Foxy Face and Body Art

Why book Foxy Face and Body Art?

Let Foxy Face and Body Art bring fun, exciting, and professional face painting to your next event! We strive to make your event amazing and unforgettable!-one where you, friends and family will be talking about all year!

We offer face painting, temporary glitter tattoos, body painting,prenatal belly painting as well as henna. We paint faces, arms, legs, necklines, shoulders, backs, you name it we can paint it! We do custom temporary tattoos also!

We are face painters who entertains in Clearwater, Safety Harbor, Oldsmar, Palm Harbor, Odessa, Largo, Pinellas Park, Tampa Bay, and other surrounding areas.

Have Foxy Face and Body Art be the exceptional entertainment for your next event!



The Most AMAZING face painter!

She is the most amazing face painter! She is funny, entertaining and an incredibly artist! Anything our children requested she could do! Both the kids and adults LOVED HER! I can't say enough good things about her. She is top notch, the best face painter I have ever seen! She arrived with the most professional face painting set up I have ever seen, the kids loved seeing all the colors that she had for them to choose from. I have recommended her to my friends and family. She will always be an addition to all of our parties!

Reviewer: Elizabeth T.
Event: Birthday Party in Oldsmar, FL
Event Date: Mar 3, 2012

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 60 - 10 minutes
  • Fee: Prices vary upon your needs. $70- 150 per hour
  • Insurance:
  • Languages: English

Whether you hire Foxy Face and Body Art or another Face Painter for your Safety Harbor event, we strongly recommend that all communication be kept on the Gig Salad booking platform as you book your Face Painter. When you do, we’re able to offer numerous benefits that we cannot guarantee if you take communication or deposit payment off the Gig Salad website. Our booking system is easy to use and handles secure deposit payments from you to the Safety Harbor Face Painter of your choice.

Be sure that the quote/agreement your Face Painter sends you outlines performance fees, travel fees, extras, arrival and departure times, cancellation policy, insurance information and other applicable details.

Foxy Face and Body Art

As an Award Winning face painter and body painter; Sheri is "The best face painter in Tampa Bay"..her fellow artists as well as customers have bestowed upon that title and honor upon her, not one that she proclaims for herself! She was also voted as "Favorite Face Painter and Body Artist" at the International Face and Body Painting Convention in 2010! So when you hire Foxy Face and Body Art you are genuinely getting The BEST!

She is formally trained in Theater and Fine Arts, possessing a Bachelor's Degree, She studied painting, sculpting, drawing, design; then continued her specific face and body art by training with world renowned face and body instructors.

Foxy Face and Body Art loves to interact with children of all ages! Sheri enjoys transforming people into tigers, puppies, pirates, princesses, dragons, robots and anything else someones imagination can think of! She loves what she does and is constantly learning new techniques and about new products to meet the need of her customers. She can paint 6-12 designs per hour depending upon the complexity of the designs. Foxy Face can bring designs that will cater to your specific event theme, Please plan and book accordingly, so that everyone can get painted and leave your party with a smile and a painted face!

She is incredibly fun, entertaining as well as artistically talented. She is magical with children and makes them feel at ease.

Our face and body paints are easily removed with soap, water and a washcloth or a baby wipe. Our glitter tattoos last 3-5 days and are easily removed with rubbing alcohol or baby oil. We also have other temporary tattoos which can last 7-10 days depending up the location (no clothes rubbing).

Although we focus on face painting, body painting, maternity prenatal belly painting and temporary tattoos, we also offer henna designs, which last 1-3 weeks, depending upon how long it stays on the skin and how well it stains you particular skin.

Pregnant mothers are often concerned about getting their bellies painted and if it will affect the baby. It will not. Although our we call our products "paint" they are actually make-up (but don't tell the boys that).

If you only need one great face painter at your event, Sheri will be the one you will see. If you have a large event, we can supply you with additional quality entertainment because we have a fantastic team of entertainers! So whether you need additional face painters, a balloon twisting artist, or magicians, along with Sheri she can assist you in finding the right professional for you needs!

Now for the serious side of face painting and body art. You must be made aware of!

Safety for you and your loved ones is a top priority for us!!!

We only use FDA compliant materials for our face painting, cosmetic glitter and medical grade adhesive with our glitter tattoos! Face paints are easily removed with soap, water and a washcloth. Cosmetic glitter means that it is made from a polyester material and cut in a hexagon shape. PLEASE DO NOT LET ANYONE USE PRODUCTS ON YOUR CHILD OTHER THAN THOSE THAT ARE SPECIFICALLY MADE FOR FACE PAINTING!!! Also, please do not be confused with "water-soluble paint" or "Non-Toxic" paint. Acryic paint fits in these categories and some even have the words "Face Paints" on their labels, however, do not be confused they are not FDA compliant! Also NEVER let anyone use craft glitter on your child's face; craft glitter is metal and cut square and can seriously damage eyes! -- this advice goes for fairs, festivals, and carnivals as well as private parties! Please keep your family safe. YOU need to be diligent because not everyone in this business is as concerned about you and your family as we are! Face painting is fun and can and thrilling excitement to your event, just make sure it meets YOUR highest standards of safety!

If you have someone at your event who has sensitive skin, we will do a "patch test" with the colors they would like to use, well in advance to see if they will have any kind of reaction. Also please be aware that some temporary tattoo medical grade adhesives have latex in them, please notify us and we try to accommodate that person with an alternative decoration.

Regarding Henna. We use authentic henna. Henna come from a plant, is dried and ground into a powder and mixed with a few ingredients, such as essential oils. Henna is always reddish to reddish-brown in color. There is NO such thing as Black Henna! If someone offer you Black Henna RUN! I did have this information and was personally be burned by it! Some have been scarred by it. I was fortune enough to to have a scar! However many other have been, and what started as something fun, turn into something tragic and life changing! Please be careful!

I would love to come out and paint at your event! However if you chose to have someone else; please make absolutely sure they are using safe and FDA compliant materials!

We paint and entertain at many events; we love to hear the laughter and smiles that we bring to the faces of everyone with our art.

Please remember to invite us to your next event where we can help bring an extra sense of excitement and fun at your next event!
Birthday parties
Pool parties,
School Carnivals
Church Events
Grand Openings,
Bar/Bat Mitzvah
Corporate events
Family gatherings
Company family picnics
End of the year parties for companies, Little Leagues, schools
Museum exhibits
these are just a few of the events for which we paint

Setup Requirements

Level surface, shade, a space about 4'x4'


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