Los Hermanos Unidos

Why book Los Hermanos Unidos?

Los Hermanos Unidos is a group that prides itself on quality Latin American entertainment to include; our unique style of Reggaeton incorporated with live percussion such as congas, timbales, bongos, etc... We are able to play many venues such as parties, weddings, clubs and open air concerts. If you would like a sample of our work please check us out on http://www.youtube.com/user/loshermanosunidos/videos For further information please contact our band promo manager Ramon Torres.


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Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 15 - 90 minutes
  • Fee: $300-2400
  • Languages: English, Spanish
  • Unions: Independant


We will provide top quality entertainment, easy listening, non vulgar lyrics and great dance music. Specialize in Reggaeton with some R&B flavor to it.

Additional Booking Notes

We provide our own lighting, staging, have our instruments and professional sound system (If need it)

Los Hermanos Unidos

Jacinto Blanco Uscanga, has been writing lyrics and making beats for 4 years.

Rogelio De Marcos Rios, has been writing lyrics and singing for 4 years.

Arnaldo Nieves (Band Manager), has been playing congas for over 2 years, but he has a wide spectrum of musical knowledge.

Jerry Almedina, El Maestro, has been playing and performing vocally and musically for over 40 years.

Ramon Torres Promotion Manager Cell# (864) 804-1629 Call me for scheduling and booking.

The team providing the talent:

Rogelio De Marcos

Vocalist / Song writer

Jerry Almedina

Maestro / Percussionist / BG Vocals

Arnaldo Nieves

Band Manager/Percussionist

Jacinto Blanco

Lead Vocals / Lyricist / Beats

Ramon Torres

Promotional Manager / Sound And Equipment

Set List

1) Pasemos La noche
2) Baby Ven Ven
3)Trago Tras Trago
4) Pieles Mojados
5) El Muro
6) Piel Con Piel
7) Pidiendo Calor
8) Gracias Amor
9) Que Mas Quisiera
10) Tu Amante
11) Momentos De Intimidad
12) Demuestrame
13) Rescate
14) Sigue Soltandote
15) Baby Tienblo
16) Dame Tu Repuesta
17) Dejate Llevar
18) Enamorado
19) Dimelo
20) Tus Ganas De Sexo
21) Donde Estas
22) Rythym And Beats

Influences & Inspiration

Wisin, Yandel, Tego, Tito Puentes, Mongo Santa Maria, Daddy Yankee, and Calle13 have been great influences to us and our music. Their dedication, skill and love of the music has inspired to us to reach the highest levels of our abilities.

Setup Requirements

Table, Minimum Requirement of Drinks, Liability Insurance


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