Kyle O'Donnell

Why book Kyle O'Donnell?

If you're looking for a show with lots of energy and even more laughs then Kyle is a great choice for you. From crazy misadventures from his days at the Aquarium to his portrayal of modern society all the way to his crazy view of our world, Kyle brings the laughs and the fun while pushing the line just a little at a time. Stand-up is done best when it comes from someone who truly loves to make people love, and Kyle's passion for comedy shows when he has the microphone in his hand.



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Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 10 - 120 minutes
  • Fee: Contact for rates
  • Languages: English


I introduce the idea of "social terrorism", which I define as using my words to push the boundaries of what's acceptable and point out how illogical taboos are. With an emphasis on the value of free speech, I take the audience the the edge of the line and ask why it should even be there. I swear... a lot. But not for the sake of swearing. I naturally flow through my material and since I swear off stage, I do so on stage as well.

With plenty of material about my past or the mundane, I can still put on quite a show for those who like the envelope exactly where it is. I also have plenty to say about every major holiday, or season of the year, and can keep it relevant all year round.

Care to hear about my mother's history as an airline pilot, or when she crashed in the Hudson River? Or perhaps what I think hell might be like? I've got plenty to say, and truly believe that absolutely everything has a funny light side.

Additional Booking Notes

I do not have my own sound equipment....yet, So it will need to be provide. (My show is a lot less funny when I'm screaming at the back row since there is no microphone.) Other than the sound system all I require is a stool and a stage. (Stool and stage optional) I prefer a wireless microphone so its easier for some of my more physical jokes, bit it is by no means a necessity. Depending on the show I may bring my Stand-Up partner, Mike, to join me. I also have several bands that may perform with me as well, but I don't know their personal technical needs. That can all be discussed over a phone call or email. I generally like to mingle with the crowd afterwards, I love to hear what people thought of the show.

Kyle O'Donnell

I was born in Virginia Beach, VA in 1989. Growing up on the shoreline with a larger than life family led me to look at the world a little different than most, and help start my passion for entertainment. In school, I love making people laugh and over the years I've only gotten better at it. After a failed attempt of living on my own at 17 (after my parents moved to South Carolina to retire) I moved down to SC due to my desire for a regular supply of food. After some college I met Mike Shea, who helped me get my first gig on stage, and after my first taste of performing I was hooked. I've studied comedians young and old, watched almost every documentary there is on the topic and started honing my writing to deliver the best laugh I can. I'm ready for more chances to be on stage and more opportunities to sharpen my skills.

I know that I won't stop until I'm dead or everyone's favorite funny man, so now it is only a matter of getting the exposure and the experience I need to go big.

The team providing the talent:

Mike Shea (Zero)

Fellow Comic

Influences & Inspiration

Steve Martin has been my idol since I was a child. His energy with the Wild And Crazy Guy still amazes me. Louis CK and Patton Oswald showed me its okay to have flaws and to point them out, because there is a way be happy with them. Dane Cook showed that even a very young comedian can fill an arena, and Rodney Dangerfield proved that it's never to late to get your break. Last but most certainly not least, Greg Giraldo and George Carlin proved to me that there is no "line" and that your words can not only bring smiles, but can change minds.

Setup Requirements

Mic Stand


Sound System


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