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Mark Lynch

Mark Lynch

0 reviews

About Mark Lynch

A professional guitarist for over 35 years, in a wide variety of settings and styles of music. Providing solo guitar selections from classic rock, pop, jazz, blues, and classical.. for weddings, private parties, and restaurants/lounges. Electric guitar (Fender Stratocaster) and nylon-string (classical) guitar, vintage Roland Jazz Chorus amplification, small PA system. Videography also available as a package deal.



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Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 30 - 240 minutes
  • Fee: $100 and up
  • Languages: English


During a performance, my primary focus is to provide the best interpretation of the music as possible. Particularly at weddings and other private party-type events, I am NOT looking to draw attention to myself, but simply to enhance the occasion.. in the background.
My goal at all times is to satisfy the customer, and to be professional in appearance and demeanor. I am very laid-back; no video of me is going to go viral on YouTube! If you're looking for someone flamboyant, with strong visual appeal and charisma- seek elsewhere. I'm a 50 year old man, and I play guitar extremely well because I've done so for 35 years and I'm passionate about it.
If your primary requirement is a guitarist that will give you professional and well above average musicianship, look no further..

Upcoming Booked Events

Jun 10, 2016 Cultural Event

Past Booked Events

Sep 20, 2014 Wedding Ceremony

The team providing the talent:

Mark Lynch


Influences & Inspiration

I have been playing professionally since the mid-1970s when I was a teenager. All the classic rock bands: Beatles, Rolling Stones, Doors, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Jimi Hendrix, etc. etc.. are huge influences. But I was playing in venues back then that wanted Top 40, beach music, disco, country.. so I learned it all.
As I've matured, through the 80s & 90s and beyond, it's been the same. Lots of great music in all kinds of styles. The Police/Sting, R.E.M., and U2 are later bands that I really admire.
For the past few years I've leaned toward jazz.. I always admired it, but am now confident enough to play in this genre. Some of my favorites there would be Pat Metheny & Jeff Beck.

Setup Requirements

I provide all necessary equipment.


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