Haydini: Rare Magic Well Done

Why book Haydini: Rare Magic Well Done?

Hayden Childress (Haydini) is a professional magician, comedian, mentalist, and actor from South Carolina. Hayden has won multiple awards in magic, and has been a performer at popular locations such as the Comedy Zone, Sylvia Theater, Society of American Magicians National Convention, SGTV, and Blumenthal Performing Arts Open Mic. His high energy personality combined with his visual, interactive magic results in a show you MUST see live!

"A class act, he is able to keep the crowd entertained with ease whether it’s through his magic or natural flare for comedy." - Erik Telford, from the National Association for Campus Activities.

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A Magical Evening With Haydini

Haydini is a wonderfully talented magician as well as an enthusiastic performer and a skillful craftsman. His original and dynamic routines dazzle audience members and draw applause without fail. The physicality and vivacity with which he performs is apparent; I was one of many who left the show astounded at the many feats he accomplished, all while retaining an air of professionalism. Haydini's act truly is rare magic well done and is an unforgettably energized show.

Reviewer: Walker C.
Event: Fundraiser in Rock Hill, SC
Event Date: Apr 23, 2012


I've watched Haydini perform magic before and he definitely has a knack for it. If Haydini were a sandwich, he would be a panini, not only because it rhymes with his name, but because paninis are delightfuly warm, delicious, and full of good stuff. He's not only got magic tricks, but he executes them with flair and knows how to get a crowd's attention! I definitely would recommend him to anyone.

Reviewer: Kiana M.
Event: Birthday Party in Fort Mill, SC
Event Date: Oct 19, 2012

A Must See!!

I am a huge Haydini fan!! It was the best show ever! And I want to go to any more future shows!

Reviewer: Kristen C.
Event: Other in Rock Hill, SC
Event Date: Sep 12, 2012

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 15 - 120 minutes
  • Fee: $1000-$3000
  • Languages: Chinese, English
  • Unions: Society Of American Magicians


Imagine seeing a white staff glow like a lightsaber, and levitate/dance across the stage. Imagine seeing objects and people frozen in time in mid-air. Imagine a signed, borrowed dollar bill is set on fire, only to be found inside of a fruit an audience member is thinking of. Imagine seeing someone catching a moving paintball bullet through the air. Imagine that anything is possible - This show is for those who want to take a break from reality.

Most of the show involves members of the audience, and one lucky audience member will get to perform a trick for the rest of the room. There is a good bit of comedy involved in the show, but not so much that it dilutes the magic. The show also sounds about as good as it looks! Hayden uses professional equipment for each show to give the best viewing experience.

You should expect to hear loads of cheering, laughter, and jaw dropping silence throughout the show. Hayden is quick to setup, quick to tear down, and is always happy to speak to members of the audience before and after the show (he is a really personable guy!)

Additional Booking Notes

Ask through e-mail. Varies.

Haydini: Rare Magic Well Done

Hayden Childress is a magician, comedian, mentalist, and actor located out of South Carolina. Starting from his first trick at age 10, Hayden has progressed significantly in his path to create an amazing show. Hayden started his career by performing free shows for his 4th grade class (He was even accused of witchcraft by an over-sheltered child's mother). At age 12, Hayden performed his first full show at a local church - advertised in the newspaper as "The Great Haydinin" (Not a spelling error, the newspaper actually messed up). Hayden was then performing for birthday parties and sunday schools, eating loads of cake in the process. At the same time, Hayden was performing in high school musicals (excluding "High School Musical" starting in 6th grade, all the way to 12th grade. It was through his theater training that he gained valuable knowledge in speech, showmanship, posture, music, theatrical effects, set design, and stage presence. Throughout the early years of high school, Hayden performed for 3 restaurants a week while still doing private parties on the weekends, and of course going to school (This is where his caffeine addiction began). Later in high school Hayden rented his first theater and performed a his show for over 300 people. This led to more performance opportunities, a huge fan base, and even more exposure (he even has t-shirts now!).

Today Hayden performs his unique, original, high energy show for hundreds of audiences across the SouthEast. His audiences have ranged from 20 people up to 1000, and some notable clients who have praised his show have included : Cobb Vantress Poultry, Regal Entertainment Group, University of South Carolina, Winthrop University, Claflin University, SunTrust Bank, The Sylvia Theater, and several more. Magic and performing are Hayden's passion, and you can see it in every performance. Almost all of Hayden's time, money, and energy have been put into his show, and he is dedicated 100% to giving his audiences the best experience possible.

Hayden is also a student at the University of South Carolina, studying Chinese and International Business.

The team providing the talent:

Hayden Childress


Influences & Inspiration

Houdini, Sigfried and Roy, Henry Ford, David Copperfield, John Calvert, Jim Carrey, Mac King, Morgan Freeman, Jason Segal

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