Miss Jackson

Why book Miss Jackson?

I've had the most wonderful experience as a Michael Jackson Tribute Dancer to dance in front of thousands of people. My dancing is more than just a few moves. my dancing consists of choreograohed performances I've made up from the inspiration of Michael Jackson! I've danced at boardwalks, City Halls, and major events. People love what I do from all ages and I hope you do too! #LOVE



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Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 5 - 30 minutes
  • Fee: Contact for rates
  • Languages: English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish
  • Unions: Other


In my performances I am always blinded while dancing by the bright flashing lights of cameras and video recording cameras! I am almost deaf from the screaming and yelling! My heart is all the way full from all the smiles in the audience! My performances are fun! All of them are sure to be choreograohed and ready for what the people want! Besides all the fun, I am a very serious performer! I will NOT do a performance unless it's a serious performance where I'm taken as a serious professional performer! I love you all! #LOVE

Miss Jackson

My name is Tamyra Jackson! I've performed everywhere: City Halls, boardwalks, universities, holiday parties. Just about everywhere! I've performed in front of thousands of people before to a room sized audience! i love what I do! More than anything I love good competition! I've run a few guys out of town who thought they were good but hey, "I'm Bad!". I have so much fun perfoming and my favorite audience is a whole mixture of ages, genders, ethnicities and nationalities! I can't wait to perform again! I love you all so much and see you soon! #LOVE

The team providing the talent:

Dallas Moore

Body guard

Influences & Inspiration

My favorite performance was in 2011. I performed for HUNDREDS of children at a local Boys & Girls Club in Seaford, Delaware. I love this performance so much because children love to break the rules. I came in there dancing and caught everyone off guard. As soon as I knew it, ALL the children were chasing me! I jumped up into the bleachers and continued my perfomance. The children gawked up at me with open mouths and wide eyes and whispered "WOW" to each other. It was a beautiful moment. After my performance, one by one they all came up to me to shake my hand and introduce each other to me: "That's the Michael Jackson Girl..".

Setup Requirements


Possible back-up dancers

Sound production


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