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Jeannine Luby uses her 11 years experience in health care, over 12 years as a comedic entertainer and eight years as a laughter yoga leader to make you smile and help you put a pin in your worries - at least for a while. Stress costs businesses millions in lost productivity, dissatisfaction of employees & related health issues, and impacts quality of life. Laughter & humor are valuable tools that should be used.
Jeannine combines her passion for healthy living and skill to deliver a line with punch and humor so people enjoy what they hear & remember it. In addition to educating, uplifting, and motivating, she leads interactive workshops that melt away stress, rejuvenate and entertain.




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Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 30 - 120 minutes
  • Fee: Contact for rates
  • Insurance: $1000000.00
  • Languages: English


An audience member at one of my speaking engagements/workshops will receive positive, uplifting messages and information about the healthy benefits of laughter for general wellness from head to toe. Participants will participate in hands-on, interactive laughter exercises that are simple and easy for everyone, regardless of physical capabilities. Anyone who can smile, breathe and laugh will feel rejuvenated, lighter, more youthful and relieved of stress.

Anyone in the audience for my stand-up or improv comedy will feel the aches of a sore face and side pain from laughing very hard! Then they will go home and attempt to make their own life a laughing matter!

Past Booked Events

04/27/12 Personellized Cakes & Cafe, Park Place, Carbondale, PA
04/20/12 Wood Winery in Madison Township, PA
04/12/12 Antler Ridge Winery at Lake Wallenpaupack, PA
03/22/12 Bartolai Winery, Rt. 92 in Exeter Township, PA

Laugh to Live, LLC

I can be a neurotic mess at times. But I'm smart enough to know that humor and laughter can help me pull myself together so I can share my gifts and message with others to help them live healthier, happier lives. I am passionate about living a healthy life and want to help others take steps, however big or small, to be successful in their lives. Last year I ran my first marathon. I learned how to break challenges into small, manageable steps. And I also gained faith in my belief that laughter, humor and positive thinking matter. As I like to say, we all should "Make Life A Laughing Matter ... because laughter matters."

When I was a nervous, anxious child being reprimanded by nuns in Catholic school, I didn't know how to use humor or laughter to overcome my challenges. But I did know how to write and be creative with my thoughts to express myself. And I've built upon that foundation of creativity, adding the expression of humor and comedy through stand-up and improvisation. I have over 20 years of writing experience, 12 years of experience working with health-related and medical topics as a marketing communications professional in the health care industry and as a standardized patient at a medical college.

I attempt to draw humor from as many aspects of my life that I have the privilege to experience, including those summers home from college- so long ago- spent working at a meat-packing plant to many many years of bad dating experiences and to my experiences with my aging parents. My decision to leave a stable, full-time job four years ago to invest in my business full time has given me much opportunity to gain perspective through humor. Life as an entrepreneur is full of lessons and opportunities to laugh. The potential for humor exists in every little detail of our lives if we are wiling to open our minds. We can choose to use humor as a tool to gain power and perspective over our challenges or, we can let them have power over us.

I am promoting laughter and humor specifically through: professional speaking engagements at colleges & universities, conferences, workshops and cancer survivor celebrations (to name a few); interactive wellness laughter yoga workshops; my ladies' night stand-up comedy tour of wineries and other special venues; and my humorous writing. I was inspired to do a comedy tour of wineries entitled "Keep Wine-ing He Might Start to Look Like Prince Charming" that I launched in 2011, after I self-published my humor book "He's Not Prince Charming When..." in 2010. In addition to writing my blog and other humorous free-lance articles, I offer my services to companies interested in serious writing or writing that lightens up the seriousness of their business to gain customers' attention and retention.

In addition to my comedy tour of wineries, I am available to emcee comedy shows, feature in comedy shows and do private gigs that are perfect for all types of gatherings. My humor is perfect for ladies' night events for charities and for private gatherings for birthday celebrations, bachelorette parties (of the calmer variety), or for any cause you have to celebrate: divorce, a new job, a reunion, any reason to laugh is a good reason! I describe my humor as storytelling style, intelligent, somewhat suggestive but not dirty. I have performed for corporations so I know how to keep it clean and appropriate for the situation.

My motivational speaking is meant to uplift people by helping them to realize the value of humor and laughter from which to draw power and strength and remind them that laughter is a choice, not always easy, but still a choice that we all can make to relieve stress and live healthier and happier. In addition to an educational message about the research on the laughter's benefits, I deliver a fun, funny and positive message that often incorporates interactive laughter exercises that introduce the idea of laughing as a wellness, quality of living practice. Whether for a corporate wellness program, for university students, senior citizens, caregivers, or attendees to any conference imaginable, I get people on their feet clapping, smiling, laughing, relaxing and feeling good through laughter exercises. These are exercises that literally anyone can do. If a person can breathe and laugh and is willing to be engaged and not worry if they look a bit silly, they will be able to do laughter exercises and feel good.

With a BA in Journalism from Penn State University, an MA in Communications from Marywood University and more than 15 years experience writing on a variety of topics from medical, personal health, business and comedy, I am eager to help others deliver a message with punch and when appropriate, a punch line. People retain a message that is delivered with humor so it all depends on if you want your message to be remembered or not. I'm also able to write "straight" material where humor is not appropriate. So if you need a toast, a speech, an article, a script or any form of written communication, give me a chance to give you the words you want to say but are having trouble finding.

The team providing the talent:

Jeannine M Luby


Influences & Inspiration

Dr. Madan Kataria of India and Psychologist Steve Wilson of Ohio have influenced and provided training for my speaking and workshops in which I tout the benefits laughter and humor and lead laughter exercises. My comedy has been influenced by the founders of Second City Improv, Improv actor Chris Barnes and comedians like Ellen DeGeneres, Jim Gaffigan, Traci Ullman and Judy Carter.

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