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7 reviews

"The best party I've ever been to..."

By Liz W. on October 3, 2016

...Is what we heard from nearly every guest at our wedding. I'm not kidding. The dance floor was packed for the entire three hours that Rockslide played. First, they crushed it with the mother/groom and father/bride dances, as well as our first dance as a couple ("Let's Stay Together" by Al Green). As soon as that song ended, they went straight into something awesome (I can't even remember what it was) and the dancing and partying did not stop. Even my father spent some serious time on the dance floor, and we're talking about a guy who tried in advance to beg out of the father/bride dance! Rockslide was so professional, and just so GOOD. We spent a serious portion of our budget on getting a live band, and Rockslide was worth every penny. We mapped out what kind of vibe we were looking for with Dave (the band leader): mostly motown, oldies and other family-friendly classics in the first set + top 40 dance-party hits in the second set. And Rockslide absolutely delivered. If a dance party is what you are looking for, look no further.

Hired as: Wedding Band