Hypnotist Kellie Karl

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Get ready for an unforgettable entertainment experience! Kellie Karl's Comedy Hypnosis Shows are fresh, hilarious, fun and audience friendly. Watch in amazement as audience volunteers transform right before your eyes into the hypnotized and mesmerized stars of the show!




Review by J. T.

My husband participated in your hypnotist show during the Crown Princess cruise last week. Wow my family and I laughed so hard because he is usually very shy. Thanks for a wonderful experience! This vacation will go down in our family history as the BEST EVER!!!

Reviewer: J. T.
Event: Cruise in Fort Lauderdale, FL
Event Date: Mar 2, 2011

Review by Carolyn A.

I've always been skeptical about hypnotists. I thought it was all a gimic. I was reluctant about bringing in this form of entertainment for my client's Las Vegas themed Sweet 16, but was tired of the same old Magicians and Comedians. I'm so glad I decided to bring in Kellie Karl! She was professional and understood the needs of my event. She connected with both the teen and adult guests and had kids of all ages laughing out loud with the antics of her hypnosis subjects. I don't know how she does it, but Kellie Karl made a believer out of me!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Carolyn A.
Organization: All About Events, LLC
Event: Sweet 16 Party in Hattiesburg, MS
Event Date: May 4, 2007
Hired As: Hypnotist, Las Vegas Style Entertainment, Variety Entertainer

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 60 - 90 minutes
  • Fee: Contact for rates
  • Languages: English


Journey to the center of your mind with Kellie Karl!
This show is all about you and the wonder of your subconscious mind. Kellie’s trademark brand of hilarious, awe-inspiring, audience friendly comedy hypnosis shows have entranced minds and tickled funny bones worldwide. Watch in amazement as audience volunteers transform right before your eyes into the mesmerized stars of the show. A complete entertainment experience - Comedy! Hypnosis! Singing! Dancing! Video! Fun! It's time to Get HYP!

Additional Booking Notes


Professional sound system, suitable for the engagement contracted. To include: Professional sound engineer, or knowledgeable substitute, a suitable monitor system, one (1) pro C.D. player for playback, one (1) pro handheld wireless microphone, one (1) back-up microphone (wireless OR hard wired w/ 50 ft. of cable) and one (1) upright mic stand.


1. Theatre - General stage lighting w/spotlight and operator
2. Ballroom - General house lighting(house up)


1. Theatre - Performance to take place in proscenium area of stage.
2. Ballroom - Secure stage, platform or riser with two (2) stair units securely placed in front. Stage/Platform to be set-up for optimal audience viewing.

Minimum stage performance area 15(w) x 12(d)


Access to stage performance area at least two (2) hours prior to show time for consultation with sound & light technicians for cues and with stage manager/hand for pre-set of props. Exact time to be discussed and approved in advance. One (1) hour requested.

Non-folding chairs for use in performance. Number of chairs to be determined per event.


Past Booked Events

12/10/09 Hotwire Inc., Anchorage Alaska
11/24/08 ongoing Princess Cruises
09/19/08 ongoing fairs and festivals
09/07/08 Harmon Theater Planet Hollywood-5 months
06/07/07 Grad night
05/25/07 My Super Sweet 16 - MTV
08/06/01 Riviera Casino Hypnosis Show 2001-2010

Hypnotist Kellie Karl

This show shines the light on you and the amazing power of your subconscious mind. But not to worry! This hypnotic entertainer doesn't engage in any embarrassing skits or routines. You will be thrilled to fall under Kellie's delightful spell without barking like a dog, clucking like a chicken or even walking like an Egyptian.

Kellie is wowing audiences with her unique blend of comedy and hypnotic skills and for the past 8 years has been performing in "The Outrageous Comedy Hypnosis Show" at Las Vegas' legendary Riviera Casino. This show is the longest running Hypnosis Show in Las Vegas!

She has also developed and performed her innovative and unique 20 minute Hypnosis Act for the all female variety show "Find Your Sexy", at the Harmon Theater at Planet Hollywood.

Kellie Karl is more than just any Las Vegas entertainer--actress, singer, comedy hypnotist and certified hypnotherapist--Kellie has raised the bar when it comes to multi-talented, multi-faceted performers.

Kellie has appeared on several stages in Las Vegas and throughout the US, including the role of featured singer and dancer in the “Sin City Angels Revue” at The Sahara, the role of Sadista in “Shock,” a Stevie Nicks impersonator in the “Hail! Hail! Rock n Roll” show, and as Chickie Parmesan, the lead actress and singer in the interactive dinner show “BaDaBing.” Kellie has also appeared in several musicals, including “The Taffetas,” “Best Little Whorehouse in Texas,” and “Swing, Jazz and Jump!” She has had the privilege to perform with notable artists, such as Jerry Lee Lewis, Three Dog Night, The Village People, The Coasters, The Rockettes, Chubby Checker, Aerosmith, Aaron Neville and the Neville Brothers.

Kellie’s talent is certainly not limited to the stage. She has appeared in a number of television commercials, music videos, and in popular shows such as MTV’s “My Super Sweet Sixteen,” the History Channel’s “Haunted Histories” and "Pawning Off History", and movies-of-the-week. Her feature film work includes appearances in “Johnny Handsome,” “Indecent Proposal,” and “Body Moves.”

Comedy Hypnotist Kellie Karl…she's the perfect choice for a great time!


Kellie, you know that I am already your fan. I think that you are a terrific talent and person. You are a bright spot in the show, and I wish that you had more time onstage to really show us all that you can do.

– Chuck Rounds / Las Vegas Entertainment Reviewer

Thank you for making this the best night of our vacation!

– Anonymous

Having worked all over the world with many well known entertainers, I have seen many shows and enjoy being entertained. I saw Kellie Karl’s show in Las Vegas and she is an excellent Hypnotist who has convinced me that hypnosis is real. Her volunteers were hilarious and kept me laughing for the entire show. Definitely a show I would see again.

– Richard Spina / Music Producer, Songwriter, Herman's Hermits starring Peter Noone

I hired Kellie Karl to do her hypnosis show for MTV’s My Super Sweet Sixteen. When Kellie started her show, all 250 teenagers rushed the stage screaming and begging to get hypnotized. Need I say more?

– Carolyn Arthurs / Owner, All About Events, Los Angeles CA

I’ve seen Kellie on stage and I’m trying to resist the obvious and say she’s “hypnotic”. But she is captivating, enticing, fascinating, charming and wonderfully entertaining. I can and HAVE recommended her show to anyone headed for Vegas.

– Farrell Hirsch / Network TV Writer, Broadway Producer, Exec. Producer Playboy Radio

I have been a stage director for many years. I have worked with many performers and feel that I am a good judge of talent. From the first time that I saw Kellie, I knew she had something special. She is warm and charismatic, and totally disarming with her beautiful smile. Kellie has a true rapport with her audience. and a strong and powerful stage presence. Every time that I have seen Kellie perform her stage hypnosis show, it has been a real winner and the audience goes out loving her.

– Joanie Spina/Stage Director & Choreographer (choreographed 10 CBS David Copperfield TV specials)

Influences & Inspiration

Pat Collins, Peter Reveen,

Setup Requirements

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