing the talent:

Justin Gomes


Andrew Moore


Ash Clayton

Lead Technician, Sound Engineer

O.J. Patterson

Producer/Stand-Up Comic

Andrew Holmgren

Producer/Stand-Up Comic

Amy Miller

Producer/Stand-Up Comic

Luke Lockfeld

Talent Manager/ Stand-Up Comic

David Gborie

Stand-Up Comic/Business Rep.

Keith D'Souza

Stand-Up Comic

The Stand-Up Comedy Community in SF

We know 'em.

Set List

As previously stated, our set list changes for every performance. It can include Stand-Up, Improv, Sketch, Music, or something else new and ridiculous.

Influences & Inspiration

The Holy City Zoo, Second City, Improv Olympic, The Annoyance Theater, UCB

Setup Requirements

An Audience Ready To Party

Electricity (Optional)


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