Tom Bartlett as Elvis Presley

Why book Tom Bartlett as Elvis Presley?

Tom Bartlett has been featured on Film & Television such as MTV, VH1, HGTV, Fuse TV, Travel Channel ,CMT and also in many magazines around the world. He is available Worldwide with his full 10 PC band and dancers or is very flexible, able to scale down to a 4 PC band or solo meet n greets. We also have available The Jordanaires ,The Stamps or The Imperials singing live backup for any show. You can book with confidence knowing that there are no surprises. All photos and videos are current, honest and accurate. Pricing is relative to location,venue and season of event. Can also do Legends style shows with Elton, Billy Joel,Paul McCartney and others together.





Review by Tony K.

We booked Tom for my wife`s 50th bithday party. He is EXCELLENT. I don`t
think you could find another Elvis impersonator with the talent and personality that Tom has!!!!!!!!!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Tony K.
Event: Birthday Party in Hickory, NC
Event Date: Sep 18, 2010
Hired As: Elvis Impersonator

Review by Bar

I hired Tom Bartlett for my 60th. Birthday Party. Needless to say I have no regrets. He was wonderful. His looks, voice, costumes, and energy
was out of this world. He not only fulfilled his obligation but surprised me with a few extra suprises. I can't say enough about him.
I will use him again and highly recommend him.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Bar
Event: Birthday Party in Gainesville, FL
Event Date: Jul 8, 2006
Hired As: Elvis Impersonator

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 45 - 90 minutes
  • Fee: $1500 -$4000 depending on location,band,solo
  • Insurance: $3,000,000 - Entertainers General Liability Insurance
  • Languages: English


I recreate with great accurate portrayal of Elvis Presley's early 1970's concerts. I don't wear wigs or fake sideburns and all my costumes are exact replica's of the originals and cost thousands.I do all the singing live with a lip syncing here folks. My onstage banter and mannerism's are accurate along with the energetic stage movements. The show is a high energy complete with dancers respectful tribute to the greatest entertainer the world has ever known. Seeing is believing!

Additional Booking Notes

My band can perform all events completely self contained. We have all lights/sound staging available. If an event already has this in's the requirments...we are flexible!

This is for 7 pc band

The model, size, amount and placement is contingent on the size and acoustic properties of the Venue.

A 32 channel FOH console is required. There will be a proper number of power amps, processors, graphic equalizers and other related equipment as required by these same factors. The mixing console must be of professional quality, with a minimum of 32 low impedance microphone inputs. A professional quality Digital Reverb, DDL and Compressors are also required. Please see our most current stage plot and input list for details. The console and related gear must be located in the house (seating section) of the venue. The system should be in phase and free from audible distortion, hum, buzz and related grounding issues as determined by the ARTIST’S representative.

MICROPHONES: (for band only - this does not include anything for the ELVIS PERFORMER)
PURCHASER further agrees to provide, at PURCHASER’S sole cost and expense, microphones and all necessary cabling and harnesses to complete the system. In addition, Fifteen (20) standard size microphone stands with booms, Four (4) short microphone stands with booms and Five (5) active instrument direct boxes are required.
Shure microphones preferred or Professional touring quality microphones only.

PURCHASER further agrees to provide at least a minimum of 10 separate monitor mixes. This console must be placed directly off stage left on the sound wing.
The stage monitor speaker system must be one drum fill (15’ with 2" horn minimum, capable of handling all drums, instruments and vocals), Ten (10) slant type monitors, in a 2 way bi-amp configuration. There will also be one graphic equalizer and processor for each of the mixes. Each of the monitor sends must be powered by a separate 200 watt minimum power amp. All monitors must be able to be placed anywhere on stage.
PURCHASER shall have all PA & monitor systems up and running prior to ARTIST'S arrival. PURCHASER agrees to remedy any deficiencies or variations as determined by the ARTIST hereunder or ARTIST’S appointed representative. PURCHASER agrees that there shall be no alterations or variations from the sound system to be provided hereunder without the prior written approval of the ARTIST and/or ARTIST’S appointed representative.


36 x 24 Stage minimum is required. 40 x 32 is preferred. 6 4x8 risers are also preferred for the drums, horns and vocalists.


1. Kick

2. Snare

3. Hat

4. Tom 1

5. Tom 2

6. Tom 3

7. Tom 4

8. Floor

9. OH L

10. OH R

11. Bass Guitar

12. Lead Guitar

13. Piano L

14. Piano R

15. Keyboard L

16. Keyboard R

17. Piano Vocal

18. Bass Guitar Vocal

19. Drum Vocal

20. Lead Guitar Vocal

21. Keyboard Vocal

22. Female Vocal #1

23. Female Vocal #2

24. Star Vocal


* One (1) Mesa Boogie F-50 Amp (or a Fender Hot Rod Deville as a substitute)
* Two (2) Guitar Stands


* One (1) Yamaha CP-300 or P250 Stage Piano (88-key weighted action)
* One (1) Korg Triton Pro / Studio 76 key Keyboard
* One (1) Korg N-264 76 key keyboard
* Two (2) Multi-Channel Keyboard Amps
* Two (2) Keyboard Stands - Double braced - Heavy duty
* One (1) Double Tier Keyboard Stand – Heavy Duty
* Two (2) Amp Stands
* Three (3) Sustain Pedals
* One (1) Roland Volume Pedals
* Six (6) 1/4" instrument cables
* Two (2) Roc-N-Soc NRX Nitro Rider Drum Throne


* Standard Bass Rig - 4 X 10 w/quality head


* 7pc DW (Drum Workshop) Drum Kit – 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 22 kick – Standard Snares
* Two (2) Wood snare drums (any brand substitute MUST be approved by EAS)
* Four (4) Double tom holders
* Six (6) Boom Cymbal stands (may connect to tom holders)


* Must be Zildjian
* 21" Rock Ride
* 18" Medium Crash
* 17" Medium Thin Crash
* 10" Splash
* 18" China Boy Low
* 14" Hi Hats
* All stands to accommodate (booms preferred)
* Quality Double Bass Drum Pedal
* 7 Pairs of 5b nylon tip Drumsticks (Pro-Mark Brand)
* Drop Clutch for the Hi Hat Stand
* Rubber Backed Rug or Drum rug for drum set
* Top Quality Drum Throne


* Seven (7) Music stands with lights

Tom Bartlett as Elvis Presley

Of Elvis Presley, they say there's only one King, but Tom Bartlett might be the next closest thing… According to Bea Fogelman, founder of the Las Vegas-based Entertainment Network of Celebrity Impersonators, “Tom Bartlett is the Elvis in his prime and the delight of his audiences. I have personally seen him perform several times... and having met Elvis, himself, several times while he was alive, Tom Bartlett is very close to the image and voice of the real Elvis.” Fogelman became such a believer in Tom’s likeness to Elvis that he is featured on the cover of her new book, ‘Copy Cats 2.’ Fogelman’s praise has been mirrored by such major entertainment media networks as MTV, VH1, CMT, Fuse TV, and even CMT, all of whom have featured Bartlett in their television programs.

Performing as Elvis for over four years up and down the Vegas Strip’s top Casinos (the MGM Grand, the Mandalay Bay Hotel, the Stratosphere Hotel, and Harrah's among others), Tom Bartlett’s other live highlights over the course of his stellar international career have included performances at New York’s Flushing meadows Cabanna Park for over 50,000 people; Performing on stage at Legends in Concert in Las Vegas and Myrtle Beach;, Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, FL; and a live show in Iwakuni Japan with over 300,000 people in attendance. Bartlett- who has even worn Elvis’s real jewelry during his live shows at such mainstay Presley tourist attractions as the Elvis-A-Rama Museum in Las Vegas, sharing various stages with such Elvis regulars as Darlene Tomkins (Blue Hawaii), Cynthia Pepper (Kissing cousins) Dave Hebler, and Sonny West. Bartlett’s talent has also taken him abroad, starring over the course of his career in such international shows as the ‘Elvis, Elvis, Elvis’ Show in Ottowa, Canada; the ‘Legends of Rock & Roll’ Show in Vancouver, B.C.; and headlining a Concert at the Hilton Hotels Casino on the Curracao Island in the Caribbean.

Managed at one time by former Presley tour manager/photographer Ed Bonja, Bartlett’s dead-on Elvis incarnation even inspired Country Weekly Magazine to hail him as "One Hunk of Burning Love”, concluding their rave review with the proclamation that “Elvis Lives!" Bartlett has also performed with The Jordanaires (Presley’s original Backup band), and even had a performance at a private, VIP show for Presley’s inner circle, including Jerry Schelling, Patty Perry, Joe Esposito, Al Dorvin, Ed Bonja, The Sweet Inspirations and Charlie Hodge among others! Bartlett was recently featured at the Country Music Awards, and looking to the future, Bartlett’s status as the King of King Impersonators looks to be safe!

Today he is one of the most sought after Elvi in the business and on constant demand in the United States and around the globe. With his backup band he presents an exciting, dynamic showcase saluting the songs of Elvis Presley, a singer whose music has proven to have a staying power that only few other artists can lay claim to.

Check out this terrific entertainer. Tom Bartlett is regularly performing live in the South East and around the world. He travels extensively to do his tribute to Elvis, presenting a show that is appealing to audiences of all ages, bringing back memories and touching the heart of every generation.

Elvis Presley Impersonator Tom Bartlett has performed in Maine,New York,Massachusetts,North Carolina,South Carolina,Georgia,Alabama,Texas,Nevada,California,Oregon,Tennessee,Kentucky,Delaware,Washington DC,Canada,Japan,Korea,England,Germany,Ireland,Mexico,Michigan,Illinois,Florida,Virginia,West Virginia,Utah,Arizona,Washington,New Jersey,New york city,New Hampshire,Oklahoma,Ohio to name a few!

The team providing the talent:

EAS Showband (USA/International gig

6-11 Piece

TB Band (Local)

4 piece

10 Pc Band with Horn section

East Coast only


UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I knew where to start. I have so many wonderful things to say about Tom and so many memories. Let me begin by saying my brother was an entertainer (Harry Nilsson) and I was very very fortunate to meet many of his friends in the entertainment field. I was even a part of his premier movie in Atlanta (Son of Dracula) and was with Ringo for two days. Saying that I feel I am so lucky now to have met another great entertainer Tom Bartlett. I have seen many Elvis impersonators over the years and must say that Tom Bartlett was by far the best. He went above and beyond what I asked for and is still the talk of the town. We had 150 guest at my 60th. Birthday Party and "Everybodys Talking" (that just happened to be one of my brothers songs). I would be very honored to have him back and I guarantee the next party I have he will be my first choice. You are welcome to call me concerning my experience with Tom Bartlett (aka Elvis). I just can't say enought about him and I don't want to use up all your space. He is wonderful, charming, entertaining and so very very talented. What a Star! Thank you for letting me share my experience with you.

– Barbara Nilsson Sapp

The King would be proud !! From the moment the band started with the entrance theme of 2001..A Space Odysy, there was tangible excitement in the air! When Tom made his entrance you truly thought Elvis was in the building ! He looks and sounds like the real thing. He walks, talks, looks and sings like Elvis. His mannerisms are Elvis. He is as much of a gentleman as Elvis was. He made me (it was my 50th birthday party) feel like I was a queen! He sang to me on bended knee, several times, and even brought me up on stage to sing Happy Birthday with the whole audience.His band was great, and very professional. They talked with us when they were setting up, and you could tell they enjoy what they do and take it and working with Tom very seriously. I can't say enough....Tom Bartlett is the King reincarnate ! Through him generations that never lived in the Elvis years, will get to experience the phenomenom of Elvis Presley. If you want the best.....ask for Tom Bartlett. You will not be disappointed. After the show he was so gracious to pose for pictures, and believe me, that crowd took alot of pictures....and although he was hot and tired, that Elvis smile never faded. Tom's show is an homage to Elvis... Tom takes great care to emulate Elvis in a manner that is respectful to his memory, and right on with the talent. I know this is a long review... but if you have taken the time to read it, and you hire Tom Bartlett, you will never regret it !

– Raynette Bigham

Tom did a great job for my mother's 70th Birthday! She has seen several Elvis impersonators over the years and she said the "Tom is the best I've ever seen!" He was very impressive and professional through out the performance. I would definetly reccommend him to anyone wanting to impress clients or friends. I hope I have the opportunity to use him again!

– Lamar Kearson

Federal Express is based in Memphis,TN which is home to Elvis Presleys Graceland. We wanted the best and got the best by far! Tom has been flown into Memphis for the last 3 years and "What a show!" a true professional. We were amazed at his resemblance to Elvis and what a top-notched performer he was. Tom is the real deal...Elvis lives!

– Federal Express

Elvis Lives! One hunka burnin love...

– Country Weekly Magazine

Tom was amazing!! He rocked! I would strongly recommend this Elvis impersonator to anyone looking for great entertainment! He looks, acts, and sounds like the REAL Elvis.

– Kat M

Set List

2001 intro/ CC rider Steamroller blues Love me tender Love me Blue Suede shoes Heartbreak hotel You gave me a mountain How great thou art All shook up Fever Big Hunk In the Ghetto Suspicious Minds Welcome to my world Hound dog Teddy Bear/Don't be cruel Little sister Polk Salad American Trilogy My way Are you lonesome tonight Burning love Something Viva Las vegas Cant help falling in love Christmas songs!! many others.....

Influences & Inspiration

Elvis Presley

Setup Requirements

36 x 24 minimum with band

Concert lighting and strobe effects.

PA /House sound