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Sean Shank

Sean Shank

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About Sean Shank

I have been a professional Stand-Up Comedian for over sixteen years! I have traveled all over the country entertaining thousands of people at comedy clubs, theaters and colleges. I have a full hour long show that I can bring to any corporate, private, club or charity event that I can tailor to be as clean as is needed for the attendees! Currently I am the GM at Laugh Comedy Club in Mishawaka Indiana and I write a humor column for.
I have been seen on CBS Stand-Up spotlight, Comedy on the Road and have performed with Def Jam. I specialize in crowd talking and if given enough advance notice can write jokes specific to people or events! I would love to perform at your event!


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Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 30 - 60 minutes
  • Fee: $150-1500
  • Languages: English


A comedy experience that will leave them laughing and talking about the show long after it's over! I frequently have comedians and audience members alike tell me, "Oh my god, remember that thing you said about 'x', my friend/family member is still talking about that!!!" I have a set that delves into my life and touches on common experiences so that my set seems friendly and comfortable to everyone. I do a lot of what is called 'crowd work' so I try to make people involved in my set so it is a more interactive experience.

Additional Booking Notes

I don't have my own system so I do require at a minimum a mic, mic stand and sound system adequate for the venue. Outside of that good lighting always helps!



Sean Shank began his comedy career in 1995 at Cracker’s Comedy Club when they still had a room at Keystone at the Crossing Plaza.

He worked the club and others in the surrounding area until 1997 when he went on the road as a full time comedian.

Sean’s down-home humor, goofiness, story-telling style, and observations soon got him booked at rooms all over the country.

Now, with over 16 years of comedy under his belt, Sean has become a favorite no matter where he performs.

Currently, while still performing at clubs, colleges and charity events, he also helps manage Laugh Comedy Club and writes a humor column on (link hidden)...

Sean has traveled the Def Jam circuit and you may have seen him on Comedy on the Road, CBS Stand up Spotlight or the MDA Telethons! He’s performed at comedy clubs, theatres and colleges all over the country. A sure bet for any charity or corporate event Sean will bring the laughs to any stage he’s on!


Crackers, Keystone Crackers, Downtown
Crackers, Broadripple Downtown Comedy Connection, Indianapolis
One-Liners, Greenwood Punch Line, Atlanta
Comedy Connexion, Toledo Joey’s, Detroit
Comedy Castle, Detroit Russo’s Comedy Club, Flint
Funny Bone, Sioux Falls Funny Bone, Indianapolis
Funny Bone, Omaha Funny Bone, South Bend
Tulsa Comedy Club, Tulsa Jr.’s Last Laugh, Erie
Snickerz, Fort Wayne Zanies, Chicago
Long Center for the Performing Arts, Lafayette Comedy Caravan, Louisville
Comedy Caravan, Louisville
Wiley’s Comedy Club, Dayton
Go Bananas, Cincinnati Bears Place, Bloomington
Laugh Comedy Club, South Bend


Bob Evans
Home Depot Riley Children’s Hospital
Brandywine High School Century Center
Center for the Homeless – South Bend WNDU – South Bend


Rod Sniadecki - Owner of Laugh Comedy Club
Headliner Troy Davis


The team providing the talent:

Sean Shank


Set List

My set list starts with either talking about the military (my attempts to get in) my color blindness and fighting in bars. From there I either talk about my kids, my college years, my family or my time doing some shows for Def Jam. It really depends on the crowd as to what I will talk about and when in my set.

Influences & Inspiration

Bill Cosby, Christopher Titus, Kevin James, George Carlin, Larry Miller, Fred Greenlee and Greg Hahn. Also the original SNL cast. Bill Cosby being my largest influence I do try to weave a good bit of story telling into my sets. I don't follow the traditional "set-up/punch" format of stand-up but instead try to take my audience on a journey with me so they can live the craziness that is my life through my words and their eyes.

Setup Requirements

Adequate Lighting


Microphone Stand

Sound System

Stool and chair

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