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As a booking agent and PR person, I have hired Dennis Keogh as Sean Connery on 4 occasions over the past 5 years, and he has always outdone himself! Other than being a dead-on look alike, he actually talks more like the Real Mr. Connery than any other impersonator I HAVE EVER HEARD!! My corporate clients are prominent Silicon Valley high tech companies, and they always have demanding requirements. From introducing a CEO for an annual keynote speech, to greeting event guests on the red carpet, Dennis exudes the very personna of Sir Sean himself! He is very quick-witted and although he uses his gifted sense of humor to spar with guests in a good-natured repartee', it is always in good taste. This reflects positively on both my client company - AND the real Mr. Connery can be proud of his Number one clone. My advice is for any interested "Sean Connery" buyers to stop short when looking at photos of other so-called impersonators. If they don't look much like Connery, they are going to look even worse in person. Pay the price for a seasoned pro like Dennis Keogh and you will get far more than your money's worth!

Hired as: Sean Connery Impersonator, Emcee, Impersonator, Look-Alike, Narrator, Sean Connery Impersonator, Voice Actor