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Why book J.E.M. Special Events & Beauty?

Our services include: Face and Body Painting, Airbrush tattoos, Henna & Jagua Black tattoos, Balloon Designs, Custom Art, Make-up artists. We do all size parties, events, and workshops!



Review by Mrs. P.

My daughter had this business paint her face. The design, and overall work was just amazing! I have never seen such excellent work ever! They were really nice and welcoming, very professional. My temporary tattoo is still on my back, the stain is still going strong. Thanks JEM I am totally going to hire you guys for future parties!

Reviewer: Mrs. P.
Event: Fair in Sedro Woolley, WA
Event Date: Jul 2, 2010

Review by Sierra V.

I got a henna tattoo from J.E.M. and I LOVED IT! The art was beautiful and it is still on my hands! It hasn't faded at all. I am amazed and can't wait to see them at the Street fair in Ferndale! My Boyfriend likes his Airbrush tattoo and its still on him as well. We couldn't believe how long it has stayed on for! Excellent price too!

Reviewer: Sierra V.
Event: Festival in Bellingham, WA
Event Date: Jul 4, 2010

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 60 - 24 minutes
  • Fee: $25-$250 an hour. $3-$25 per design.
  • Insurance: We are 100% COVERED
  • Languages: English, Spanish

Additional Booking Notes

If you are interested in having our Airbrush service at your event, we will need power or need to be notified a head of time to bring a generator.

J.E.M. Special Events & Beauty

Our artists have been working in their trained fields for over 30 years together! They're fast, gentle and very talented artists. Every tool used is sanitized and all inks/paints are non toxic. We are 100% Licensed & Insured.

"We pride ourselves on the lowest prices possible and offering discounts to everyone. Let us know what your budget is so that we can find the right package for your party!"

J.E.M. Special events & beauty has been in several papers, and radio stations for its wonderful art and excellent prices! We are the most "in demand" artists with our services in our area! We are true artists who can prepare your custom art work on the spot.

J.E.M. history:
We have lived in Whatcom County all of our lives and appreciate all that our great area has to offer. Our business started off in 2000 as a volunteer service, doing makeup and body art for special events and for those who were unable to afford the high salon prices. In 2006 we volunteered our services to all local theatres. Then in 2009 we made it official. We are highly in demand in Whatcom County as the leading Face painters, Airbrush tattoos artists, Henna artists and Makeup artists. We are very well known and do makeup and body art for local films, theatres and even some produced films, Nationwide Commercials, MTV videos. In 2006 we started using our skills to help mentor local teens. Instead of these teens dropping out of school, or doing drugs, we have helped so many teens in Whatcom County graduate high school, attend running start and transfer to Universities and become Teachers, Psychologists, and artists. We use a percentage of our funds made by our business to help teens, and to donate to local charities like "Bikers fighting cancer", medical for those who cannot afford it, and more! We pay our teens for their help with our business as well, we do NOT charge them for any part of our business or have them sign contracts to limit their artistic ability or success, this is just another fact that makes J.E.M. different from any other business in our area. We have been called in to local business and salons to train their artists with sales and services. Others have tried to copy our services, art, and even parts of our business name, but our customers are not fooled, you will notice the difference in our high quality service!
Wherever we go, we bring business. People know us by name and by our wonderful products.

Here is a list of our services that we are known for and provide at local events & Parties:
Face Painting for all ages, Airbrush tattoos, Henna, Balloon Twisting, Makeup, Special FX Makeup. Our products are insured and 100% safe. Our paints are hypoallergenic, nut free and milk free. Our airbrush lasts up to 2 weeks and we have beat out all other temp. tattoo artists with OUR ink lasting 4 times longer . We have been trained to use our products and have been trained in skin care. We only use the best products! We are over 30 years customer services, business experience; which has taught us how to be and look professional. J.E.M. is a supplier for Beauty products at a lower cost than retail stores. Check out our website! See more photos and our new Webstore!

"Give us a call today to make your appointment!"
If you have any questions or need a quote contact us through our website or we will not receive your question.

"J.E.M. Special Events & Beauty"

Setup Requirements

From a simple chair to full-blown stage and lighting, there are certain configurations and needs that many performers and service providers require in order to provide the best possible experience at your event. Get a free quote request to check with J.E.M. Special Events & Beauty to find out what their setup requirements are.

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