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Live Wire The Ultimate Tribute To Motley Crue

Live Wire The Ultimate Tribute To Motley Crue

5 reviews

About Live Wire The Ultimate Tribute To Motley Crue

Live Wire is every bit authentic and nothing short of a stunning portrayal of the bad boys of hollywood l! Vince ,Nikki Tommy, Mick are so close you will swear it’s the real thing. Expect Tattoos and costumes, High energy Rocking guitars . Nikki sixx has the authentic bass guitars and Tommy’s original drum kit from 1983 festival. With Rockin Hit songs of any era of the crue which is recreated for your entertainment .You will swear your listen to and seeing the real deal.
Live Wire has performed at multiple venues including top Shows and concerts. Live wire has performed at private parties and places from California to Arizona and beyond. Just to name a few!
They play all the hits !



Please do your due diligence when thinking about hiring this band. I would check with club owners and guitar stars in the Tucson area prior to hiring this band. Due to the high level of turnover in the band, the pictures are not up to date. Although Live Wire believes that the guy underneath the costume does not matter, you will see a dramatic impact to the performance. I will not trash the band on this site however I would ask Tucson musicians and club owners for feedback!

Hired as: Motley Crue Tribute Band

Band Needs Improvement Before Charging $$$

By Jason S. on February 13, 2014

This band needs a lot of improvement in their stage presence and overall performance. It was a very rough show.

I would recommend contacting Whiskey Tango for feedback on their show performed last year. The band was not willing to adhere to the venue rules related to the stage set up requirements (i.e. drum shield). The band became violent and were not allowed to finish their show.

I also received feedback that they have a difficult time keeping members in their band and will book shows without having a firm lineup. This results in a very low quality show as the new performers are not up to par and lack experience.

Hired as: Motley Crue Tribute Band

Did Not Meet Expectations

By Jack on February 2, 2014

I saw the Live Wire performance at Club XS on Saturday January 25th. The band on stage did not resemble the promo pics portrayed on this website. The pictures do not appear to be current and are misleading. The singer was extremely large and for the most part the band did not look or sound like Motley Crue. For this reason I would rate their professionalism very low. The special effects were ok however the background vocals were awful. I would request current promotional material of the band before hiring.

Hired as: Motley Crue Tribute Band

Great show

By Linda B. on January 8, 2012

I saw the show at RJs Replay last December. It was incredible! Very impressive and the people went crazy!

Awesome!!! Blew me away!!!

By Steve S. on January 8, 2012

Live Wire blew me away. I have never seen a band with such energy. They come out in full leather and can dress up like Crüe from several different eras. I am a huge Crüe fan and I've seen every Crüe band west of the Mississippi. None of them comw close to Live Wear. Just look at their pics! You can tell they have invested a lot of money into their show. It's at the level you would expect to see in Vegas.

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 60 - 240 minutes
  • Fee: Contact for rates
  • Languages: English
  • Unions: Free Agents


The look and feel of the real motley crue, from shout at the Devil era to theater of pain or carnival of sins the boys of decadence are the best found anywhere.

Additional Booking Notes

We have a rider.We require Green room.Hotel rooms outside of 100 miles 2 cases of cold and sound.


"Live Wire" is the Ultimate Tribute to Motley Crue.With the most authentic costumes that are hand crafted by the band the same way Motley Crue made theirs back in the day.Every detail is careful forged to make this the Ultimate Tribute to Motley Crue.Playing all your favorite hits from 1981 the present day.Explosive entertainment and high energy make your next event the very best.Weddings, bar mitzvah ,corporate events,Birthday parties,dorm parties,anniversaries,biker rallies, casinos.festivals state fairs. live wire is ready for any show and can customize any event to suit your personal needs.Make Live Wire thenext best choice for fun and real entertainment

Set List

Shout at the devil (old and new versions),Looks that kill,Dr Feelgood,home sweet home,louder than hell,kickstart my heart,live wire,too young to fall in love,ten seconds to love,knock'em dead kid,bastard,saints of los angeles,same ol situation,don't go away mad,Girls Girls Girls,Piece of your action,Red hot,she goes down,motherfucker of the year,public enemy ,Primal scream,smokin in the boys room,jailhouse rock,WildsideOn with the show etc etc.

Influences & Inspiration

All of the Motley Crue concerts and shows

Setup Requirements

Lighting and sound(We have sound equipment depends on event


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