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Sam's Beautiful Faces

Sam's Beautiful Faces

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About Sam's Beautiful Faces

Hi my name is Samantha and I own a Make-up business called Sams Beautiful Faces it is a Mobile makeup service.We are professionals out what we do we love the art of makeup and we love making women look more beautiful than they can imagine. We do all events and we come to you for your convenience! We have done photo shoots, TV commercials, weddings, birthday parties of all kinds.


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Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 35 - 1 minutes
  • Fee: $75.00 and up
  • Languages: English, Italian


Our clients should expect outstanding makeup applications for which ever event they need to go to. Our goal is to make them look Amazing! Wewe go buy whatever our client wants to look like what look they want and how they want it or if they ask us just to do whatever we think would look on their skin but we ask questions first before we do anything on our clients skin!

Additional Booking Notes

like I have said we are a mobile makeup service so we would need great lighting to do beautiful makeup even if the lighting is not so great I promise that our clients will be happy.


My name is Samantha and I've always wanted to own my own makeup business and it has finally happened for me about 5 months ago, my husband and I came up with the idea after I had got certified for being a makeup artist to start a Mobile makeup business that way I can build up money to get my own store! I want to make makeup as well I wanna do it all I want to make women feel beautiful all the timeand that is our goal to make women feel amazing we are professionals and we show up to every event or every game on time and we do impeccable makeup I have not got 1 dis like since I started my business.We are a mobile makeup service so we do go to wherever the client is even if the client changes their location we will still come no matter what the situation is. We do all events no matter what it is we do it and even if it's something out of our element we will still go beyond are element and try to do our best!

The team providing the talent:






makeup Artist

Influences & Inspiration

TV/ TV commercials, photo shoots, Weddings especially, birthday parties of all kinds, parties of all kinds, social gathering ,work parties, event parties, "You name it We do it" that is our logo and we want our clients look to look Amazing and look like a Star for their night!!!

Setup Requirements

ace tool high enough for me to reach face as I'm standing

every color of liquid and powdered foundations and concealers

Makeup and Makeup brushes

makeup palettes

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