Kristin Arrow

Why book Kristin Arrow?

Offering professional high-level aerialists, cirque/circus performers, dancers, choreographers, actors, models, and interactive characters.

Performing locally and internationally.

Solo, duo, or multi side-by-side aerial routines:
Aerial silk
Dance trapeze
Lyra (aerial hoop)
Spanish web

Offering the most professional and high-caliber cirque acts and creative characters
German Wheel
Chinese pole
Hand balance
Hula hoop
Balancing duets
Aerial Bartenders
Rola Bola
Cyr Wheel
Pole Dancers
Human Bubble on land or on water
and more

Choreographed or freestyle dance available in many genres from modern dance, break dance, adagio, latin, hiphop, ballet, burlesque, lyrical and various cultural dance forms such as Indian, Russian, and Chinese styles.

Also offered are workshops, classes, private lessons, and choreography.

We can cater to themes, color schemes, genre of performance style, and more.

We fit any budget offering everything from simple strolling characters to full productions.




Most talked about event!

I hired Kristen to do an Alice in Wonderland themed event. Not only did she create a costume specifically for what I was looking for; she was professional and talented. My clients where enthralled and talked about the following year asking if I was having her back! Great Job!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Monica
Organization: Ward's Marine Electric
Event: Corporate Event in West Palm Beach, FL
Event Date: Oct 16, 2012
Hired As: Contortionist


Kristen performed at a show where I was also performing. Not only did she astound the audience, she had the entire cast mesmerized backstage as well. She is an incredible artist.

Reviewer: Milene M.
Event: Concert Venue in Boca Raton, FL
Event Date: Jun 5, 2011

Kristin is a pleasure to work with!

I've worked with Kristin as a fellow performer for the past two years. She's not only an amazingly versatile circus artist, but she's also a top notch promoter and organizer. All in all a pleasure working with her!

Reviewer: Cory T.
Event: Corporate Event in Miami, FL
Event Date: Feb 24, 2012

If you're looking for a quality performer, look no further.

Kristin Arrow is the epitamy of beauty and talent. Her performances are breath taking, her skill set is like no other, her professionalism is always appreciated. I've hired Kristin Arrow since 2008 for various events in South Florida and at Atlantis/ The Cove in the Bahamas. She continues to be my first call aerialist, contortionist, dancer, showgirl and model!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Vanessa L.
Organization: Sixth Star Entertainment and Marketing
Event: Corporate Event in Fort Lauderdale, FL
Event Date: Jun 28, 2011
Hired As: Aerialist

A Stunning and Sexy Performance

Her show was stunning! She moved so smoothly and effortlessly from one contortion pose to another. It was simply thrilling watching her fall from the air and catch herself right before the ground. She has a way of drawing you in, her performance is just as sexy as she is!

Reviewer: Sam A.
Event: Club/Nightclub in Fort Lauderdale, FL
Event Date: Jun 8, 2011

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 5 - 120 minutes
  • Fee: $200- $20,000 from characters to a full production
  • Insurance: $3,000,000.00
  • Languages: English, Russian, Spanish


While some prefer us to give an impressive show fitting inside the box and the standard, it is always fun to perform an equally impressive show outside the box giving the unexpected to others.

Additional Booking Notes

Aerial Acts:
We are capable of performing in almost any height, from 10' to 100' and beyond. An ideal aerial performance height is 30'. Typically, we require the venue has a rigging point or an i-beam.
We also provide a portable aerial rig for indoor/outdoor use on land or sand at a reasonable cost.
We provide certified riggers upon request.

German Wheel:
Full Act requires a clear flat surface space of 30'x30', atmosphere requires 25'x10'

Human Bubble requires an electrical outlet and 6' of clearance space from setup area to performance location

A flat surface is required for stilts, unicycle, break dancing, acrobatics, and german wheel performers.

Past Booked Events

03/10/12 Miami
03/10/12 Hibiscus Island
03/09/12 Fl
03/07/12 Cirque de Mansion
03/03/12 Miami
03/03/12 South Beach
03/02/12 Miami
02/29/12 Cirque de Mansion
02/26/12 Jason Taylor Foundation , Hard Rodk Hollywood, Fl
02/25/12 South Beach, Fl
02/25/12 Miami, Fl
02/24/12 Cameo SouthBeach, Fl
02/24/12 Mansion 360
02/22/12 Miami, Fl
02/18/12 Broward Community College
02/18/12 Miami, Fl
02/17/12 South Beach, FL
02/15/12 Cirque de Mansion
02/13/12 Bathhouse Eden Rock
02/11/12 Club Play SouthBeach
02/11/12 Mansion 360 SouthBeach
02/10/12 Mansion SouthBeach
02/08/12 Cirque de Mansion

Kristin Arrow

Providing HIGH QUALITY talent, entertainment, and productions. We offer the very best in the industry including but not limited to cirque acts, dancers, models, innovative acts, unique creations, atmosphere talent, and original or traditional characters.

Choose from a solo act, atmosphere talent, a full 90 minute production or longer, and anything and everything in between!

We will gladly work with your theme, color scheme, and ideas.

Our company is INTERNATIONAL!!! We are a Fort Lauderdale/Miami based company with talent that is loved around the globe! Our talent has been acclaimed as some of the best in their field on an international level. Available for LOCAL shows and events, as well as performances WORLD-WIDE!

We have performed for:

NFL events
Virgin Atlantic Airlines
The Smithsonian
The Latin Billboards
Don Omar
Lil Jon
David Guetta
Los Olas Wine and Food Festival
American Heart and Lung Association
Relay for Life
Habitat for Humanity
Opium Group
Hard Rock
Mansion Nightclub
Club Play
Dead Mau5
Alongside Katy Perry
Sabado Gigante on Telemundo
Miami Spice
Cirque Eloize I.d promos
Adrienne Arsht Center
Key Biscayne July 4th Parade

Unique Creations we offer are:

Aerial Chandelier Bar
The chandelier holds up to 12 beverages of your choice. The performer can be on nearly any aerial apparatus. We offer professional aerialists who are also bartenders giving the option to turn the chandelier into an actual bar!

Human Bubble/Water Ball Performers

View us on:

The team providing the talent:

Kristin Arrow

CEO/Founder/Artistic Director

Joseph St. Louis

Vice President

Setup Requirements

Please contact us regarding our requirements, as they vary based on the act.