Sir Charles Cary

Why book Sir Charles Cary?

Clients tend to like how I'm able to take my personal good and bad experiences and apply them to business topics and general workshops or speeches (Customer Svc, Purpose, others).

In addition I'm a two time cancer survivor, an over-comer of substance abuse, and a vocalist. So far, I've authored 2 books, and what makes me a different from other speakers is that I make each event totally engaging. COURAGE FACING MORTALITY is my most passionate work to date and when I'm speaking on topics from this project or The 3 P's of Success, participants are totally dialed in.

Identifying with your audience is key and I use all of my skills, talents and abilities each and every opportunity that I get!



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Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 30 - 120 minutes
  • Fee: furnished upon request
  • Languages: English
  • Unions: FLETC Certified


Total diversity (depending on the client need) engaging, audience participation, some fun, and a very passionate message!

Additional Booking Notes

Music producer, film producer, film editor (industry standard equipment pro-tools, final cut and others) I've been in major motion pictures and love the industry.

Sir Charles Cary

My company is Trueality Enterprises and there are primarily 3 functions under one umbrella.

*Keynotes / Workshops: Motivation & Business Training (Topics: Customer Service, Public Speaking, Purpose, & Substance Abuse)
*Advertising Production: Ads for business and creative / artistic endeavors (advertising spots, promo spots, & customized)
*Music Production: We produce music for recording artist and we produce music to compliment our ads and filmed performances

Set List

When performing music: Jazz Standards and message music is the forte.
It Had To Be You, Misty, All of Me, Kissing A Fool, Sarah Smile, etc.

Influences & Inspiration

Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Willie Jolley, John Maxwell each of these gentlemen are warm and engaging in their own right. I've met them all with the exception of Tony Robbins. However, I've learned and great deal from them and I truly admire their work.

Setup Requirements

PA System, Infocus


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