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Rebecca Brown

Rebecca Brown

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About Rebecca Brown

Rebecca Brown is an intuitive specializing in the Tarot. She has been working with people and Tarot cards for 10 years, and runs her consultation practice out of Nevada County, California.
Rebecca has years of experience working parties, events, festivals, and fairs! From large events (Mardi Gras!) to more intimate affairs (Girl's Night!), Rebecca enjoys this facet of the business because she gets to travel, meet new, fun-loving people, and read the Tarot in an upbeat atmosphere.


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Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 120 - 240 minutes
  • Fee: $90/hr travel expenses if applicable
  • Languages: English


Reading Tarot at an event is a different experience from a one-on-one private, longer consultation with me. I like to keep my readings short, lively, and fun when it comes to event reading. The messages are still honest and forthright, with a focus on the positive and the victories and challenges of everyday life!

Additional Booking Notes

I don't need any equipment, have deck and table...will travel! I only need a small space a little apart from the main buzz just so I can hear what is being said to me by whomever I am reading for and so they can hear me as well.


Rebecca Brown is an intuitive who specializes in the Tarot. She has been working with people and Tarot cards for 10 years and launched her business under the official name Brown Tarot in 2008.
Rebecca is very new to California, arriving from the East Coast, from Delaware. Rebecca reads locally throughout Nevada County, California but she has been known to travel to the surrounding areas reading the cards and meeting new people.
Rebecca loves helping her clients gain the insights they seek. She believes that the core of her job as a reader is to always empower those who come to her for guidance. Tarot is the portal, Rebecca is the interpreter, and the rest is all you. She believes that "All Is Chosen", and to help her clients choose for themselves the path that will help them fulfill their destiny and potential is what it truly means to her to work in this business.
Rebecca's primary interest and tool is the Tarot, however she also incorporates other oracles and tools into her readings as necessary. For events Rebecca arrives with a full bag of variety! In addition to Tarot she likes to use Astrology and the ephemeris, Astrodice, story dice, playing cards, angel cards, and the junk oracle to entertain and enlighten guests.
Rebecca was born in Guatemala City, Guatemala. She grew up in the United States and has spent most of her life in Colorado. She has degrees in Sociology and Philosophy from the University of Colorado and her former work was as a youth counselor, social worker, and grant writer for various nonprofits throughout Colorado.
Rebecca is a certified member of Tarot Professionals, a global community of professional Tarot readers. She is the psychic reader on Frank Gregory's Saturday Hotspot AM radio show on 1150AM WDEL. Rebecca is also a writer for print Tarosophist International Magazine, the world's leading Tarot magazine.
In 2010 Rebecca founded the Delaware Tarot and Metaphysical Society, a local community that meets once a month to engage in study and fellowship. In 2013 Rebecca launched the blog project 365 Days of Tarot, to bring awareness of Tarot in everyday life, and this fall she is launching her Blogtalk Radio show "The Tarot Talk".

The team providing the talent:

Rebecca Brown

Intuitive, Tarot Reader

Influences & Inspiration

I studied the Tarot with Philadelphia area psychic Robert E. Graham, and have learned astrology under Dell Horoscope Magazine writer and award winning author Judi Thomases of Wisdom Path.

Setup Requirements

a small space somewhat apart from the main buzz so I can hear and be heard!

Suitable light

Table for two

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