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Structural Design/Set Design for Theatrical, Residential and Commercial Clients

I work with the client to help fulfill architectural, conceptual, design, structural needs. I help draw the story out and the create it physically. An emotional connection to the space and the needs of the client are very important.

Trade show booth concepts and design. Bring new life to an old idea.

We have over 20 years of theatrical experience work on numerous shows on Broadway in NYC and other clients in the surrounding area.

We offer consulting on design for any venue. If you decide that you like us also to make your vision into a reality, we can offer that as well.
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Review by Flynn L.

stunning work

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Flynn L.
Event: Private Party in New York City, NY
Event Date: Aug 1, 1998
Hired As: Set Designer, Interior Decorator, Lighting Company, Props Company

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  • Fee: $500-10000
  • Languages: English


I have a lot of experience building ideas from the ground up, both with SoGoNo Dance Company as well as my own work. My approach is very hands-on, and am involved in every aspect of the projects I take on. I have been working in set construction and design as well as residential renovations for over 10 years and am very familiar with what it takes to get something done effectively, quickly and on a budget. I have worked on numerous shows on and off Broadway, complete residential renovations in NYC and understand the ins and outs of these types of projects, big and small. I have over 15 years of experience in these worlds and bring a unique style to the table.

Check out some of my links to get a sense of the sort of work I do. Contact me with any questions.

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We shoot film and digital. Both if you like or just one. Film is still beautiful.

Sean Breault

Designer living in the New York Area.

The team providing the talent:

Flynn Larsen

Design Team


In the program notes for Art of Memory, Tanya Calamoneri's macabre dance-theater piece about bookish isolation, gifted designer Sean Breault describes his set as a blend of his "fascination with Theodore Kaczynski [the Unabomber] and his 'living quarters,' The Deep South, Reclusive Troglodytes, Swamps, Mystics, Open Heart Surgeries, Beautiful Minds, One's Descent Into Madness, Possessions, Spirits and Kittens that some people put into bags and toss over the bridge's edge." Though no cats are killed nor hearts dissected during the hour long performance, Breault's description aptly conveys Art of Memory's atmosphere: sometimes sullen, sometimes febrile, always strange.

The moody trip, which takes its name from Frances Yates's 1966 book about human memory before printing, begins as soon as you enter 3 Legged Dog and encounter the mesmerizing glass music performed live by Miguel Frasconi. The centerpiece of Breault's delightful set is a closed shack on stilts; to the right there's a grove of trees with book pages for bark, a moon hovers to the left, and dozens of books dangle from the ceiling with Edison light bulbs glowing in the bindings. The lights dim, and three pale ghosts—wom

– Gothamist, NY, NY 2009

The Floating Books
Dark fairy tales at the Ontological's Incubator series
Angela Ashman
Tuesday, July 24th 2007

Art of Memory
By Tanya Calamoneri
Ontological-Hysteric Theater
131 East 10th Street
Closed, series runs through September 8

In Tanya Calamoneri's exhilarating dance-theater piece Art of Memory, three eccentric librarians in frilly Victorian-style dresses find themselves trapped in a cavernous library, searching for a way out. With graceful, fluid movements inspired by Japanese butoh, the women frolic on Sean Breault's imaginative set, where books are suspended in the air and stacked in dangerously teetering heaps. From the Brontë sisters to Jorge Luis Borges, Calamoneri skillfully manages to turn her many influences into a cohesive and entertaining 50 minutes.

At the center of the literary chaos is the delightful Lisa Ramirez, who, from a platform above the stage, narrates dark fairy tales that the three women deftly act out. Each story shares the common theme of a female character punished for breaking the rules (the most gruesome being "Bluebeard," in which the title character violently chops off the hands of his disobedient wife to end

– Angela Ashman

There’s a lot going on in Company So Go No’s “Art of Memory,” a 50-minute dance-theater romp conceived and directed by Tanya Calamoneri that spans several continents and decades in source materials alone.
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Ryan Jensen

From left, Heather Harpham, Cassie Terman and Tanya Calamoneri in Company So Go No’s “Art of Memory.”
Ryan Jensen

From left, Tanya Calamoneri, Cassie Terman and Heather Harpham in "Art of Memory."

The piece, part of the Ontological-Hysteric Theater’s Incubator series, takes its name from Frances Yates’s study of how human beings retained knowledge before the invention of printing, and its style comes, roughly, from Butoh, the 20th-century Japanese dance form. Just as many contemporary artists in Japan are desperately trying to rid themselves of the Butoh label, many contemporary artists in America are intent on applying it. Neither is easily done with regard to such a relentlessly misunderstood art, whose idiosyncratic master practitioners seem unified only in avoiding definitions.

And then there’s Ms. Calamoneri’s use of “The Library of Babel.” That marvelous Borges story, which plays with the idea of the universe

– Claudia La Rocco

Art of Memory features a bewitching trio of nutty ladies, with white-powdered faces and complicated antique dresses. Spurred on by a wickedly enjoyable narrator, Lisa Ramirez, they skitter and sneak through Sean Breaults set, an Escher-like landscape of suspended, looping strands of books.

see for full review of the show.

– CLAUDIA LA ROCCO, New York Times

Set List

Broadway and off broadway.
Film and TV

Influences & Inspiration

I work continuously on Broadway and I am influenced by the best everyday.

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From a simple chair to full-blown stage and lighting, there are certain configurations and needs that many performers and service providers require in order to provide the best possible experience at your event. Get a free quote request to check with Sean Breault to find out what their setup requirements are.

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